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    • Donnie_1961
      Good Morning, World! I had the night off from work yesterday. I'm not used to sleeping at night but I did. Sitting here in front of my laptop computer with a qup-a-quafee in my hand. I love my Mr. Coffee maker. He is faithful. And always makes me feel satisfied. Even though he can be a little bit of a drip sometimes. What to do today? I know I have to work tonight. I don't have to be there til 10pm but I usually show up 2 hrs earlier. I don't like being late for anything. It eliminates the "Hurry up! You're Late!" anxiety form the equation. Why stress yourself if you don't have to. Besides it allows me the opportunity visit with my patients. I work on a rehabilitation unit. A few months ago I had patient who's grandson was trans MTF. She often spent the night sleeping in the chair in her . grandma's room. They were very close. The grandma was very supportive of her granddaughter. She was a cool 1960's hipster granny. I got the feeling that the granddaughter was living with the grandma because her family wasn't accepting of her desire to transition. She was very cute, shy and slender with long brown hair that she deliberately seemed to drape over half of her face. Her face lit up like a light bulb when I h The granddaughter was worried about losing her grandma. I reassured her that her grandma was going to be OK. Her broken hip will mend and she will be able to take her home in a few days. I love my job. It is part of who I am. My payroll direct deposit doesn't go in til tonight.   I did some rollerblading on Saturday for about two hours. It was a good work out.  I was a little concerned that the extra weight that I'm carrying would cause me to be off balance and fall. But I did quite well. I've been rather lazy all winter. I didn't go to the ice skating rink like I usually do. I'm actually pretty darn good on the ice.(It helps that I was raised in upstate New York on a farm with a pond that iced over in the winter.)  Now I've got to work the flab off of my thighs and butt. Fat distribution is a pain in the ass!  I've got to stop procrastinating on my artwork. Every time I have a weekend off I tell myself that I'm going to work on finishing the first issue of my comic book "The Specials". It's been quite a while since the last time I submitted anything new to DriveThruComics.com I put up the teaser issue of the comic but nothing more. I've had writer's block before. I don't want to go through that again. I've got 2 weeks of vacation time coming up. Maybe that would be a good chance to get to work on it? I noticed that there is a section on this forum for poetry. It's any to a good a place as churn my creative juices.   I'll catch a couple of hours sleep this afternoon so I'll be fresh for work tonight. Ya'll have a wonderful day!   Be safe. Be smart.              
    • Timber Wolf
      Hi Donnie, Welcome to Transpulse. I'm glad you're here!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾
    • Timber Wolf
      Hi Trisha, Welcome to Transpulse. I'm glad you're here!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾
    • Charlize
      I'm so glad you stayed with us and have shared your experience.  Life throws things at us that seem impossible but a bit of help and time gets us through.   Going to the hospital was the right move!   Hugs,   Charlize
    • KathyLauren
      Hi, Trisha.  Welcome.   I am happy for you that your partner is supportive.  I was a nervous wreck when I told my wife, but she said, "Whatever you decide to do, I will support you."  That kind of support is beautiful to receive.   Regards, Kathy
    • Cyndee
      giggling this morning in the background 
    • ShawnaLeigh
      She was wanting me in once per week to get the other issues ironed out before heading into real conditioning.  I do have a ton of physical exercises and stretches I have to do and a few voice training techniques to do while driving.
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Isn't that the truth.
    • Miss Bunny
      I have learned never to rub your tummy while in the maternity clothing section of a department store. Especially if you have a bit of tummy. And are not wearing overly wise clothing.   So there I was, shaped wrong, apparently, wearing a house dress, over my long skirt, looking stupidly maternal (I was not aware of that at the time), and absent mindedly rubbing my tummy. "Is this your first?" a passing woman commented. My brain didn't get it fast enough, and as I have a son,  I responded, "no." 2 minutes later, my brain kicked in (the woman had moved on), 'you idiot, that was NOT the correct answer'.   And I don't always learn the first time. Same outfit (some of us never learn), grocery store, reaching for something almost out of my reach. "here, let me get that for you dear, you shouldn't be doing that in your condition." Blind sided, I accepted the item, didn't know what to say, and the nice man moved on.   Groan
    • Jackie C.
      Once a month isn't a terrible pace. It's not super quick, but I bet there's plenty of homework between lessons with things you can work on. I was only doing two lessons a month and that kept me PLENTY busy most of the time.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      This situation here is why I have asthma (and a couple other autoimmune problems). Don't poison the newborn. They will not thank you for it later in life.   I respect your right to do anything you like to and/or with your own body. However, I also ask that you respect the rights of everyone else not to have to absorb the fallout from your choices.   Hugs!
    • ShawnaLeigh
      I'm in voice therapy now but only two appointments deep and unfortunately they are spread out to just one per month.  I am struggling with it as I have a physical issue going on with me that effects my voice box.  I don't see it as a real issue at first as it puts me in a gender neutral voice pitch but apparently I have to get back to my original male voice before I can try to learn to manipulate my female voice.  (Sigh) However like the other ladies pointed out if you can nail the "way" females talk and gesture while they talk that is half the battle.  There are tons of apps on your phone that can help teach you this to a point but the best teacher is listening like Vicky said and mimic what you hear and learn from others.  
    • Jackie C.
      Yes, that's key. You can slow down to help others adjust, but never, ever stop striving for what you need. You're important too. I'm sure the two of you can work something out.   You're absolutely right, there is no "perfect time." If you wait for the perfect moment, you'll never get anywhere. There are no... well very few... perfect moments. You can't count on them and usually only realize they were there after they're gone.   Hugs!
    • ShawnaLeigh
      OMG I would of died right there.  LOL That is to funny and I am still giggling out loud over picturing this.   I have no stories yet to tell of embarrassing events as trans.  I'm just now venturing out of the privacy of my home as "Me".   I had one rude occurrence the other day were I pulled into a spot close to a door for my therapist office building and apparently some guy in a pick up truck was "waiting" on the spot, which he wasn't as he was driving around the circle looking for any spot.  My timing was better then his.  LOL He stops and shouts at me "Stupid Punt (with a "C") which of course shocked and irritated me to no end.  I said nothing but waved in victory with the appropriate sign language and a big smile.  Though I was embarrassed as others saw this too.  Not very lady like.    
    • Jackie C.
      Hey Trisha!   Welcome to TransPulse! It's lovely to meet you.   Your story is pretty common here with some variations. We're all pretty familiar... well, all the MtF gals here are pretty familiar with how things go. FtM's have their own struggles, but they're supportive too so here we are. I think you'll find us a supportive and friendly community. Welcome to the family!   Hugs!
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