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Gadgets and Tech

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This is a place to discuss the ever-changing landscape of technology.

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  1. Heartwarming video!

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  2. Various apps.

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  3. Who in here is a space nerd?

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  4. There's (probably maybe) an App for that!

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  5. IEEE

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  6. Hairless in a Disco?

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    • Sarahnr1
      Mary Jane  im still here.  So lets  continue were we left of   shall we  ?  Now  aparantly something  not  good  happend  again   so what  happend  this  time  my young  friend   
    • Ellora
      Thank you and thank you! I have to credit all the hard work was done by Snapchat. I still need to post a pic with real makeup on, someday. I can’t until I can wish you a happy anniversary! It will happen! 
    • Ellora
      My please and thank you! Posting the timelines has helped me journal my journey. This site has helped me with all of my questions and my journey. Thank you! 
    • Jamey braley
    • Jamey braley
      Should I keep My birth name is jamey lyn braley . Just wondering  what are your thoughts  on the subject  ?
    • Susan R
      This is what started me on my journey back in 2017 when I decided I need to make a change.  I did some serious soul searching after a phone call with my brother-in-law that year.  We were discussing our family’s secrets when he hesitantly told me that he knew something about me but wasn’t sure I’d want to hear it.  He assured me that he had never mentioned to anyone ever.  I told him I want to hear it.  He said he saw me going across the hall to the bathroom in the middle of the night wearing panties as he was about to sneak out of my sister’s bedroom.   I realized at that moment,  I was living a lie and in complete denial that all those people who knew me and had found out about my crossdressing.  I made a list the next day with every person I was pretty sure knew about me since age 11.  I came up with 54 names of friends, family, girlfriends, co-workers, bosses, employees of mine, etc... that caught or confronted me at some point in my life which I denied.  I was very good at deny and compartmentalize.  I was shocked reading through that list.  I remember thinking...“l’m the only one in my life who’s delusional about my situation?” It still took me another 8 months and the death of my best friend and brother to actually get into my first HRT appointment.  It’s important to be honest with yourself, first and foremost.  The rest will fall into place eventually.   Susan R🌷
    • Jamey braley
      Hi cindy
    • Jamey braley
      Thanks Susan 
    • Ellora
      Thank you! It feels sooo good! 
    • Susan R
      Currently, the self edit option is turned OFF but I will edit anything you request no matter how big or small the edit. Other moderators and admins will also edit upon request.   Susan R🌷
    • Ellora
      I would not be anywhere close to as happy as I am now if I didn’t at least start my HRT, and even better when I got rid of the fuzzy dice. 😂 😂 To feel, free. It’s the best. Thank you! 
    • Jamey braley
      Is there a edit  place on here  .so if you use this feel free to correct  anything I type 
    • Jamey braley
      I was 14 when to house  next door . I'll just say him . He told me he had some video  I had to see . So I went upstairs  and  we watch it  .he was going about how he like to be that guy getting  some  .  The  whole time I was thinking I would like to be the girl . And that's not normal so I did not say so I made a get away . I thank you mom just called me thing . Now I know that's just me .. its strange  thinking back over your life . With different eyes 
    • Ellora
      Thank you and Yes!! In the beginning I was monitoring everything, worried about the numbers, practically creating flowcharts. I’m still watching the numbers, but I’m not so bent on watching every detail. I have actually notice my body has had a little bit of growth spurt around the 1 year mark. Now I’m curious about the next 6 months to the 2 yr Mark. Thanks !!
    • Ellora
      Thank you GF! 
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