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You may post your transgender-related poetry here.  Any poetry posted must be your own and any copyright held must be held by you.  Copyright infringements will be removed as soon as a moderator becomes aware of it, without notice.

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    • Suzanne1
    • Jackie C.
      In English, it's Mx. Pronounced "mix." Which, now that I'm writing it out seems a little passive-aggressive. Still... progress! Also she's trying which is really all you can ask people to do.   Cute story though! I'm afraid I've never tried to protect my mother from the predatory gaze of boys, but my mother looks like... remember the original Beverly Hillbillies in black and white? Think Granny and you're there. I'm sure that's SOMEBODY's kink, but I've never met them.   Hugs!
    • SaraAW
      Good morning everyone.  Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend, for those in the US, hope your Memorial Day long weekend continues to be great.   My wife and my dad both have severe allergies and carry an EPI pen with them at all times.  Just want to add to the discussion that if you ever administer EPI to someone, you still need to get them to a hospital/clinic immediately.  The injection is just to buy them enough time to get proper medical treatment, it is not a cure to their allergic reaction.  Once the drug wears off, there is a good chance the reaction could recur.   Have a great day everyone! Hugs!
    • Suzanne1
      For a different reason, I carried one for years (along w/ Bendadryl), and had 2 or three more strategically placed.  Never had occasion to use one, although my spouse did come close to jabbing me once.    Good drug-delivery device to have, assuming physician agrees.   Used to be relatively affordable,  but last time I heard prices were quite high.    After surviving a number of attacks, w/o going into a-shock, my physician & I agreed that it was unlikely that  would ever happen; she said I'd probably just stroke-out.    Best wishes.
    • Ethan da potato
      Today we were outside with my mom. (she doesn't know I am trans but knows I "want" to be a boy, don't ask XD) We crossed a hitch hiking person (if that's the word) so when we passed them I said something like "bye ma'am, or bye sir (?)" and than I said this question out-loud "do we have a word like sir or ma'am for non-binary people?" And my mom answered me XD she said (don't forget I am french so everything sounds different) :  -Yeah there is, it's called transgenre. XD the thing is that I always do my researches and all in english so I heard "transgenre" and was like "oh really, that sounds like << Hello transgenre>> instead of << Hello sir>> that's weird" and then I translated in my head XD I was like "Oh transgenre =  transgender" and it was so funny so I explained it to her. She actually mixed transsexual, transgender, and intersex XD. It was so cute how she acted like she knew, so proud ^^.   And weirdly in the same day we were talking about the men looking at my mom because she looks 220/25even thou she is 46. And I said that sometime boys look at her and I look at them like I was going to rip their head off like a protector. And that they might think I am her partner. And she said "even thou you're my son haha" This shocked me. Did she do on purpose, did she did it because I said protector in masculine (there is a masculine and feminine word for it)? I don't know that made me cry some tears. ^w^ Today was a great day, this is the some kind you stay alive for. ^^
    • Mx.Drago
      Reflecting Wreakage   A wreakage but a catastrophe, To both lost and will never be found, To be tossed away for slight, Never to be wanted, Never to be cared. As it like sand cast in the wind, Fades into the empty void before us. Good riddance one might say, If not for the wind  Throwing the sand back In the face as currents turn. A wreakage maybe a catastrophe But forgetting it is the sin.        
    • michelle_kitten
      A lot of us totally experience rises and falls in the intensity of our dysphoria.  For a lot of us, we could get it to go away for awhile, but it would come back even stronger the next time.  Other ppl totally have different experiences.  There may be people out there we never hear from, because they can totally manage their dysphoria, and that is what they choose to do.   The key is to take your time and work things through.  No one else can tell you if your trans or not, or what to do about it if you are.  That is something that's going to take some serious introspection.  I totally recommend reading and watching videos from experts.  Ask lots of questions of ppl who have transitioned.  Make your own choice.   Even if you decide to transition, it isn't a destination.  Transition is a journey, and it really doesn't ever end.  You always change and grow.  It isn't like you decide you're trans and the dysphoria vanishes.  It takes time.  There may be a lot of things you need to do to make your dysphoria go away, and it may never totally go away.   You have taken the biggest step.  You've admitted to yourself you're dysphoric.  That's a huge step.  It's okay to be here for awhile.  You might consider just identifying as a dysphoric person for awhile, while you figure things out.  That's okay.  Idk if you have talked to your parents about your dysphoria yet, but that might be a first step, rather than making a decision and then dropping it on them.  Just say, "Hey, i got this thing and there isn't anything i can do to make it go away."  Maybe let them know that a lot of ppl have tried to get over dysphoria and it never goes away.  It is in the manual psychologists use to diagnose ppl as a real thing.  Once they know it is a real thing, maybe they will support seeing a gender therapist?   Like i said, you totally have to make your own decision.  People can help you by giving you a safe place to learn, and helping you learn, but in the end you have to decide.
    • Dana Michelle
      I used to play a computer game called nethack, which uses text to draw a map and monsters are represented with letters. It displays text messages at the top of the screen to explain what is happening in the game. A screenshot of the game is at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NetHack#/media/File:Nethack_releasing_a_djinni.png to see what I'm talking about. The player's character is represented by a @ symbol. The player selects a gender at the beginning of the game and it always felt good to select female, even though I don't actually see a female character (the player is a @ whether male or female) and it has little effect in the game. Sometimes the character is referred to with pronouns in the text messages. There is an amulet in the game that causes the player's gender to change. I am always disappointed when that happened and it felt uncomfortable to continue so I ended the game and started over. It's not strange at all to me to feel better about playing a female character in a game. It felt better to me even in a game where gender is not noticed much.  
    • Charlize
      MikaReich i would suggest that you look into Nar-Anon which is a support group for the family of drug users other than alcoholics. They can be found at:  nar-anon.org  While we cannot get another sober we can help ourselves and others to get through the wreckage an addict leaves behind.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Mx.Drago
      Mind I ask why she used to begin with? I understand if it's too personal and I don't expect an answer, so no worries. I'm more glad your daughters are safe, but I still feel terrible for the circumstances, it's unfortunate. Hope your brightness keeps them more than well nurtured and safe.
    • MikaReich
      No,her family is on my side with this.Her family can't stand her drug use too.They know I am a great father leading a positive example to my two daughters
    • Mx.Drago
      I think it's safe to say, it's been crazy for everybody for past couple of months. At least you're not alone in the feeling.😶 😕
    • KayC
      Good morning, Tessa!  have a great visit with your Mom❣️
    • Mx.Drago
      Live, love, laugh as much as you can and for as long as you can, for life is but moments we meet and make for yourself and to all a goodnight after on. If only forever could happiness last, but guess I'll have to settle with next best, if only at least minimum. Just walking around packing, as warm, detached, and uncomfortable as it can get, puts me on the moon with feeling of both joy and terror. Would like to be rid of the terror part, cuz fear is the mind killer, and nature always will take the rest of whatever society leaves behind. So I try to enjoy what time I have no matter how hard it seems.
    • Tessa
      -Accidentally hit enter-    I’m strong and beautiful and I won’t let anyone have control of my heart or body. The rain matches how I feel. 😓. My mom invited me over at noon. I’m happy about that but I can’t be-fully Tessa over there. I will just have to try to make it through this day.    Posted some chapters in my book. It’s a great story! I have submitted it into a contest to see if I can win 1,000.00 dollars! I once won a Big Wheel and third place in a poetry contest!    Be safe. Have a wonderful day loves !    Tessa
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