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  2. First time as myself !

    I don't like looking like a man I love looking like myself what I see is woman but am forced by circumstance to be perceived as a man this gift of transition has always been a dream that in a million years I would never believe could actually happen and here I am Sharon Aml
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  4. When and how to come out at school-- advice?

    Thankfully, I legally changed my name to a gender-neutral name years before I realized that I'm trans (I knew I hated my birth name and strongly preferred something neutral but didn't think anything of it at the time, ha!) so my name isn't an issue. I don't have a list of email addresses, but if I did that would be a great idea. Maybe at some point I can figure out how to do that. I think there's at least a list of all the students in each class I'm in, which would include a majority of my cohort, plus some others.
  5. When and how to come out at school-- advice?

    My university organizes things in a ridiculous way, so I don't have one counselor/advisor for everything and I won't get much help there. I think my best bet is contacting each professor personally and having a conversation with them about things. I just hope they're receptive, I feel like I'll just be bothering them or wasting their time. Bleh.
  6. Happy Birthday's

    Good morning Everyone!🐭 Happy Birthday Briezy!🎂 Hope you have a super day! Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾
  7. First time as myself !

    Hello to all I have been a part of this community for about three weeks now. Met a lot of wonderfull people.Learned a lot. Plan to learn more. And have discovered live chat and the journey continues Sharon. Aml
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  9. When and how to come out at school-- advice?

    These people you'll be spending a lot of time with over the next two years... do you have their email addresses by now? If so, it might be worth sending a short group email politely introducing yourself by your preferred name, explaining that you know you might sound female but you're not, and thanking them in advance for watching which pronouns they use when discussing you with others. The nicer and more sincere you are, the more motivated they'll be to get it right.
  10. While I no longer subscribe to an organized religion I was brought up in this one. I am constantly amazed how so many people of a religious mind seem to second guess the very god they say is all knowing and infallible. But then, who am I to judge? Jani
  11. Trans Kids Kicked Off School Bus In Upstate NY

    I applaud the school district for its handling of the situation all around. They're not tolerating this kind of discriminatory behavior, but at the same time they're not immediately jumping to putting the bus driver in the cross hairs, either. Now, that's not to say they shouldn't if he keeps it up, but leading softly with education is, to my mind, a much better approach than coming out swinging.
  12. From the article-- To me this is the crucial question that most religious people cannot or hide desperately from trying to answer since this challenges their simplistic notions of what has been created which is greater than their ability to understand, and greater even than their imaginations can tolerate. Finding that I was Trans* removed the boundaries from my imagination to be sure.
  13. One out trans freind I know is even getting a promotion in January. Let's just say her CO is not a fan of Trump's executive order.
  14. Gender Ideology, Transgender Reality: A Deacon Parent’s Perspective

    Thank you Marcie for sharing this. It's a wonderful read. I just wish it wouldn't so often take exposure to transgender people in one's family or circle of friends to open eyes to reality. Even then it doesn't always open eyes. This is an article I wish everyone could and would read, not just us (LGBTQ). Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾
  15. Trans Kids Kicked Off School Bus In Upstate NY

    Sadly, there will be more instances like this to come. However, I do feel like we are moving forward to more and better acceptance. Erin
  16. Someone that gets it (well probably about as much as a parent of a trans child can): https://newwaysministryblog.wordpress.com/2017/09/18/gender-ideology-transgender-reality-a-deacon-parents-perspective/
  17. Trans Women Sue Iowa Over Medicaid Ban On TG Treatment

    I am fairly certain that if Southern Baptist Christianity were not the social force that it is, that they would be touting their position in the name of the more predominant faith. It is not religion that really is at their core, only the feeling of "righteous judgmental power" when in fact they have the poorest of all power, hatred of those seemingly weaker than themselves.
  18. Trans Kids Kicked Off School Bus In Upstate NY

    An irony to this incident is that a Trans* woman who is a member of Trans Chorus of Los Angeles is a school bus driver in San Clemente CA and is one of the most popular drivers with all the students, parents and administrators. One thing that does bother me, probably about the newspaper reporting, is the part where it talks about students being outed to their parents prematurely. Here in California where the Excellence In Education Act goes to the extent of mandating Rest Room and Locker Room access appropriate to the student's preferred gender, there is a requirement for the agreement between parents, students, and school administration that this is in the best interest of the student and also includes school work to be attempted for career and college preparedness. Students and school staff cannot do the job alone. School counselors can provide support counseling for stress, and can help the student interact with their parents, but transition at school but not at home is not part of the mix. A friend of mine who is a school counselor has run up against this a few times and while they are sad when they cannot let the student be their True Gender, they are limited in what they can do until the parent buys in. It sounds to me like the students, their parents and the administration were together here, which is the key to success in these cases.
  19. Trans Kids Kicked Off School Bus In Upstate NY

