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    • VickySGV
      There is  process through the help of a therapist trained in our issues that will keep you from landing in Regret Land.  Some people think the process is too slow and pokey for them since they have no doubts they are Trans (or at least think so.) and they are the ones who slam right on into trouble because they missed something.  I just shared a picture from my gallery showing me with my Surgeon a few days after GCS.  On the day of the surgery I was only about 96.5%  SURE that I was ready for it, and from talking to a person in the hospital who had their surgery the day after mine, I was more sure than they had been, but both of us just shrugged and agreed there was no going back and that alone gave us a calmness.  In reality, less than 1% of people have regrets and even most of them learn to live with their lives as they are.  You make the decision you are Trans, and I will believe you and honor you as you present to me and speak to me.  I know I did the right thing for my life, but for the life of me, I am still not 100% sure what I am. 
    • Atshorlus
      Hey there, Name's Ali.   31 Trans girl, in the Midwest. I came out last year after struggling with hiding it for years and denying it for longer.  Honestly, I kind of figured it out 2011, but it was way too scary to accept at the time. Since then I got married had kids, went to grad school, hoping the anxiety would go away. Last summer my wife asked me if I was trans, and I kind of lightly denied it...and then it was like...yes I am. She told me she had figured it out like in 2015 but didn't want to rob me of the discovery. Didn't stop her from leaving me in the cold and finally asked for a divorce in the fall. I kind of had a meltdown this fall/winter and I feel like I'm finally getting out of it. I recently started hrt (I'm about on week 3) and I've gotten back into doing art, and in a more honest way too! I'm still wrestling with some aggressive dysphoria from time to time, but I've doing a lot of singing and being nice to myself for once. I've been trying to reach out to other trans folks to kind of feel like I belong SOMEWHERE but it's been incredibly frustrating! Im hoping this community will be a bit more of a supportive one than others I've been in the past. I'll attach an art piece I did at the height of my winter meltdown.    Anyway, I looking forward to chatting with you all!
    • Carolyn Marie
      I'm a B cup, and my mother was a probably a C and so is my sister, so yeah.   Carolyn Marie
    • VickySGV
      My experience at >60 was, size was equal to one sister, a size bigger than the other sister.  This picture in my gallery "legally" shows off what happened to mine at the time of my GCS (the other person in the picture is Dr. Marci Bowers in her office in 2013.  The area down below the boobs was pretty swollen from the surgery but I am kind of hefty with a beer belly I just can't seem to drop, although this isolation thing has my appetite cut way down. ( Disregard the date stamp on the picture, the batteries had been replaced and the time was not reset. )   https://www.transgenderpulse.com/forums/gallery/image/10712-vicky-dr-bowers-jan-21-2013/    As I have said in other topics here, I wear about a 46 B or C and am happy with my growth.  The picture was taken in January 2013 and I had begun HRT in July 2009.  My bust enhancers which wore out about 4 years ago did take the creases out of the C' cups and were  nice while they lasted.  Mine started getting in the way of driving on our mountain roads near here at 18 months.  I hope this helps.
    • Traci Lynn
      This topic is a major concern for most of us in transition, how can we help the process along. Breasts are an important part of feeling like a woman, I have read alot of articles that say transgender women can only expect modest results. Some articles say usually a cup size smaller than your closest female relatives ie your sister or mother. Anyone out there have any real advice? 
