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  1. Nonbinary tucking?

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  2. Top surgery

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  3. Is my name gender neutral?

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  4. Introduction

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  5. Am I alone in being this way ?

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  6. Name change?

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  7. How to live with prejudice

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  8. genderflux???

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  9. Non binary - Are we invisible ?

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  10. I'm new here. An introduction...

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  11. The War to Be Her

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  12. How can you become neither?

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  13. Surgery

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  14. Name Change

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  15. gc2b sizing help

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  16. HRT requirements

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  17. Surgery and Transitioning

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  18. Diagnosis

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  19. Childhood...?

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  20. ???

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    • Naomi Knowles
      Are they tender to the touch? I heard the same thing about them being painful, though my own experience so far has been occasional tenderness behind the nipple, as they started budding.   Losing weight in other areas would certainly make the changes on your chest more dramatic, as HRT encourages fat to hang around more in that area. Growth may become intermittent over time, but I believe they'll keep changing/adjusting for a year, possibly longer. And if you fill out a 40B already this early, sounds like you've got an interesting time ahead!
    • Ellora
      Relaxing at a hotel in NC. Already had a complimentary breakfast this morning, while watching a bit of The Hobbit on the big screen tv while sitting on a barstool. Some people were dressed ready to go to their respective Easter events. I might go to an  aster egg hunt, and watch everyone running around looking for jesus eggs.
    • tracy_j
      Very confusing here today as it is Easter - Happy Easter Everyone! On a Sunday I would normally do the shopping and then have some wine with lunch but it has been more like a weekday so I cooked a joint of meat and made a pot of coffee as well as opening wine without realising lol. Luckily one thing I like (similar to people having different dishes at the table) is to have different drinks at the same time. Well the shops will be open tomorrow and I will have Sunday without the wine 😕 The weather is beautiful though and I have had a lovely walk.   Tracy
    • Jani
    • Charlize
      There will be a substance meeting tonight and every Sunday at 9:00 Eastern at the chatroom meeting room.  Please join us there if you think you may have a problem or have questions about substance addiction.   Hope to see you there    Hugs,   Charlize
    • Cyndee
      That ride sounds wonderful Kymmie   Today we have sunshine and expecting 60's here, it will be time spent in the kitchen and visiting with family   Enjoy your day all !   Cyndee -
    • Amy LeBlanc
      So yesterday my diet went right out the door.  I did not exercise and I was drinking my pain away and eating pizza.  But the funny thing is that I woke up this morning and stepped on the scale and lost 2lbs.  How the did that happen with drinking my pain away and eating pizza then find out in the morning that I lost 2lbs.   It is another story on what I was trying to drink away.
    • Charlize
      Of course she is.  With a name like Charlize how could she do otherwise!!!!!!!!!                                                                Hugs,   Charlize (not a pretty as Theron)
    • ToniTone
      I'm mostly into art, music, electronics, aviation and retro gaming, and I walk alot. These things are all pretty gender neutral, so there isn't much concern for me while I transition.    Interestingly though, the kind of music I enjoy making is changing. I used to be more into pursuing a death thrash metal sound. This style is so rough, masculine, and it accompanied my drinking. Now I'm getting back into edm. But for my punk rock songs, I'm trying to get more of an edgy fem, crust punk sound. I'm trying to train my feminine voice, for both my music projects and in general.    I've been so depressed the past ten years. I lived the facade of a cishet male, and I just stopped creating, but rather destroying. Now that I'm embracing my femininity, I'm drawing and creating again, and I'm so much happier now!    I also always enjoyed making jewelry and accessories. Living as a cishet male, I sort of felt the need to hide or repress this. But now that I'm out, I've been getting back into it big time! ❤️   ~Toni
    • Charlize
      You will be limited in what you are allowed to lift.  I remember being a bit upset as a gallon of milk was too heavy!  This being said it's good to get shopping done ahead of time.  You will do fine.  I can't say i wasn't uncomfortable after surgery but it was only for a relative short period.  As an addict i used only a very small amount of pain killer and was able to quickly handle the discomfort.  Just don't expect to run any marathons too soon. I'm sure i did some posting shortly afterwards as have others here at Trans Pulse.  Perhaps you might want to check back in our old posts for more posts.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Janae
      This Forum is very helpful in providing understanding and reassurance that one is not alone.  I have learned a lot about myself in the past few weeks.  Just being able to talk about what is going on with me is helping immensely.  I think the fact of not living a secret life anymore is a huge burden lifted!   The first really big step for me is to finally realize that there is nothing wrong with me, and to be able to admit I am transgender.   My wife (of 35+ years) and I recently returned from vacation. Sometimes I don’t think we give enough credit to those around us that they actually know us as well as we think they do. I was able to finally get some time and talk to her.  When I really started digging deep and putting the pieces together, then clarity starts to descend.  There was a lot of my early life that I shared with my wife,  I started painting my nails at around 4 or 5,.   I tended to play with the girls, and my best childhood friend and I would dance around as ballerinas.  By middle school I was wearing feminine napkins and panties, and then by high school I had added a bra. And as so many others have shared, I would have these things and then throw them away, only to re-squire them later. I didn’t at the time understand why I was doing this.  Over the years, my wife has from time to time said things (as a result of something I had done) “you should have been born a woman”. At first I was taking that as an insult, but looking back she was only pointing out my feminine behavior.  So, we are discussing all of this, and my desires to go beyond the bedroom with how I present myself.  So my wife asked me if I wanted to be a woman. In my mind the answer is absolutely yes, but I didn’t say that. I can’t exactly recall what I said, and the way I said it, but that was when she told me I need to stop the lies and be true to myself. Very good advice!  So right now I am not going to physically transition- that would be complicated, but in “getting to know” some of the other members here - it looks like it is Ok to not physically transform to a woman. It looks like I can still be Janae without the permanent  physical transition. The big thing is how to handle the GD - and now I get why there can be a need to visit with a gender counselor. (Heck - I have only been to a regular doctor a handful of times let alone a shrink!) Sorry for all the rambling on, but a big step for me to realize and admit I am transgender - and know that those around me have known (or at least suspected) - and are accepting and still love me. Thanks for letting me share. This helps!  It is so helpful to have such a great support group.
    • Timber Wolf
      Good morning everyone,🌳   Happy Birthday Alyss!🎂 Hope you have a wonderful day!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐺🐾
    • Ellora
      Hi! I have been using the Braun Silk-épil 9 for years. And Yes it works really well. It is a cordless, wet/dry epilator, but I have chosen to use it dry because I found it loses its strength in less than a year when I have used it in the water constantly. That is unfortunate, and can be costly to buy one yearly, but now that I have been using one without water, it has been going strong without showing any signs of weakening, and I looooove using it cause I hate having hair on my body. I can use it anytime I want, vs. having to paying for wax, laser, or electrolysis. If I could afford laser hair removal I would use laser of course, but until then I will use my epilator. Additionally, I can use it anywhere I go, like I did yesterday at the hotel I’m staying while I’ve been traveling. 
    • tracy_j
      Our group started when the local school (night school) stopped running their drawing class which I attended (government cutbacks). We started meeting to keep going, in a local village hall. It started and continues with the small group of friends feeling. We have vacancies but obviously you are too far away. I am almost certain there will be similar groups in your area as it is a common persuit in the UK. It can be a little daunting at first but people are usually very friendly and helpful. For subscription groups they usually have a trial session with no commitment.   Tracy
    • LouiseRose1954
      What Epilator do you use and does it really work?
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