    In my day, too, there was no segregation by gender, although kids usually preferred to sit with someone of the same gender. The article doesn't say if this was established rule, or just something the driver imposed on his own. In either case, he clearly violated policy by his behavior towards the trans kids.. Carolyn Marie
  20. When and how to come out at school-- advice?

    From a work place perspective I started with the head of my department because I thought he would be the most receptive (he was). Anyway, you might want to discuss this with your guidance councilor (if you have one), or one of your professors. Remember they are there to help you learn.
  21. Trans Women Sue Iowa Over Medicaid Ban On TG Treatment

    I hope so too. I am a little tired of Family Research Council and various "religious freedom" organizations trying to impose their version of Christianity in the public sphere. What about those that don't believe in that version of it? Why is my religion being infringed upon. Grrrr.
  22. Trans Women Sue Iowa Over Medicaid Ban On TG Treatment

    The ACLU is at times the only hope we have for equal treatment under the law. Hope they can win this one and all those suits they are fighting throughout the country. Time.............. Hugs, Charlize
  23. Trans Kids Kicked Off School Bus In Upstate NY

    To me this is ridiculous as, even back in the day I caught the school bus, there was no segregation of pupils except that prefects usually commandeered the back seat (and took some responsibility for behaviour). Tracy
  24. Trans Kids Kicked Off School Bus In Upstate NY

    http://www.timesunion.com/local/article/Transgender-students-kicked-off-South-Glens-Falls-12219445.php I like the way this incident was handled, by the students and the school admins. Those kids had some allies on the bus, too. Carolyn Marie
  25. http://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/crime-and-courts/2017/09/21/transgender-women-sue-statemedicaid-coverage-ban/686761001/ Carolyn Marie
  26. Trans AA Skype or Zoom Meetings

    The TGAA Zoom meetings are expanding to add a 4th meeting taking place on Sundays at 8 eastern. Join us if you have a problem with alcohol or other substances either at the list serve or the Zoom meeting. You are not alone in having issues with substances as you are not alone in being Trans*. I found that i could find sobriety with help and in doing so i found acceptance of myself as well. Please know there is a way to be sober and enjoy life as well! Hugs, Charlize
  27. Hi all, This week I started a program at school in which I will remain with the same group of students in all my classes for the next two years or so. I started hormones about three months ago and no matter how hard I try, I haven't been gendered correctly even once since I started. My voice still sounds super feminine-- I can't wait until my voice drops! While being misgendered is frustrating, I know that it will get better with time. My main concern now is: do I correct my classmates when they use the wrong pronouns? I don't want to have to go through the trouble of coming out to them later, after I've finally built up the courage to be out to my family and friends now. How do I go about correcting them, especially when they refer to me as she/her in conversation and the conversation quickly moves on (or if it's in a classroom discussion?). I'm stuck between not wanting to draw attention to myself and not wanting to be misgendered. Honestly, I would probably just let it go if not for the fact that I'll need letters or recommendation from my professors, so they will need to know and use the right pronouns, as I'll be applying to grad schools with he/him pronouns. Has anybody successfully navigated a similar situation or do you have any advice? I'm at a loss and it's stressing me out.
  28. Fed Judicial Nominee Says TG Children Are Part of "Satan's Plan"

    While some of these statements may have been going for shock and awe while pandering to a crowd, the underlying sentiment likely resembles his statements. It appears that he suffers from religious zeolousy. But his nomination once again shows what trumps true colors are, and they are not pink and light blue. By nominating such an extreme religious zealot who apparently places religious zealousy over the constitution, along with some of his other actions, trump is yet again showing himself as unfit for the office he holds. There are even some republicans who appear uneasy with trump as President. I do, however, believe that history is ultimately on our side, and this storm is the last big blow from a storm that is blowing itself out. Unfortunately, like any big storm, there will need to be a clean up effort after the storm passes. But clean we will, and the sun will shine again! Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾
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