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A place to discuss specific issues or general living after undergoing sex reassignment surgery.

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  1. I just can't do it

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  2. Ouch!

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  4. Post-Op Encounters: Public, Legal, & Medical

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  5. Immediate post-op fashion advice?

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  6. Post Top Operation Trouble

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  7. Adjusting very well

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  8. Ironic isnt it?

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  9. My Underwear Supply Mystery

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  10. Today 2 years ago

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  11. Chronic UTI post op

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  12. Six Years Ago---

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  13. Two Years Already? -- Mammogram Time Again

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  14. Dilation

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  15. Post-revision Depth issues

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  16. It has finally come to pass!!!

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  17. Too Soon Old And Too Late Smart --

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  18. Post op musings

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  19. A question about sex post GCS

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  20. P hormone and post-op

    • 1 reply
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    • Willa
      I am67 and 14 months into H R T and presently just barely into an A cup.  And my sister I believe is MB cup has was my mother my aunt on my father side was I believe at least an D cup. I read somewhere I forget where that the older you start HRT the less development you can expect. Has anyone else heard this, is there any validity to it?   I am also curious as to the ages that folks started their HRT and how their development was or is.   Stay well and stay safe ladies! Willa
    • aceskywalker08
      Thank you. I look forward to being more involved in the community and hearing others' experiences.
    • aceskywalker08
      Hi Jani, Thank you for your input. I plan to see a gender therapist once the lockdown is over, and I will try to identify some factors that may be affecting my dysphoria.
    • Jani
      Wow, seeing how he was granted these unlimited powers as a result of the pandemic, one has to ask what does this bill have to do with it?  The new bill "further states: “Given that completely changing one’s biological gender is impossible, it is necessary to lay it down in law that it cannot be changed in the civil registry either.” Gender is not a biological construct but a mental and societal one.  Its how we feel about our bodies and minds, and how society views people.  Totally unacceptable, but what do you expect from an authoritarian ruler.    
    • Jani
      Hello Ace.  Its not unusual to have mixed feelings at some point in life.  Don't be alarmed.  That you are experiencing anxiety may suggest you should take time to speak with a counselor for a few sessions.  You may also need to have the dosage of T adjusted if your levels are out of range.  It could be something simple.  As you say you enjoy living a masculine life, or even androgynously is a sign in my opinion that nothing too seriously is afoot.  Look around and try to tell if anything in your day to day life may be causing these feelings.     JanI
    • VickySGV
      Welcome to the Forums, many of our members have felt as you do, and that is why we are here to let people talk about it and realize they are not alone.
    • aceskywalker08
      For the last two years I have identified as a binary trans man. My dysphoria was manageable after social transition and starting T and I felt confident in my identity. Now, my dysphoria is bad again and I don't feel much like a man anymore. I'm not sure whether it's just my dysphoria saying I'm not a "real" man, or if I may be nonbinary rather than binary transgender. I still want to have my same name (which is a traditional masculine name) and use he/him pronouns and continue HRT and one day have top and bottom surgery, but I can't shake the feeling that I'm something other than a man. I like being masculine, but I also like being androgynous. My gender expression has always been a little mixed, sometimes very manly and sometimes less so. All I know for sure is I'm definitely not a girl and traditionally feminine things give me lots of dysphoria. Any advice/shared experience on the subject is much appreciated.
    • TammyAnne
      Jackie, you are a never ending source of entertainment! TA
    • TammyAnne
      Hello and welcome Ali! Glad to see another art maker among the crowd! Your art - wow! Powerful stuff. Mine is far more repressed. So happy (and jealous) to hear you'very started HRT. TA
    • shelly_koleva83
      Some really bad news from Eastern Europe! Hungary! The dictator Viktor Orban is attacking the trans community...   https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2020/04/01/hungary-viktor-orban-trans-rights-bill-rule-decree-coronavirus-transphobia-gender-zsolt-semjen/?fbclid=IwAR2XpJtBJ823i-Q61ghV6NFb41a390gfO4pIqv4n_BAfLTi3L5GEUpD5g7k
    • shelly_koleva83
      Every birth certificate is social constructed - it's writen by humans, who had determined what to call male and what to call women, based on biological limitations. Well, their tiny genital game is not applicable to everyone and that is what is hard to get. People are more than genitals and genitals are important as much as you want to pro-create, if you want and need to do it... Some piece of paper is not biological it's even offensive, because it describes your genitals to the world and yor genitals are all yours to deal or accept, not the society's business...   About sports: I don't like sport, but i know how lousy loser I was in it without having HRT at the time. So it's subjective. Woman can kick a man's buttocks, with no problems. 
    • Atshorlus
      The drawing was part of a two piece drawing of bipolar disorder. My wife and best friend struggle with it, so I wanted to create a piece that would help people who dont have it see what it is like. I read that dysphoria manifested in similar ways,  and being i was in such a high state of anxiety and self-loathing, I figured I'd channel it into the drawing. When you're in a manic episode it's really hard to determine your mental state because the emotions all meld together and happen so fast. There's even a level of awareness of your behavior at times and you're powerless to stop it because the compulsion is SO strong, so there's a level of shame and disgust that help further feed the flames.   Hahaha I haven't heard that one! But I'll admit it was an anime character (the one im using as a profile pic) that kind of made me realize that, and made me proud to be who I am at least for a short while. To see a trans person be so confident and using their status to influence both cisgender men and women with their unique perspective was really something to see!    I highly recommend it! Even if what you make ends up not being great the act of creating is so soothing...and in general the thrill of completing something in itself is satisfying. I'm pretty blissful when I do!
    • Jani
      This is so common especially in the early stages of transition.  We all try to assume the persona of the person we hoped to have been, whilst insisting we are the same.  Not so fast!   She needs to understand she is different now but to respect the boundaries of your relationship.  While you may have suggested taking a partner I'm not sure you thought it would happen.  I believe in honoring the vows you took (maybe I'm old fashioned).   Remember that intimacy can take many forms and its not just carnal knowledge that satisfies.  Snuggling and hugging can be fun too.     If she sees herself as the same person you can challenge her to be that person, within her feminine state of mind.  Just as you have to accept that she will smell and move differently, she has to accept that you have expectations to be met.  It is rare that family roles change much when one transitions.  This has been discussed here.  While my spouse accepts me as a woman, I still change the oil in our cars and mow the lawn.  Some things don't change.  Hopefully things will even out soon and she will see that transitioning doesn't give her carte blanche permission to do as she wishes.  Responsibilities don't go away.     All my best,  Jani          
    • Jani
      Our bodies do change over time, whether or not we change our medicinal routines.  I know I have experienced periods of "upset stomach" with lots of gas build up over the recent years.  I first took notice when I wasn't able to drink as much coffee as I liked.  It was not related to any medical cause as nothing had changed, but I had gotten older.  My weight and general health has remained constant throughout the years.  But I've seen my tastes change and not always for the better.  Tracy is right.   Recently a new med has caused some distinct changes that I've discussed with my physician.   Seems it is par for the course.  If tests don't show any indications then I would just keep an eye on things and go on the best you can.   
    • Jani
      Greetings Cindy and welcome aboard!  Please join in the conversation!  The more the merrier.   Cheers, Jani
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