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Member Poetry

You may post your transgender-related poetry here.  Any poetry posted must be your own and any copyright held must be held by you.  Copyright infringements will be removed as soon as a moderator becomes aware of it, without notice.

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  7. Not My Fault.

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    • Carrie
      I am another Capricorn. 🙂  
    • Dinaki
    • Dinaki
      (@KathyLauren, I thank you dear, now I learned)
    • Jackie C.
      Fox. I much prefer the Celtic zodiac. 😄   Hugs!
    • Mary Jane
      for my case well i do think im at least a little transgander but all i can do right now is just socially transition basically just the pronouns and name online right now which pronouns im fine with both he/him and she/her and if i really am trans (which we'll see in at least 2 years) ill ease into it first the pronoun 2nd ill start telling some people to call me Mary Jane (or a better name if i can find any) 3rd is clothes 4th is voice. the hormones might be in between the 2nd and 3rd and if im transexual then ill go for the surgery    buuut... other genders i might be is bigender and genderfluid so yea not all of those are going to apply if im bi or genderfluid
    • VickySGV
      Yes, it is often done on Chemo patients or on post menopausal women.  You may not get completely away from a wig but its a good step to try.  Worst case scenario is you may need a Top Piece which is less than a full wig but the perm will help a lot.   https://www.transgenderpulse.com/forums/gallery/image/6481-top-piece-3/  
    • Shay
      Gemini - no wonder I have 2 personalities.... Shay
    • Shay
      Although The Eagles, Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon), Led Zeppelin, Yes (before they got carried away getting too complicated) and my vocal heroes CSN - when I wrote, I can do up to 8 vocal harmonies and they end up usually sounding like CSN meets James Taylor.
    • Shay
      Being I am left handed I play a left handed Hofner violin style bass and was bitten by their music bug in February 1964 and I have been a songwriter and musician ever since - I would like you to guess who my favorite band and influences..... Shay
    • Jackie C.
      OK, so having watched your video. As far as transitioning at work goes, you should talk to your HR department first. There's probably paperwork. There might even be a procedure already in place to handle trans employees.    Secondly, you got somebody to say, "Blargh!" at the end of a sentence? I haven't had that happen to me since... gosh, grade school? (I think that's primary school for you. Years 1-6?) I got a, "I find your appearance disturbing," but that's the worst of it. I think you'll find that most people are pretty accepting. I'm honestly humbled by the amount of support I've found in the community. None of them are trans (hey, we're 1 in 200 or so, not easy to find), but they're still friends.   Finally, once the plague is done stalking the streets you should be able to find a support group. I just today got pinged by Meetup about a new trans and NB support group. They're virtual at the moment, but that's only prudent. I might go in person if they're close. Once the specter of death is passed, obviously.   Hugs!
    • claire1000
      Because of balding and thin hair on top I have been living with wearing a wig for over the last 4 years, A year ago or so I started growing my hair out and now it is close to my shoulders in back, and thicker on the sides. My partners hairdresser thinks there is enough hair on the sides toward the top that she could do a tight curly perm that would cover most of the bald area I have left,my question is has anyone ever heard of this,or tried it. I would so love to ditch having to wear a wig.
    • Tori M
      At that time (age 15 I think??) I already owned Animals (still my personal fav) but had not heard Dark Side.  The first time I heard it was at a friend's and we were tripping.  Before I left his house, I had traded him out of it!  I still have it.  It's a UK Quadraphonic vinyl.  Of course, I've never found a quad system to play it on.
    • Carrie
      Thanks Tori You just bought a memory back.  The first time I ever heard a cd played was at a  friends place in Melbourne.  The cd was Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.  It was heavenly.
    • Tori M
      I am finding it very interesting how many of us like the same music.  What's up with that?  (incidentally, that's a ZZ Top song)   My fav of all time is probably Pink Floyd.  My thinking and feelings have always been heavily influenced by them.  I love everything about their music and lyrics.  Hard to find a bad song.   Honorable mention would go to Black Sabbath, again because they influenced me greatly.   Obviously, those two represent quite a dichotomy musically, which is a valid representation of me.  Lyrically, they're not all that different.  These two account for a disproportionate amount of my listening time throughout my years.  These are the bands I put on headphones for.   I haven't seen White/Rob Zombie mentioned on either of these music threads.  They/he are one of my gotos when I'm in the mood for razor-edged head banging.  I like every song on Hellbilly Deluxe.
    • Kelsey Brooke
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