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Welcome to TransPulse Live Chat. Click the "CHAT" icon in the bottom right corner to join us.

If you don't see the "CHAT" icon, clear your cache and cookies, close your browser, and come back to this page.

Existing members who have not yet used the new chat will have to create new user accounts. This is a moderated chat room for those on the transgender spectrum as well as their family and friends. Our purpose here is to provide support and, above all, prevent suicides. Over half of us on the transgender spectrum will have attempted suicide at least once before the age of 20. To further our mission of reducing this rate, many of our chat staff members have become certified in suicide prevention.

Everything you discuss with us here is held in strictest confidentiality. Because we offer support online only, we are not able to directly intervene in the way that some hotline operators can. Our staff cannot call you, so please never share your phone number. Suicide prevention services are available here for people on the transgender spectrum only. If you are suicidal and are not transgender, please call 1-800-784-2433.

Before joining chat, you must be familiar with the rules.

New to chat? Note that you can use spaces in your name, but you should not use your full name. If you make your username your email address, your account will be deleted as soon as we see it. See the rules for more on appropriate usernames. Please note that the chat system may not send your activation email on registering your new account, but this is not necessary; you can log in and chat as soon as you create your account.

We recommend using this page in its own browser window, apart from any other pages you may have open.

Please take a look at the monthly operating expenses for TransPulse and consider donating if you can. This site is run primarily out of the pockets of its staff, so even a tiny gift can help.

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