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Transition Support Forums


  1. General Transition Issues

    This is a dual-gender forum for both FtMs and MtFs. Issues discussed here affect both groups, such as the WPATH Standards of Care.

  2. Therapy and Therapists

    Forum to discuss therapy and its effects.

  3. What Am I? I'm Not Sure.

    New to the site?  Not sure of your identity?  You are not alone.  This is a forum without judgment.  Ask your questions without fear.

  4. Androgyne Forums

    Androgyny is marked by characteristics of both genders resulting in a non-gendered or gender-neutral appearance.

  5. Crossdresser Discussions

    A discussion group for crossdressers.

  6. Female to Male (FtM) Discussions

    A place to discuss topics related to transitioning from female to male.

  7. Male to Female (MtF) Discussions

    A place to discuss issues related to transitioning from male to female.

  8. Intersex Discussions

    An intersex individual is a person (or individual of any unisex species) who is born with genitalia and/or secondary sexual characteristics of indeterminate sex, or which combine features of both sexes.

  9. 135
  10. Passing As Your Target Gender

    A discussion forum about passing as your true gender.

  11. Hormone Replacement Therapy

    A place to discuss hormone replacement therapy and its effects.

  12. Real Life Test Discussions

    A place to discuss transition: legal, workplace, name change, driver's license issues, and more. Tips and tricks on getting through a year or two as another gender.

  13. Transgender Surgeries

    The place to talk about gender affirming surgeries you've had or are planning to have, get physician recommendations, and more.

  14. Post-Op Discussions

    A place to discuss specific issues or general living after undergoing sex reassignment surgery.

  15. Transgender Issues

    A forum for discussion of general transgender issues.

  16. WPATH Standards of Care

    A place to discuss the existing standards of care and how they apply to us.

  17. Health Issues

    This forum is a place to discuss the various aches, pains, and other complaints we all have.  Please avoid playing doctor or applying your diagnosis or treatment to other members' situations - only a visit to a qualified health care professional can determine the right course of treatment.

  18. Diet and Exercise

    Many people understand that it is difficult to lose weight after starting hormones.  This a forum to discuss diet and exercise during and after medical transition.

  19. Fashion

    A place to discuss fashion for all members, including clothing questions, sizing, and more.

  20. Beauty

    Discuss beauty and cosmetics tips and tricks here.

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    • ckd
      I prefer women's jeans and shorts.  I love form fitting with stretch and like the way my legs and butt looks in them.  I wear women's jeans and women's short shorts at home (wife is used to it by now).  I wear women's leggings at home all winter long.  A few years ago I was able to find some Levis men's jeans that are form fitting with stretch and bought 6 pairs.  They could pass for women's jeans and probably do.  I wear them most of the time.  Levis has since ruined that style - they have become baggy.  I hate baggy oversized jeans. 
    • ckd
      I have a lot of experience with laser hair removal.  I have done legs, arms, abs, full brazilian, and underarms.  Underarms are the easiest.  I have had no hair under my arms for years - completely bare.  Brazilian not easy - still some hair there after dozens of treatments - maybe 99% gone but some hair still grows (but it will always look bald down there except for a few stray hairs that can easily be shaved off - not ever getting that bush back lol).  Legs respond well except for knees - most of my leg hair is gone.  I think the face would be like pubic hair - not easy to get rid of all of it.  If they use a high setting the laser will likely leave red marks on your face that may take a couple weeks to fade away.  If they use a low setting (to avoid red marks) then maybe not effective.  I recommend laser but be prepared for years of it if you want to be hair free on your face. 
    • stbSusan
      Hey there. I would be calling a lawyer that deals with that kind of thing. I am not sure what area that falls under but I am sure there is one there. I don't blame you for how you are feeling but Jeff's a positive attitude and keep up on everyone that needs to be involved. Sounds like your doctor and others are behind you! You in girl!!! Hope this helps. Susan
    • Mickey
      I have some calls to make this morning. First to my heart Dr, so they can send a letter stating that my heart is healthy. Second to my urologists office to reschedule the surgery. And this time, the same anesthesiologist will NOT be involved. I also need to find out who I can make a complaint with, against the anesthesiologist for inappropriately touching me, and making me feel extremely uncomfortable.
    • Robin
      Hi Julie,   I would like to thank you too.  You provide support and inspiration to me, as do the many other people on this forum.   I am glad that you are feeling a bit less stressed now.  Hopefully, you will be able to get back to "normality" soon, when you get everything settled.   Robin.
    • tracy_j
      Hi Charlie,   Welcome   Science was also my favourite too, but I love history and art. really anything at times. I love variation.   Tracy
    • JJ
      It isnt scary, just different. Not social but not hostile either. Just a place to do what you need to do. I've used men's restrooms across Texas and around Arkansas for 7 of my 71 years and that has been my experience. Once at a Renaissance festival in l Texas  I was in a line in a men's bathroom when a scantily clad, pretty woman came sauntering out of a stall with a big grin on her face and conversation DID break out among the whole group as soon as she exited. No one had seen her come in so there were a lot of startled guys. But that is the only time I've heard a real conversation in the men's. When you are new to using the mens and male socialization it's actually kind a relief to know you dont need to interact at all.
    • hmillerrr
      Thank you so much!! I've seen u around on here a lot n read ur stuff, I'm quite a fan. Thank you so much for being so detailed and taking ur time to respond to me, this helps a lot
    • SugarMagnolia
      This weekend was...interesting...on a few levels. If you've read some of my other posts you'll know that I came out and socially transitioned at work last week. It went very well, but on Friday night I kind of crashed and all weekend long I was out of sorts.

