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    • Dinaki
      Today is my monthly dilation exercise   
    • Cyndee
      I agree with Tori M, and I enjoy reading as well, one book I really enjoyed early in my transition was "She's not there" by Jennifer Boylan. The one story in the book about how this creep followed/stalked her after the gig (she was in a band), really hit home. I journaled my thoughts during the time period of reading this book in an old fashioned spiral bound note book, still have it.   I agree with SydneyBlue by staying busy, such as listening to or playing music is a great distraction from GD, do things, make things, apply yourself. Get your mind out of "Genderland". Consider this, non trans people don't dwell on these topics to the details we do, it can be very taxing. The faster you can get out of genderland the better, just living your life. Identify your own personal triggers, what initiates such thoughts, if Dysphoria rears it's ugly head, think how can you prevent this from happening again ?   Good luck, it's not easy, reminders can be anywhere..   Hugs   C
    • Sydneyblue
      I live in disphoria full time and can say doing constructive things you are good at. For example i try as hard as i can at my Job that makes me feel good. I also think feeling bad can be good because when you achieve your goal makes the victory worth it. 
    • DeeDee
      100% Can confirm this happens. Due to being weak willed when it comes to ruining myself I am trying a 3 pronged attack of: incentives, exercise and food changes. I have a summer dress I want to fit into that hangs prominently in "that" closet. A picture of me running at a parkrun up on the sweet treats cupboard (that I try my best not to fill too often)   I am currently kickstarting myself with the couch to 5k app, I felt great at the beginning of the year when I could complete a 10km ( Doing c25k again, but this time I'm being chased by zombies)    I have ordered a 3wk meal replacement plan that worked in the past until I started feeling good enough about myself to start ordering pizza and fell back to where I am now. The problem when you do not like yourself is that stodgy comfort foods offer that temporary hit of endorphins and nostalgia before kicking you back to the curb. They're also so much cheaper and easier to get hold of than good tasting healthy alternatives. Also for me personally it is a form of subconsious self sabotage and self loathing/transphobia - If I finally start to look how I want to look in the mirror it removes the excuse to stay safely as I am. You just have to keep trying.  💛
    • Cyndee
      Peace, Love, and the common good
    • Dana Michelle
      Bulldogs bulldogs bulldogs fight fight fight. That is a grammatically valid sentence.
    • Teri Anne
      I totally understand about the hospital thing I am the same way. I had to get an ultra sound done earlier this month and going to the diagnostic center was like going to the hospital. They did have things all set up well because there were very few people there.
    • Jackie C.
      Yeah, that's on my list for "things I'd like to do." The GCS cleaned me out though. It'll be a minute before I can afford it. Also avoiding hospitals for the apocalypse if I can.   Hugs!
    • Teri Anne
      There is always fat transfer if you have the funds to go that route.  
    • Teri Anne
    • SaraAW
      Saving now is a great idea, even if you decide not to have surgery, you'll have yourself a nice little nest egg to treat yourself.
    • SaraAW
      I agree with Jani, those closest to us have the largest adjustment required because of their investment. This, my wife keeps reminding me of, is why she is still not able to accept me fully as I am. It will be a year next month since I came out to her. Everyone moves through the grieving process at different rates.   As for telling your parents, I am again with Jani and Jackie, if there is no real benefit to you in telling them and finding out finally one way or another whether they will support you. It would be much better to build a good solid support system from those you know will likely be on your side, before you come out to your parents, if you're doubting it will go well.
    • SaraAW
      Hi Holly, I agree with the others, you have nothing to feel guilty or ashamed of in trying to be yourself. As difficult as it is, the decision to transition should be yours alone and your health and well-being should be at the forefront of that decision. It is then your SO's decision if she can maintain the relationship. It is quite a change for both people in a relationship and it will take time to figure everything out. If she hasn't ended the relationship yet, that is a good sign that there is a chance for it to work out. Open and honest communication is the only way forward. Remember that both of your feelings are valid. I have been working on keeping my marriage of 13 years, since I came out last summer to my wife. It is still very rough going at times.   Patti, that is probably best discussed with legal council. I am not certain the ramifications to you if you fail to disclose, both through the courts and your medical board. The one thing you have in your favour with confiding in your attorneys is client-attorney privilege, so there should be no harm in seeking their advice, other than more expense for the consult. If I was in your shoes, I would be keeping my attorney fully in the loop and following their guidance. I can tell you that perjuring yourself is not a great idea, if you are required to testify under oath, tell the truth.
    • Shay
      I love this 6 word idea!!!!
    • Jackie C.
      My nails are a garbage fire.
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