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Cutting and Self-Harm Support Forum

Cutting and other forms of self-harm are an epidemic among transgender teens. This is a support and prevention forum to discuss issues related to these topics.

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  1. Cutting And Self Abuse 1 2 3

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  2. Instead of SH/SI, I...

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  3. How To Cope 1 2

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  4. First Aid/self Harm Information

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  5. Dbt Distress Tolerance Techniques I Learned

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    • 4 replies
  6. cutting palm

    • 16 replies
  7. Social advice?

    • 4 replies
  8. I cut my hair instead of cutting my wrists

    • 4 replies
  9. Coping with self harm

    • 4 replies
  10. Family Member Saw Cuts/Scars

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  11. urges gone

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    • 8 replies
  12. misplaced a constant

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  13. Help please

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  14. struggling

    • 9 replies
  15. the urges are too strong

    • 15 replies
  16. Need advice for a friend (cutting)

    • 4 replies
  17. finding things hard

    • 6 replies
    • 10 replies
  18. Falling apart

    • 7 replies
  19. rough day

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  20. Distractions don't work!

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  21. need. to. cut.

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  22. Is this self harm?

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    • MaryMary
      I've tried for about 10 hours, pretty cool even if I'm not the biggest mmo fan
    • Lady Ayu
      So i looked and i didnt see a post about XIV so i wanted to know if anyone else played; I love XIV and i like playing with people who arent butts.  So if anyone plays and we happen to be on thr same Data Center maybe we could link up and do stuuf :3   Here's my info:   In game chara name: Alia Yuus Gender: Female(duuh 😛 J/k *hugs*) Race: Viera :3 Data center: Aether World: Cactuar (which is also considered the LGBT world apparently) Roles: i have access to all three roles at lvl 80 and varying Item levels with my strongest being Dancer   I imagine that's enough, if you wanna know anything else lets link up!!  
    • Charlize
      I doubt i would have reacted badly to being called dude if i was in a room full of FTM folks.  Perhaps i would have noted that i'm a dudette but anger?  Many of us have thin skins.  I have misgendered folks by pronoun and try to apologize as soon as possible.  Referring to a mixed group as you guys is different in my opinion.  It does still affect me when i'm referred to with male pronouns but some words are really gender neutral.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Lady Ayu
      Does Nair count?? If that is what yall are talking about, i just recently tryed it and it worked pretty good for me. Legs and Arms went fine but i missed a few patches on my arms, so i would just ensure total coverage next time. Results were pretty good and for me i may prefer this to shaving but it's not perfect and it does burn if you arent careful: read read read the instructions and maybe test a small patch before doing a coat. I tested on the small hairs just above my ankle. Hope this helps!!   ~Mayumi~
    • Charlize
      It sounds like you're working with a great, accepting group of fellow employees.  Wonderful news.  Enjoy.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • mochi90
      A year ago, my friends and I made jokes that I acted so much like a dude that I might as well be one. I used to call everyone dude or bro, regardless of gender, and was funny and outspoken. This is because I grew in the 90s and was obsessed with the Ninja Turtles as a child and formed the habit of calling everyone dude early on.    I joined a Discord server that was primarily for FtM trans guys. There was one MtF in the group. I was careless and made the mistake of addressing her as a dude, and she lashed out at me. The other chatters quickly sided with her since I was the newbie. I was given a lecture on using gender neutral terminology. Lots of other stuff went down before I eventually left the server.    The whole incident has left me pretty much afraid to be myself. I always ask permission now before I address someone as dude or bro, if at all. It wasn't until earlier this week, a year after the incident, that I felt comfortable enough chatting with my friends to address one of them as dude.    I feel like I'm learning how to be myself again. 
    • Lady Ayu
      Hai haiiii,   I meant to add this to yesterday's post. My therapist wanted me to take a picture!! I just felt like sharing, have a good weekend everyone!!   ~Mayumi ~
    • MaryMary
      I feel like it's always been that, I have to find new stuff and do what I should have done when I was 12 and just learn to know myself for real 😂
    • Charlize
      I love the Mary.  When i no longer thought about myself and gender i think that might have been an end to a process.  My mind went back to all the old stuff filling it.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • SaraAW
      That is great to hear!  Really happy for you. 😀   *hugs*
    • Krisvm
      Yes I relate to that too. I spent years trying to force myself to be male and it drove me to sever depression.    I recently had to stay with family I am not out to and after a few days I was really wanting to be feminine. When I finally got out, putting on a cute dress and doing my makeup made a world of difference.
    • Krisvm
      I have started being out at work and seeing people using my name and pronouns keeps giving me little shot of euphoria. Strange to keep smiling when I see work emails coming in!
    • Krisvm
      Just wanted to update everything seems to have gone great. Everyone at work has been really supportive and supercareful to start calling me Kris and using my correct pronouns. Made me very happy!
    • gennee
      Welcome to TransPulse, Debra.
    • gennee
      Hi Daphne and welcome.
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