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    • Kirsten
      Well I am officially out to everyone except work! I sent a message out on Facebook last night to let extended family and friends know. Nothing negative yet. 🤞🏻   Heres my letter;   Hello everyone. 
      I have some news to share. And this will probably come as a shock.  I am transgender.  Most probably don’t know what that even means. And I’m sure it comes with a lot of preconceived misconceptions. But most aren’t any more than that. 
      Let me start by saying I have been transgender for my whole life. I started experimenting with women’s clothing pre-k.  I have lived my entire life bouncing in and out of different stages of acceptance. I have lost relationships. I have alienated friends and family. I have lied to everyone that I have ever met until I met my beautiful and loving wife. 
      She is the first person that knew this about me and still loved me. She knew before I met her even. I thought for sure everything would be great. She let me dress when I needed to. She supported me and never judged. She even married my crazy ass and had a beautiful son with me! How could I ever need anything else?! But soon excitement turned to depression. 
      Finally about a year ago I knew I had to change something. I started losing weight (I was at 250 pounds) and filling my time with as much as I could to keep my mind busy. None of it was working though. 
      By January I had enough. My wife was unhappy. I was depressed. The kids were acting out. I had lost nearly 80 pounds. Nothing was helping. I had to try the one thing I had been scared to try forever. And so I did. 
      I wasn’t ready to go to the doctor, but I could get my hands on some birth control. It had hormones in it right? So I did a little research and found out which one was gonna give me at least a taste of what I wanted. And I did it. It took about 8 weeks to start working. And by 12 I knew it was right.
      So I went to the doctor. Got an appointment in Boston to see a gender specialist. And got my prescriptions. I have been on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) since May 19. My body and mind are changing. My wife and I have come to terms with this and what it means. We love each other no matter what. I know this is going to be a difficult journey to say the least. But great things and true happiness never come easily. 
      I have already lost family due to being trans. And it’s okay.  Look at how many other people in the world have lost people because they were different. So I understand if this is too much for you to handle. Good luck to you in your journey of life. But i think if you give me a chance you’ll see that I am not the scary monster we all grew up believing trans people were.
      I no longer will go by he/him. I am now she/her. I am living very androgynous at the moment while the hormones do their work. I have no timelines on anything. I am simply living one day at a time. 
      Please respect my family and me. If you have issues with this simply unfriend me and live your life as you see fit. And allow me to do the same. If you have any questions for me please don’t hesitate. As I said this is an extremely difficult process. Any negativity will not be accepted. I’m sorry that’s just how it is. 
      All the support I have already received has been amazing! I can not thank all of you enough. 
      Love always,
      Kirsten   A weight has been lifted like I could never imagine. No more hiding. No more lying. No more depression or anger. Just life.  ❤️K
    • tracy_j
      Hi Jay   Welcome 😊   Tracy
    • tracy_j
      Hi Dimitri   Welcome  ☺️   Tracy
    • Aiyanna
      Aww! I'm so happy for you That's one of the best feelings in the world. Thank you for sharing!

    • jae bear
      I love it!  Your poetry comes straight from the heart and spills directly on the page, wonderful! I look forward to reading more of your poetry !  Hugs,  Jackie
    • jae bear
      I’m just back to update this a little bit, I’m still on track, even if I took some time off with my workouts while moving my wife’s apartment for about a week. I am now officially down to 195 pounds! Granted that’s without even so much as my pajamas on but I’m simply proud that I’ve hit a benchmark weight that I know is below my previous low weight of 197 from 17 years ago when I was racing motorcycles...  granted I’m sure my BMI was much lower back then as I was far more muscle than I am now, but the scale I got shows bone density, water content, and fat mass then calculates your BMI and my current BMI is 29.8  so I’m happy to say I am under the 30 BMI limit as of this week ! Hugs, Jackie
    • SugarMagnolia

      The author of the original article that broke the story looks back on her unintentional, but admitted anti-trans framing. Her story has been the critical subject of much trans scholarship, so it's interesting to read her take that to heart and assess how it happened.
    • Michelle F
      It's surprising how the Premarin works.   Shawn noticed this morning that I was considerably calmer and more focused than recent days
    • Alex Skelton
      Everyone wants me to be who I'm not  The little support I get is from my friends  Why can't people be treated equally I thought  But that doesn’t matter when any minute your life could end  "You're my little girl"   My dad constantly says to me  That line makes me want to hurl  I just want to be called he  I hope in the future I could be free  And not care what anyone thinks  But for right now I just need to try to be me  And hope my hatred for myself shrinks. 
    • Alex Skelton
      Congratulations! Thats totally awesome! 
    • Rachael
      At the doctors office this morning as the nurse was showing me to the room we were chatting about the room and she was talking about watching the guys cleaning the windows and telling me one was cute but did not take him long to clean the windows. Then she told me about being at the car show with her boyfriend. It was then I realized she was talking to me like I was just one of the girls.  It is the greatest feeling to be accepted like that. Then I showed her my new shoes (bright orange tennis shoes) and said the future is so bright I bought shoes to match.  She said she liked them and they matched my outfit. So I must be doing better than I thought . It made my day. 
    • Cluck1992
      We might's well be the same person, except that I'm too afraid to rock the boat, tried twice now and each time a disaster.... Going to be this fake person as long as I can for the sake of my children and to extend the amount of time I have with my wife who I love, but she wants NOTHING to do with me being a woman. Good luck to you Willow, I hope for the best. 
    • KoreyA
      I am letting him make the decisions,they are his and not mine since he is an adult  
    • Alex Skelton
      @Jani thanks for the advice  
    • Jani
      Hello Jay and welcome.  I'm glad you finally joined us.   I'm... lets say older and I still feel like a teen some days!  So you're not alone with that thought.   This is certainly a principle here; we're all here for each other.    I'm glad to hear you have a chosen family that treats you with respect.  That's important.     So you've come out at work; where you go from here is up to you.  It's your ride and no one else.   You can do the androgynous route, and accelerate or pull back at any time.  It's up to you.  Other will just have to deal with it, and they will.   I hope to see you around the forum. Jani
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