      I think I had put up all my defenses during the week, preparing to handle the worst, and I didn't realize until Friday night how much stress I'd been under. That's perfectly natural and in hindsight I probably should have expected it, but it left me with something like a stress "hangover". I was just irritable and exhausted. 

      Unfortunately, it was the wrong weekend for that sort of a hangover because my wife and I had decided earlier this week to accelerate putting our house on the market, so there were just a ton of things to do including a small construction project that was really finicky. It was the worst possible thing to have to work on, but I persevered and made good progress.

      What surprised me was that on Saturday morning on the way to Home Depot I suddenly was terribly sad. I was crying and almost had to pull over. There was no one thing that caused it, just a bunch of stuff all mixed up together, but it hit me like a ton of bricks. I could have easily gone to a pretty dark place, in fact I was headed there --  thinking about a life of snarky looks and never quite fitting in: "what have I got myself into!". However, I somehow was able to take a small step back and remember that wasn't true.

      I have been telling people for some time how much happier I am now that I'm transitioning -- and it's true. So, I forced myself to think hard about what's been making me happy. And it's the people that I've surrounded myself with  that love me, encourage me and want to be around me because they genuinely enjoy my company. I thought hard about specific people and how I feel when I'm with them, and a strange thing happened: I smiled and I felt better...quite a LOT better.

      I still wasn't perfect, but I was no longer in that dark place. And it made me want to make sure I said thank you to everyone on here that shares a story, asks a question or interacts with me in posts. This place was one of the things that I thought about because there are so many people here that make me feel good about myself...that make me feel good about all of us and who we are. 

      So, thank you to everyone here. Whether you know it or not you helped me get through a tough time and I will do what I can to keep returning that favor!

    • Robin
      Hi Kymmie,   Thank you very much for your support and reassurance.   Maybe I should turn up to the next meeting wearing a burka.   Robin.
    • Rachael
      I can’t even imagine how that must feel. Hoping you can get things worked out. Good luck. 
    • CaptainC_Cookies
      'Ey, thanks! But no worries, lots of my friends love the things I dislike. It's weird, but as long as they don't talk crap about English or History class, we're good. 😄
    • Timber Wolf
      Hi Charlie, Welcome to TransPulse. I'm glad you're here!   I don't know, maybe you won't like me. Science was always my favorite subject in school!LOL😄   Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾
    • CaptainC_Cookies
      Greetings, all. I'm Charlie From Canada. I'm FtM, my pronouns are he/him, and I'm sexually attracted to no gender but can be romantically attracted to any. I love history, theatre, psychology, and language. English and History are my favourite subjects but Science and Geography are my least favourite. I'm quite the control freak and am either too loud or too quiet at any given time. I'm probs hella annoying and frustrating to most people, so apologies in advance. Despite my many shortcomings, I hope to make a few friends here.
    • stbSusan
      very cool!!!!!! and i don't think it is really expensive. my insurance might cover it cause i have a growth on one of my eyelids that need to be removed. it does sometimes cause my vision to go hay wire and i drive truck for a living.
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