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    • Susan R
      Wow, you wouldn’t know you were dealing with all this with the beautiful ‘after’ pictures you shared here. I’m sure recovery with go well and you’ll be back to yourself in not time. If anyone is curious as to what the procedure was, I would take the advice that @Jani gave you and tell them “small growth removed, and leave it at that.” You’re not telling an untruth by saying that.   Anyways, I also wanted to thank you for the detailed description of this procedure. This stuff is very interesting to me and I’m sure others will appreciate this too.   My Best, Susan R🌷
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.fsunews.com/story/news/2020/09/27/new-option-transgender-patients-seeking-health-services/3550545001/   Hopefully this will expand to other states.   Carolyn Marie
    • KendraML
      My life has been easier to maintain ever since.It has been a great difference with my wife supportive,she listened to me.Mom,said it was tough finding out I am transgender and figured out she had to live being a mom loving and accepting their kid is this way.Gave her time and space to figure it out,did not force her in anyway
    • Kestrel McLoughlin
      Right?? I've given tiny little TEDTalks my whole adult life about how I envy women's clothing for its versatility during summer, for the ability to look elegant at any time (there's a formal way to wear a blanket for crying out loud!!! In winter over your shoulders and in summer around your waist!!) It took me quite a while to contextualize that I didn't just want to peacock, I was very, very, very much a woman. Then the maybes came, but that's another story.   Welcome! (again?)
    • Kestrel McLoughlin
      Thanks for that extraordinary story. Know that your story isn't over. In a way it's just beginning; and you get to decide whether what you've told us so far gets the right - the honour - to continue being your story. The people, the childhood, you can decide who and what to carry in your heart and who to leave behind. Whatever you choose is the right choice, it will come from your heart.   Be gentle with yourself, give yourself kindness, and the rest will follow.   Welcome and love Vittoria!
    • Susan R
      Welcome @KendraML. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m glad you joined us here. You’ll fit right in, I’m sure. Life is seemingly easier to maintain once you make the switch to one gender or the other or the other. There are others that enjoy the change back and forth but it wasn’t for me. I remember a time I had to switch clothing every time I went out and it was difficult trying to hide it all from my neighbors. Luckily, that didn’t last too long.   You’ll probably agree it’s makes all the difference in the world to have a supportive wife like yours helping with your transition. You’re a very lucky girl. Your wife is likely an incredible person with great understanding and empathy. Also, that’s greats news about your mom and your 16 y.o. son. That’s nice to have so much support within your family.   I would enjoy hearing much more about you and your journey. Many of us here are learning as we go and would benefit from some of your life lessons learned, advice or whatever you’d care to share.   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷
    • Kestrel McLoughlin
      Hi there Kendra,   While I'm sure you've had your share of challenges, the support and onboarding of your wife is the breath of fresh air a lot of us need right now. I'm so happy you have a partner who was right there for you!
    • KendraML
      She is and has always loved feminine men.Has dated the most masculine men in the past and found them boring.When she caught me wearing that dress,knew it was me knowing I have always wanted to dress as a woman
    • Heathick
      As much as that deeply resonates with me, I feel like it's more complicated in my case. I've always had very strong desires of "wanting 'her'", and I often still do, but over the last number of years, more and more I find my thoughts of "wanting 'her'" are competing more and more with "I want to BE her!!!", and lately, I feel like latter has the edge.   But its always jumbled up and mixed for me. I'll spend hours wondering "what in the world was I thinking? I'm totally fine being AMAB male! Just as I've always been!", and then BOOM!, I'm out at a store, and I see other women, with their feminine bodies, dressed in their feminine apparel, maybe with other feminine adornments or accessories and my envy just goes straight into overdrive and at this point any time I see a remotely pretty lady anywhere, I have weird conflicting feelings involving some seemingly random combination of desire and/or envy, or, very often, both.
    • Kestrel McLoughlin
      Also this shirt has literally stopped traffic. Someone stopped in the middle of an intersection to declare its glory. To say nothing of the smoky woman who smouldered at me, “...And I’ll bet you’ve been to all those places, too...”   That would have been creepy, but she since vindicated herself as solid people: she squeezed my arm and whispered a thanks to me after I offered a disrupting comment at the workplace self-congratulatory pink shirt day.    “Also, let’s remember that there are... invisible kinds of diversity, and not only must we speculate how to bring in further diversity, but also recognize the extent to which that diversity already exists among us; and a good omen of how healthy a workplace is is the extent to which your colleagues want to share that with you.”   That got them thinkin...
    • Carolyn Marie
      It certainly is a big deal, Holly, and you have every reason to be excited about it.  Another few weeks or maybe 2-3 months are you'll start seeing changes, so every week brings you closer to those goals.  Congrats!   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
    • Kestrel McLoughlin
      Thank you Abi, you're right, of course. I'll keep talking about it, I'll just always be gentle with people.   Berni, yes! Even when even more thoroughly in the closet, I noticed that the more formally I dressed, the more femme I looked. A white shirt, bowtie, hair parted and tucked? FLAMING LESBIAN IN DISGUISE AS MAN LOOK EVERYONE  I kinda love that; and yes, I too will be keeping my spiffiest masculine clothing, because the aesthetic of a woman wearing that kind of attire can be killer. A little make-up, cascading hair, hopefully some perky little breasts, I can rock that look......   All my love, everyone. You're good people. And fun!
    • Heathick
      And BTW, totally with you on finding men's clothes boring! Every time I look at my non-secret wardrobe, I  see bland, bland, boring, yet more earth-tones, boring, bland! My profile pic is a total digital fabrication, I'm nowhere near being fulltime, or remotely parttime woman (much as my heart desires it - heck, I even have a beard), but OMG, I am sooo happy for you!!! That must feel so wonderful to not only transition and come out but to have the support of a wonderful woman partner through every step of the way! Eeeee!, I just find that to be sweetness overload!   Best wishes, and welcome!!!
    • Heathick
      OMG, your wife sounds like the sweetest, most wonderful woman in the world! That is so AMAZING for you! I want a wife like her!!!
    • Heathick
      I love that idea!!!
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