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    • ChickenLittle
      I'm so glad you two had fun! If you're ever back in the area let me know, I'd love to meet up and chat. Who knows, if I get in to Sac State's SLP program, I'll be spending a lot more time out your direction.
    • Kirsten
      Keto is a very good lifestyle. But it is a lifestyle. You literally have to say goodbye to so much. Bread pasta sugar fruit rice etc etc etc.  you are also supposed to mirror a keto lifestyle with an intermittent fasting regime. Eventually so that you eat 1 meal per day. But the no carb thing is a myth. You need to eat massive amounts of low carb veggies that are high in fiber. Most suggest 6-10 cups of hearty greens per day. Such as kale romaine and spinach. Some can be substituted with cooked non root or legume veggies like cauliflower or broccoli.    It literally changes your body chemistry. Back to a similar state we were all in before processed foods. The human body is designed to run on fats. Not carbs. But current society has pushed us away from that. It’s an interesting argument both ways.    Personally i I can achieve the same results using a low carb caloric based diet. And it allows me to eat my popcorn and sour patch kids at the movies. And that’s something I don’t want to give up. As I said it’s a difficult choice. The fat bomb and cheese snacks or the berries and nut snacks were just not cutting it for me. I’ll take my coffee and donut. Lol. And with watching caloric intake and exercising religiously you can loose equal amounts of weight and be as healthy as someone on keto. Just a matter of taste.  Ps no beer on keto either. EVER!! And who wants to live without beer!? (Sorry to those who are recovering)  I love my treehouse beers!! And that’s just me. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I am happy you found such success on keto Michelle. I thought I had as well last year but I realized after talking with dr Eric berg (on YouTube) that I was simply low carb. Not keto at all. That guy is amazing with his knowledge. If you want to know more check out his library on YouTube. Over 2500 videos I believe. All if and keto. 
    • SeekingSadie
      You also really suit being a red head! did you try before you buy?  and just as an aside I love that "so over the rainbow t-shirt" too! 😂
    • Amy LeBlanc
      Hello All:   So I wanted to share that I have noticed that the Progesterone is working.  I was at work in my normal comfortable work clothes, which is a nice Tee, jeans and comfortable shoes since I am on my feet.  I happen to look down and noticed the girls are really filling in.  They are not getting bigger, but they are getting fuller and I can feel them all the time and I just love how they are getting fuller.   I cannot believe that my breast are noticeable and can bee seen   Lots of Love   Amy
    • SeekingSadie
      Thanks Vicky, I went from having really fine shoulder length blonde hair that hairdressers used to compliment me on, to bald when I was 17 and still at school - and have looked the same on every photo ever since, nothing will bring that back!   I haven't been out as me yet, but will want something to look natural to strangers even of those around me know that it isn't. Wind and rain are all too commonplace and I will have enough worries and self confidence issues the first few times without my hair being obviously fake or having to chase it down the high street!
    • VickySGV
      Since you are feeling suicidal, I would suggest that you get in touch with a therapist, or go to an emergency service location where they will help you with the suicidality.  You do not have to tell your parents about the underlying cause as I have suggested before.  The therapist may recommend that you go on puberty blockers after helping you tell your parents about the problem or may have a way around your parents.  The blockers may cause some problems later on with GCS, but they are mild consequences compared to the harm you could do to yourself without counseling on the suicide / self harm thoughts.  I know several young people who are on blockers and who, with the help of their of therapists decided that the risk of future problems was offset by their current needs.  There are surgical procedures to overcome the other.
    • VickySGV
      While my male pattern baldness was never a great problem, I did use wigs over hair that I had to keep short for a number of years before I could go full time.  I used (and still have) good quality wigs that were synthetic, and never had a bad experience unless the wig and my other clothing clashed badly, and then the clothing got the blame.  If the wig is styled by a professional for your face the color is not all that important, but getting the advice of a hair stylist helps far more than you may expect.  Budget wigs can be fun but they do get ratty looking if you do not carefully care for them.  Use them to choose color possibilities.  Go to my Gallery here, (I did a wig show a couple of years ago when someone else asked this question) and you can see some of my serious attempts at wearing wigs along with some clowning around.  My current color for my own hair came from one of my favorite wigs.   https://www.transgenderpulse.com/forums/profile/14243-vickysgv/?tab=node_gallery_gallery
    • RithiaAllen
      I have my doubts about Keto. It seems like Atkins all over again. Narrow is the path. I congratulate you for losing so much weight. However you might wish to switch to exercise and smaller portions so you don’t fluctuate so much.
