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MtF Hair Transformation Topics

Many MTFs in transition may need help in the hair department. Discussions include wigs, hair replacement systems, and hair transplants.

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  1. Wigs At Home?

    • 7 replies
  2. Finally Got The Reality Check On Electrolysis

    • 15 replies
  3. Straightening Hair

    • 3 replies
  4. My First Female Haircut...

    • 6 replies
  5. Men's Vs. Women's Hair Coloring

    • 4 replies
  6. Back Hair Problem

    • 5 replies
  7. Growing Your Hair Out

    • 9 replies
  8. What To Do About Curls?

    • 12 replies
  9. Jello ?

    • 9 replies
  10. A Site That Shows How To Do Hairdo's

    • 2 replies
  11. Do Most Girls Layer Their Hair?

    • 4 replies
  12. Which Hair Style Should Katie Make Her Goal?

    • 17 replies
  13. Hair Whine

    • 1 reply
  14. Laser Hair Restoration

    • 0 replies
  15. Wigs Full Time - And Rlt

    • 0 replies
  16. Facial Hair Growth Cycles

    • 2 replies
  17. My Hair Is Gone :/

    • 9 replies
  18. Wig Messed Up In The Wind

    • 6 replies
  19. Epilatorsmore Growing Back

    • 2 replies
    • 7 replies
  20. Androgyne Hair (Short To Medium) Inspiration

    • 5 replies
  21. Marilyn Monroe Wig

    • 0 replies
    • 2 replies
  22. Could This Wig Be Styled Differently?

    • 4 replies
  23. Does A Trim Help?

    • 2 replies
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    • Shay
      love the wonderful opening sequencce is Smooth Operator  
    • LittleRed
      Hi KayC,   So to be totally transparent. Before getting on HRT, I read lots of stories of people saying that they really felt a difference as soon as they got on HRT and other trans people were telling me that I'll "feel" a lot better and I'll just "know" that it was meant to be. I feel like I was given this impression that HRT was going to shoot rainbows in the sky and I'd be on cloud 9 or something.   To my disappointment, I really didn't feel anything different when I started HRT. After a month, it really made me question if it was even working because I didn't feel any different and I wasn't experiencing anything magical or feeling any more feminine just by being on estradiol. What the hell was going on?   I had conversations with my therapist about this and basically to my understanding is that hormones don't necessarily have any immediate affect on how you feel or on your emotions. Over time, you experience change. People who immediately feel something amazing may be having a placebo affect (not to offend anyone, this is coming from my therapist, not me).   Over the course of several months, I began to notice some things:   1) My chest became sore, which as annoying as it is, it feels wonderful and affirming knowing something is starting happening there. 2) My skin felt quite different. Very soft compared to what I'm used to feeling. I feel like I really like my skin for the first time! 3) I noticed that I don't sweat at night when I sleep and my hair doesn't get so oily (it was really bad. Pre-HRT, I had to take a shower every morning because my hair was so greasy the next day. I couldn't stand it and I obsessed over my morning shower just to be able to wash my hair). 4) At some point, I started to notice (like a month ago) that I am able to cry. Something that would happen maybe once every 5 years under extreme circumstances. I found myself crying over a stressful situation at work that I normally would only feel anger or numb. 5) Which brings me to... with pre-HRT, my emotional states were: amused, numb, depressed, or angry. Now I feel like I'm just beginning to feel other emotions. I don't necessarily feel as "lifeless" as I used to.   I'm still going through problems with depression, doubt about transitioning, etc. But I feel like HRT is helping. Just don't come into HRT with the expectation that you're going to feel something significant right away. It didn't happen to me and it was really discouraging for a while.
    • Jani
      A great song.  The sentiment in the opening lyrics is needed so much now.   Jani
    • Jani
      I like that perspective!  Much more positive!  Jani
    • Jani
      Here's one
    • Jani
      Oh that poor girl!  Heels too high and too much foot crossing.    
    • Cyndee
      @KymmieL - congrats on the on hearing the magic word, feels good ! and good luck with the dealership in Portlandia.   Today it's overcast here, expecting a little rain, woke up with a little bit of a head ache, the coffee however took that out, feel better now after a few cups. I'm back at work now, but have a few minutes between tasks to post online here.   Hope everyone's day is going well   C
    • Patti Anne
      Hi All. My gender therapist sent this to me. It kind of gives a little different perspective on coming out. I really liked it.   .
    • Jani
      Hello @Mmindy I'm sorry to read of all you've gone through but sometimes we must go through a "trial by fire" in order to survive.  I came out to my spouse after 40 years of marriage and we had a rough patch as well.  But things are much better now and we are both more understanding of each of our needs.  I wish you all my best.  Please keep the lines of communication open.   Hugs, Jani
    • Timber Wolf
      Good morning everyone,🐺   Happy birthday Freyer!🎂 Hope you have a great day!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾
    • Charlize
      Mindy, when i started to open to my wife we went through many of the same ups and downs.  I know how painful that is for both of you.  I tried to remember that i had known and hidden my issues for years.  I'm quite sure she would have not accepted or stayed with me if she had known early in our relationship.  I had been too ashamed and fearful to be honest. When after 40 years together i came out we went through some very rough times, very like what you describe. Time ,patience, honesty, understanding slowly got us through.  For a long time she didn't want to be out with me. "What if people....." was a fear for her.  Little by little we found our companionship and love grow,  We have now been married 49 years and perhaps now that honesty, forgiveness and trust have grown our love has grown as well.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Timber Wolf
      Hi Alayna, Welcome to Transpulse. I'm glad you're here!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾
    • Timber Wolf
      Hi Kate, Welcome to Transpulse. I'm glad you're here! Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾
    • KayC
    • KayC
      If you have any kind of cleavage, I absolutely guarantee you the men (and maybe most women) will NOT be looking at your adams apple.  Since we became Homo erectus (walking upright) we are biologically wired to notice cleavage 😏   ... but I like the darker foundation idea .. thanks @Tori M❣️
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