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What Am I? I'm Not Sure.

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  1. The Number One Reply, I'm Not Sure 1 2 3

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  2. I think i am trans but not sure

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  3. Do I belong somewhere?

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  4. Finding myself

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  5. What am I?

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  6. Is it really not a phase?

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  7. Figuring it out

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  8. Nb vs binary trans. Advice?

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  9. Gender confusion

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  10. How did you know what you were?

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  11. Is gender a feeling?

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  12. Is this a normal part of dysphoria?

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  13. 3 days into revelation.

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  14. Gender dysphoria arriving later in puberty

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  15. What am I?

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  16. Well, it's really true 1 2

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  17. I think I figured it out..

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  18. The next stage?

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  19. Quick question

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    • Patti Anne
      My parents are long gone, but I know how they would react if they were alive. My mom would struggle with it and eventually be accepting. My dad would probably disown me. But people are unpredictable, so who knows? 
    • ToniTone
      Oh pfft... thank you though hun 😊💕
    • Susan R
      Welcome Traci Lynn, nice to have you among us.  I have to agree with this statement.  Coming out to my spouse was by far the hardest thing I’ve had to face since starting my transition.  That unknown of how  my revelation might change my relatively comfortable life made it a a very hard choice.  Like you say, it was necessary to move forward.   Thanks for sharing some things about yourself today. I look forward to getting more insight as to your journey thus far and maybe a small glimpse of what the further holds for you.   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷
    • Patti Anne
      Asymetrical? Yikes! My right one is coming along just fine. But the left? Not so much. Over the past 10 years, I've had 2 surgeries (2 on the left, 1 on the right) for gynecomastia when I was overweight. I think that the target cells under the areola on the left were probably damaged. For one reason or another, it does't seem to be uncommon.
    • Traci Lynn
      Just to clarify ladies my hrt is supervised, my clinic is very progressive and listens to its patients about what approach and meds that are used. Self medicating is a very bad idea.
    • Ms Maddie
      Increase water intake.  Regular short walks as suggested.  Get rest.  Try not to push too hard too fast that will aggregate your conditions and possiby set you back.    You can do this Cara.  You can have a better life too.   Step at a time.  You matter too. Actually, you are already doing it.  Congratulations hon!
    • Ms Maddie
      Thanks Brandi, and everyone else on this thread Alex started.  Felt like maybe I ranted too much.  I'm pretty new here, and don't want to bite people's hands that were only trying to comfort me.  Because yeah its hard out there sometimes and there have been times I overreacted and got defensive.  To be honest sticking up for myself at those times in public did not seem to do me, or any other gender non-conforming people, any favors.   In the spirit of the thread title, I absolutely feel this way.  I'm not that into makeup and if I wear it, its to try and just look less like a man. Maybe I need more expensive makeup and just paint roller it on.   Going to look for a stir crazy thread to post on because I'm ready with spoons  
    • KathyLauren
      What a nice, refreshing story!  Too bad about having to wait out the virus, but I hope you have a good time when you eventually get together.
    • Denisenj
      Thank you for your positive and encouraging response. I know it's going to be hard for me as I progress forward but I know I'm a good, caring , and empathetic person. Like you I hope good will find me someday.  Shawna. How long have you been on hormones ???
    • Jackie C.
      Congratulations!   May the two of you at least become good friends. Have fun you crazy kids. 😋   Hugs!
    • MetaLicious
      It is nice to hear from others that fears like I was experiencing are not just me.  I am also reassured by all this talk of asymmetrical breasts, for while my forms are identical (almost as if they came from the same mold!), I find it difficult to place them in perfect symmetry.  I guess "abnormal" is normal...
    • ShawnaLeigh
      So to keep it somewhat short. A lovely young , well younger then me, lady sent me a message early this AM.  She asked me if I knew Jeff. Who is my brother so I say I do and ask her who she was?  I have never met her but she knew me through my brothers.  So she introduces herself and we chat for like two hours. Just sharing things but nothing to deep.  We grew up in the same town and she apparently knows both my brothers and my sister.  A ton of the same people so I felt comfortable sharing.   So she then asks me what my story is she would love to know.  I assume about me being trans.  So I said what the heck and shared.  She asks me a ton of good questions as was in general very kind and very interested in it all.   So it’s getting on in the morning and we both had stuff to do so she asks me if it would be ok to get a friend request from her.  Yes I’m ok with that.  She then asks me out on a date.   😳😳😳🤔👍 Of course it is delayed until the virus lets us all out again but I accepted.  😊 I admit I find her very attractive.  She had mentioned how young I look and how very pretty she though I was.  She couldn’t believe it was really me.  I said it really was and then we had to go.     Wow is all I can say.  Ive said I’m not ready to date now and that’s true.  But this virus could delay that for quite some time so I thought why not.  By then my divorce will be final so I’m free game.  Lol  
    • Jackie C.
      Hey Traci! Welcome to the forums! I think you'll find us a warm, supportive and largely friendly bunch. Please feel free to browse the forums and join in the discussion!   Hugs!
    • ShawnaLeigh
      I can assure you my entire life I’ve only held attraction towards women.  It was one of the most confusing thing to me at an early age that I felt so female living in a male body and being so attracted to women.  I just thought I had some weird fetish of something.  I did not understand nor know anything g about LGBT back then.  I was just weird so hide it and live life with the cards I was dealt.  Even after coming out I had zero interest in men.  Gross.   Today I get all weak in the knees when one pays attention to me. So I’m not sure but it definitely seems like a change in preference or at least an expanded gender pool to play in.  Jmo
    • Traci Lynn
      Hello to everyone, my name is Traci Lynn from just outside of Austin, Tx. My male name was Tracyee Lynn, i wish to thank my Mom for choosing two androgenous names for her son at birth, thanks Mom! Hated my name throughout most of my life, most people called me Trace and I lived by that, now I am embracing my original name. Plus not so confusing for those who know me from earlier, family, friends, and my children. I started HRT back in october, and have never been happier. Coming out to my spouse was the hardest part, but a necessary step in my new life.i am the Maddie of triplet 2 year olds as well as older children. There is alot more to my story, as i am sure there is to everyones, but thats for another time. Hugs Traci Lynn
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