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  1. Eyebrows?

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  2. Does a razor matter?

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  3. Meaningful beauty

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  4. Trans friendly services

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  5. Makeup Remover

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  6. DIY lip scrub

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  7. hair

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  8. my new nails

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  9. Make-up Does Have Expiration Times

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  10. Wig advice

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  11. eye brows

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  12. Nail salon recommendations

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  13. Mousse foundation

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  14. Pretty makeup brushes!

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  15. manual V electric files.

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  16. Ragged cuticles.

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  17. Quick frenchie.

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  18. Very unusual nails.

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  19. Home mani pedi kit.

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  20. Waxing or shaving

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    • tracy_j
      Brilliant Ellora! I love your photos too   Tracy
    • tracy_j
      There are lots of women around here who ride bikes. It's very uncommon for them to wear skirts though. Generally the clues are almost down to slight differences in build or even riding style as the clothes they wear are pretty much identical, even men occasionally wearing feminine coloured helmets (eg pink!).   Tracy
    • Ellora
      Hi! And welcome! 💜
    • Ellora
      The way  the Federal Government has been acting lately,  and the religious influence certain groups have, I would be extra cautious. 
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2019/06/17/transgender-people-can-use-chosen-names-cards-mastercard-says/1478201001/   This is a great idea, and a shrewd business move.  But the article lacks detail on how this would work.  For example, I imagine one would have to come out to the company.  That has my privacy meter on high alert.  But, still, it might be workable.   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      Welcome to Trans Pulse, hon.  Glad you found us, and I hope you find this place not as boring as life.     We'll be around for questions, or just to listen to some venting if you've got any to do.  I look forward to hearing more from you.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
    • Ellora
      Sounds like you’ve been able to keep some secrets for quite some time now. My friend just commented on me being able to keep my secret(s) for a long time too. My family and some friends would be at odds with this. My kids would be find, but I don’t want to hear it from my ex 🙄. I’ve come to a time in my life where I don’t want to waste anymore time. But I don’t feel the need to tell everyone. I don’t really have to tell anyone, but that hasn’t stopped me from buying 8-10 drawerful of women’s clothing, and a collection of fav lipstick and makeup. I am comfortable dressing at home for now, and in time, I will venture out into the neighborhood, possibly as soon as Pride next month. I enjoy talking to my therapist, doctor, my friend, and everybody here at TransgenderPulse!!  Enjoy life the best you can, but your never too old, especially if it makes you happy! You have to think of yourself at some point, but don’t rush if you don’t need to. Baby steps. Best of luck in your journey!!!
    • Dev
      There's no such thing as "too long in the tooth."  There's a woman close to where I live who started her transition in her 80s.     Losing relationships is an unfortunate part of the process for some, but for many those people come around eventually.  They realize the loss is entirely theirs.  Whether those close to you fall into that category we can't predict.   I do want to speak seriously to something you said.  Half in jest, as they say.  Addiction is a very real risk among the trans population - once a substance starts being used to mask or otherwise cope with gender issues, it's especially easy to form a habit.  While the alternative is almost always harder, it's also always recommended.   Welcome aboard!  Please dive into any conversation that strikes you and ask questions as they arise.
    • Puppy and cat
      Hi I just wondered into this site and am pretty new to it, I was born as a male but I identify as female. I came out last year and life is been pretty boring 
    • Dev
      Shy is fine. Welcome aboard!     Whatever questions occur to you, ask when you're comfortable doing so.  Glad you're here!
    • Ellora
      Squeeee squeee! I finally felt I could stop wearing the athletic supporter and padding, and tried on my 2nd favorite thong I have!! It feels soooooooo much better now. They fit And feel amazing! Way better than before, cause Nothing is falling out, and I’m not thinking about those things anymore. It  feels surreal. With the exception of the one thing left, it feels like nothing is there with these thongs on! I’ve been getting teary eyed on and off all day, getting a little chocked up right now. I can fully cross my legs stand with my legs together with No problems, squeeeeee!! Sooo worth it!!! It’s everything and more 💜💜💜
    • Puppy and cat
      I’m new to this and while I get use to this I may seem a little shy 
    • Ellora
      Ooooo, if you have Snapchat or can dl it, It has a gender filter that blew my mind away. Have some fun with it! 
    • Ellora
      Hi! Everybody is different, and I will try to help you with how I have felt over 5e years and how I feel now after doing what I have done and experienced.  First you have already said things that can qualify as Gender Dysphoria (GD), “when I think about the idea of going through transition and reading about the bottom surgery, it actually kind of puts me at ease.”  My point here, is the Distress you feel from your body parts, goes away after your thoughts of removing them through surgery. That you feel better when you are in a life that is not the “assigned at birth” role.  I have felt this way on and off from as early as 4yrs old. I say on and off, cause at times, I “had to suppress “ my true feelings growing up, due to my environment. Now that I am in a better position, I am able to follow my dreams. But that wasn’t always as easy as it seems now, it took a lot. You are doing the right thing, research and ask a lot of questions. Do not try and rush anything, and don’t try to feel that you need to follow a template. Go at your own pace, trust yourself. But above all else, Be Safe! May 6th I had an Orchiectomy, and I’m still healing. I feel great tho, even better now that I stopped wear that awful, burn necessary athletic supporter. I’m wearing my 2nd favorite thong, finally, and floating a bit from the happiness. It took me a while to get enough courage to get here, but here I am. And I’m going to happy for quite a while, this was a big step and I want to enjoy it before I take the next big step. I’m on HRT/ Lady Meds, so I will be happy when I see even more improvements. A little over the three month mark now, and I’m seeing some body and emotional changes. I can’t wait until my breast and hips show more. Time will tell. It sounds like you are headed in the right direction. Talking about helps a ton. If you are not out, can you dress, and use makeup and or props? That might help you see how you feel when you can check it all out. Maybe go to a LGBTQ event such as Pride, or something else near by? You don’t have to jump right in the middle, but you could check it from a comfortable distance.  Do you feel comfortable with your therapist?, if you do, great, keep asking and talking.  Enjoy your Journey if you can! Best wishes!
    • Ellora
      I love to play World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons. I love to throw the football, play some basketball, build sandcastles, ski, make things out of paracord, ride bikes, and other things. If anybody told me it was too masculine or too feminine , I would put them in check. If my friends had a problem with me, I would tell them they do t have to join. Although it would be hurtful, I don’t want people that are mean or @$$*’s in my life. Don’t need it, don’t want it. 
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