    • VickySGV
      I am in Southern California, so I just had to look up where your city is to even start to think what to say.  I do know that St. Louis has an active LGBT community center where you could probably get a referral to one of their medical providers.  Your part of the U.S. is not really known for being Trans accepting or helpful i am afraid.
    • Josietg
      I hope so too. I’m trying to reach out locally but so far none of my emails to Glad or any other organization are getting any responses. I’m trying to find support meetings, and other resources here but not much is making itself known. The closest psych doctor for mtf in your database is in Fayetteville Arkansas. That’s a bit of a drive right now so I’m going to try harder to find something else. It’s also the only thing listed at all near me but what about other things like endocrinologists and hair removal? I’m probably going to have to relocate for more comprehensive help. This is something of a letdown because it means I will probably be off balance once again in a new place. I know the lgbtq community here where I live means well and wants to support but I’m getting the impression that a lot of people moved away for similar reasons. Hopefully they can give me some direction. 
    • jae bear
      It’s a tiny little bathroom, only 4 feet wide and 7 feet long, but it works quite nicely. I need to go get some vertical blinds for those windows though, I feel like I’m on display in here!  The rolling shower door is what makes it work, you don’t have to worry about a swinging door smacking the wall or getting in the way. And since it curves away from the front of the toilet you actually have somewhere to sit without feeling like your nose is pressed up against the glass. I just need to get a two door cabinet to go over the toilet and a small rectangular medicine cabinet above the sink and I’m all set!
    • Michelle F
      Keep it up, Kirsten!   I just did my morning Keto stick. It's pink again, finally!    What I like most about ketogenics is menu items can include Butter, Bacon, Prime Rib, Thick burgers made with 75/25 ground beef. I always thought 90/10 extra lean tasted better. OMG was I WRONG!   It's all about the healthy fats. And very low carbohydrates!   The classic ketogenic ratio is as follows: 75% Fat, 20% Protein, 5% Carbs. No sugars. Words that end with is -ose are sugar. Ultra Refined sugar!   If you must have sweets use erythritol/stevia blend such as Truvia, Splenda Natural or goto Wal-Mart and get Pyure. It's affordable. Zero glycemic and Zero calories and tastes wonderful.    I must reiterate...   No sugar religiously!!!   No root veggies! Moderate on the all other veggies. Salads and greens are fine as long as you use fat in the dressing. Avoid sweet dressing. Avoid wheat flour products. I use a coconut/almond flour blend.    Lots of extra virgin CALIFORNIA olive oil Nothing better than fresh, batch, harvest and pressing dates identified and wonderful tasting! California Ranch Olive Oil. It's in a square green bottle and available at Wal-Mart. I don't use imported because it is always old and fairly batch identified and nearly always a blend. That's why I go local.   Extra virgin unrefined coconut oil. Do eat refined. That's for your skin. It's almost as bad for you as hydrogenated oils and Palm Kernel oil. Palm fruit oil yes. Palm Kernal, no! Bad juju. That's furniture polish.   If anybody would like some awesome keto  recipes, I'm your girl!   Michael, boy, Retired Chef at 400 pounds 10 years ago.  Michelle, girl, still retired at 175 pounds, happy and healthy.   The last 150 pounds came off in the past year using the above 75.20.5 nutrient ratio.   I went to doc yesterday for last week's labs discussion. I weighed in at 183 wearing jeans and sweater, with my new booties (3" heels). After Thanksgiving I weighed in at 194.9.   Ketogenics trimmed that 10 pounds off in less than a month...   This diet works, but, you can't cheat. The moment you eat so much as a gram of any sugars you will be knocked out of Keto.   I am just now getting back into full blown ketosis.    By the way. My sweets dissolve body fat. I make a chocolate truffle to die for!   With zero sugar...  today's pic   Off to get my wallet.... Bye for now. PM me if you want details on ketogenics...
    • Willow
      sometimes you just have to let things know who's boss.     Willow
    • jae bear
      I can’t believe I forgot to update this one thing, I have had hot water   since Friday! My friend and I couldn’t quite figure out why the on-demand electric water heater wasn’t turning on, everything looked right and the the settings were exactly the way the instructions said they should be, but my friend decided to curse at it loudly and threaten it once he ran out of ideas...  and low and behold it immediately started creating hot water, I think he scared it, it was the funniest thing you would ever see, and it has been as reliable as iron ever since ! 😂
    • SeekingSadie
      Hi Josie! Hope you get some of the answers you are looking for! x
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