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Christianity, all sects.

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  14. Is Cross Dressing A Sin

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  15. Jesus is Trans Friendly

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  17. Jesus loves you unless...

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  18. Jesus Wore Pants

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    • tracy_j
      Hi Milly! Welcome to TransPulse. I am glad you are getting lots of support from your mum. Family support really makes a big difference, particularly to stress levels. You will find a friendly crowd here so please don't hesitate to browse, ask questions and join in as you feel. I look forward to your input.   Tracy
    • Romilly
      Hi Michelle!   I'm new here myself, but I feel for your story. My family (of one person, my mother) is super supportive, but I have a lot of the "superficially kind and loving" friends who... well, we'll see how they take it. I've had arguments with my "best" friend over whether transgender is even a -thing- or not, so I don't expect a lot from that quarter. I know just what you mean about 'did they really love me, if they don't accept the real me?'.It's sad, but I think it's a struggle we all have to come to. I'm on the fence about whether it's fortunate or unfortunate to not have a SO of my own to trouble with this, but with my dating history it's probably better off not having a wife to explain this to. Hopefully yours will be loving and understanding when you do tell her.   Nice to meet you! hugs, Milly
    • Romilly
      Hi everyone!   My name is Romilly, though I go by Milly. I'm a transgender woman, AMAB, and use she/her/hers pronouns. I'm still fairly early in my transition, having only grasped my truth back in July, grappled with it for a few months, and finally came out as questioning to my mom back in early December.   She didn't even let me finish before she had me in a skirt and putting on makeup.   Since then I've been living full time as a woman at home, and about 50% of the time out of the house (still too nerve wracking to go out on my own, but my mom is always there for me, so I'm able to get my girl on at the WalMart lol). Sadly, I'm in the middle of looking for a job WHICH IS THE BEST TIME TO TRANSITION RITE so I have to dress up as a man until I land some transfriendly employment.   So my mom is super supportive and has a lot of useful real life information on being a woman she's excited to pass on (my sister does not care about makeup and clothes). And that's great, but she really only has hints on being cis. So I'm here, since it looks like a good place to talk and get feedback and community with fellow trans.  And since it's not exactly a bed of roses doing this, even under the best of circumstances, having support is super important.   Love to meet you all,   Milly
    • Aidan5
      I am so excited for you man!! Keep us updated!
    • dianeT68
      Hi Ladies,   so im approximately 15 months into my journey. My doctor started me off on Femiston which really didnt suit me at all. She then put me on Elleste, which again we’re giving me lots of side effects......bloating, period type symptoms and the most awful mood swings and just for good measure sore swollen breasts and hot flashes!!   my sister said that I ought to ask my doctor  for HRT gel which I did and I have now been on since Christmas. It’s fab and I feel so settled on it, I still have the odd bad day but in general it’s much better and the period symptoms are still there but much less. my breasts are no longer swollen, nipples are tender and very sensitive to the touch. I’m now filling out a DD cup, and that seems to be where I’ll finish at. I’m buying lace bras now, instead of padded t shirt bras, though my sister brought me a push up bra and I have to say I love it.
    • MiraM
      I posted doe a new position in the company I work for. I transitioned on the job, but have not legally changed my name yet. In the system it still has my legal name doe payroll,  etc.  I dont know if the management of my location has even said anything about my transition to the corporate office. when I submitted my posting,  all also included a letter from my psychologist stating that I present as a gender and use a name that is not consistent with what is listed on my legal identification. Something like that may work for you.
    • Mahaney
      We're here if you need us. When someone gets you down, tell them, you've got the Trans Pulse Army in your corner.
    • Mahaney
      Damn right. Don't give in. I figure if anyone has a problem with me, they can go to hell. Sometimes you have to let the ones you love but who don't love you back go.
    • emily the wolf
      Can someone help me with the discord server, I was banned for no reason after creating a new account and trying to join as I had to delete my old one 
    • TrIIIy
      I had my first T injection last week, and today I started to notice a change in my voice! I am surprised by how quickly it is happening. My throat is all scratchy, which I read is a symptom of my vocal chords changing. I am super excited! Can’t wait hear what my true voice will be!
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Well update it with your new super powers.  Lol
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Two thumbs up and fingers crossed. 
    • TammyAnne
      The movement has informed some of my work as well. Welcome. TA
    • TammyAnne
      Welcome secondlook! You're among friends here! TA
    • TammyAnne
      I'd like that. And could use an adventure for a change.   Jackie, that's funny about the pants, since I tend to spend much of my studio time in a t-shirt and panties.   TA
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