    • logan :)
      this is very hypocritical of me because i just replied to someone else with basically the same concern saying that they were still valid but this scares me so much   am i really trans?? i must be because i got so happy after socially transitioning. but none of the signs were ever there as a kid and i never had a problem with puberty and i never connected with being transgender for at least a year after i learned what it meant and it seems like i just started questioning for no reason one day? but when i decided i was a trans dude i felt a little better and when i came out as a trans dude i felt a lot better. and i want to have a deep voice and a flat chest and all that stuff. but i feel like i'm faking it because my dysphoria is not bad at all and it fluctuates a lot, and there are plenty of times recently where i've just thought huh. maybe i am just a girl. maybe i'm nonbinary? i don't know at the same time i really really want hormones and top surgery but what if when i get those i regret everything? i don't think i'll be completely certain of my gender until i get those, and at that point it's difficult to go back. if i do end up having to detransition then i don't know if i have the strength for that? i don't know i see all my trans friends who are clearly trans and super dysphoric and it feels like i'm stealing their label because i don't struggle as much as that but i still have some dysphoria i think but i could be confusing it for something else. god. no one has to read this i just had to get it out because it's hard to deal with.   this is probably stupid, i have this exact same identity crisis all the time and the next day i'm always like bro. you're a trans guy stop doubting yourself you just don't have the same experience as other people. oh well
    • MetaLicious
      That sums up what I wanted to say.  Being transgender is not a choice.  The only choice is how we deal with it.  Before I started my own journey, I was struggling.  I kept looking into what I could do to become who I already am, while fighting to maintain the illusion that I could continue being who everyone thought me to be.  I kept asking myself, "Why do you keep acting like this is a thing that is happening?"  The answer was simple - it was happening, whether I wanted it to or not.  After decades of self-denial, I had reached a point where I could no longer sustain myself as a male.   I had a choice. I could transition.  I could come out and become an activist (even if I did not transition myself, I want to make to make the world better for those who did). Or I could continue burying my true self, continue my slow self-destruction, and eventually succumb to whatever health issue took me first. I chose to transition.   Once I made my choice, I became committed to a better me.  I kicked my 41-year old cigarette habit. I was never able to quit before, despite eight years of trying. Now, I don't even think about them most days. I gave up marijuana. I reduced my alcohol intake to reasonable and healthy levels.  I have lost weight and greatly increased the vegetables.   As far as I can tell, the real choice was between living and merely existing. 
    • logan :)
      please don't s/h, you can facetime me whenever you need or want to. maybe see if you can facetime your therapist? idk that's what i've been doing. and even if you can't get on hormone blockers or t for a long time, you have to hold out til then because it'll make everything so much better. soon we'll stop having to self isolate and you'll become happier again- this quarantine time sucks but it won't last forever
    • logan :)
      i feel this so hard dude- i didn't show many signs when i was little or even when i started puberty and i doubt myself all the time because of that. and who knows, maybe i am a cis girl, but that just doesn't feel right. you're valid even if you don't fit the stereotypical story- what i've found is that socially transitioning made me happy, and i'm 99% sure medically transitioning will make me even happier. so i guess you just have to figure out what to do to live your best life.   i wish you luck
    • Mahaney
      So I decided to show my co worker a picture I had someone take of me on my phone of me in a white skirt, pink polo shirt, booties, and fucaca lipstick. She was overjoyed. She told me I look better as a she then a he. 
    • MetaLicious
      I know just what you mean!  It is not helping that I only just found out how comfortable I feel in a dress.  I had been wearing jeggings almost exclusively until my wife bought me a "starter package" of clothes through Amazon.  Now I feel like my wardrobe is woefully lacking in variety, and I really prefer shopping in the real world, especially for clothes.   Hang in there, Sally - our time will come!
    • Josie Beth
      I know that I’ve been absent for quite a while and things are not easy, not easy for any of us, but there’s a little bit of a silver lining. I’m finally on vacation, sure it’s not in a tropical island with little umbrella drinks and pool furniture but it’s a much needed break. I’m working from home so that’s a step in the right direction, and I can finally say that I have set up my T-shirt store online (or at least one of them). But those are all minor things compared to the blessing in disguise that this world crisis is: that on Tuesday, because of the social distancing, I was finally able to get an over the phone appointment on next Tuesday with a gender therapist. Believe me I’m not happy about this all going on but if it’s going to get me back on track with my transition then I’m glad that something good came out of it. 
    • Traci Lynn
      I know exactly what you mean! TL
    • TammyAnne
      They're addictive. But about as sweet as a graham cracker rather than sugary like a cookie. If you really want a cookie, Walker's Shortbread is the way to fly.
    • TammyAnne
      Me too, as far as understanding who I am. I went so many years acting the part of a man, I fooled myself and others. TA
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