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  1. Fun fact: Hijra the word with two meanings

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  2. Anyone from Pakistan or India

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  3. You're wanted

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  4. Post-Ramadan routine

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  5. Ramadan Kareem!

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  6. Islam and Transgenderism

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  7. Suicide and islam

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  8. Assalamu Alakium

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  9. new muslim

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  10. Fundamentalism Vs. Radicalism

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    • Cyndee
      That song is like soooo deep. Morrison once would be arrested on stage, that just added to his mystique
    • Willow
      Good morning    Ah coffee!  The morning elixir.     Thanks Carrie!   Sally, Things never got real bad here.  Then they started reopening things.  We even went to our favorite restaurant twice.  Then Memorial Day hit and oh my gosh. Our numbers in our little county have gone up and up.  We only go out on our boat or Walmart pick-up. We don’t consider anything else safe.     looks like a beautiful day today, and yet we’ve had a clap of thunder and a rain warnin.  Strange!
    • Emily michelle
      I didn’t know until recently either when I did finally admit I was it was finally like someone flipped a light switch on it made it so much clearer.     Thank you Kay C I wish the best for you too. 
    • Shay
      omg i know another reason now why i was drawn to you ladies. I would love to share our music and colaborate when you might like. if you would like to hear some of my stuff and perhaps cowrite and add stuff to tracks, my email is [email protected] maybe we can form the All Trans Band..   
    • MaryMary
      I was always very aware of those things. I remember when my ex was pregnant there was no "father groups" of any kind in my city. In my mind it's a "have you ever wonder" moment for me. It's not about clothes but nonetheless it was a similar questioning on my part. I went to every possible formation and meetings of any sorts for parenthood. I know how to breastfeed better then my ex lolllll But, I was always slightly miffed about the fact that mothers had a group, solidarity between them and I was not permitted (mainly by my ex to be franc) to attend. That was the kind of moment where event if I did not act on it in a visible manner my identity was very "vocal", lol  I was not accepting of the fact that I was not included.   I always felt like even in feminism there's often a subtext that when a girl who is tomboy it's ok but a boy who is "janegirl"? Is very not ok, even a crime if you believe how other react to that. To me it reflect how our culture view femininity even now.
    • Shay
      omg i would have done ANYTHING to have been able to go to the Fillmore East (or West) . could you describe how it felt to go there and what it was like inside?
    • Cyndee
      @Susan R It was one of not believing, discounting, and deferring. Yet she would indulge me by making me a nurses outfit, white dress, white hat for Halloween one year. I came out to my Mom essentially 3 times in life, once at 8, again at 22, and finally at 51, the last being the most meaningful.
    • KayC
      You and me both, Sara!   That was my impression from your previous post, Emily.  So many are clueless (even I was until recently ... and I'm Trans! hah!).    Hoping the best for both of you ... well, all of us❣️
    • Tessa
    • Cyndee
      I am happy to see so many music topics here lately on our forums Music is a universal language, and brings people together.     Growing up we had an old, i mean really old upright piano in our home, that I used bang on, I began to become interested in how the notes worked together, and taught myself some basic songs. I started playing guitar at 10, using my Mom's nylon string folk guitar she used in her teaching. Turns out I'm a lefty, and turned her guitar around the way that was most comfortable for me. Needless to say none of the chord fingering charts she had worked for me, so I had to improvise my fingering. Later I would become interested in the Bass Guitar and bought my first brand new 1978 Fender P (still have it) and practiced in my basement before joining my first band. I've always had a day job, but was able to supplement my income playing in working bands here in the Seattle area since the mid 80's as a bass guitarist. Even had the opportunities to open for national touring acts. I transitioned while in this one working cover band, and playing gigs as my true self was simply wonderful. The experience that saw my realization of a dream to be "a girl in the band". Nothing felt better then hearing someone yell out at this one gig "That lady bass player rocks !"......   Cyndee
    • Sally Stone
      Acknowledging how much the pandemic has changed my habits.  The stores here in NJ are open once again, and still, I haven't been shopping.  Before the lockdown one of my fondest activities to shop, yet now, it seems to have lost some that previous luster.  The upside is that my my Macy's charge card has a zero balance, something else that is quite unusual for me.   I'm thinking a little shopping trip for me is well overdue!
    • KayC
      Hi Raphael!  nice to meet you, and thank you for your introduction.   I had already replied to your post on Therapy before I saw this introduction post.  But, just wanted to let you know you found a great place to reach out for support and also share (as you now already know). So, just wanted to take an opportunity to say Welcome❣️
    • Charlize
      i won't forget how the Beatles changed the whole music scene.  I loved them and as their music changed i grew to respect them more and more.  At bit later i listened to the Stones and other groups.  I vividly remember moments of a Janice Joplin concert at the Fillmore East.  A bit later i was at a free Grateful Dead concert in a park in Atlanta.  The band came out and played after a regular concert. The folks in the sound truck threw marshmellows to folks as they came in.  Eating several of those made the night and the music merge. Ahh the 60's   Hugs,   Charlize
    • KayC
      Hi cybreraphael!  Sorry to hear about your experiences with therapists.  I do think not being judged (or appearing to be judged) would be an essential requirement for me to trust and communicate with my therapist. I am actually waiting (hopefully this week) for my very first (ever) therapy session, so I have not even met my therapist yet.  I was given an opportunity for my first choice of available therapists and I did chose the one (woman) who is part of the LGBTQ+ community and had the most experience in this area.  Another important criteria, as you have also requested.   I will try to follow up on this thread and let you know how it goes after my first few sessions.   I think you have some other good suggestions and experiences here from @tracy_j and @SaraAW --  I think eventually you will find the right match.  So, don't give up❣️  
    • Alexx21
      Good Morning / afternoon / evening  everyone i hope you are all well and good  i just looking around the forum and saw this  thread  that i caught my eye  and i though id  say hi to everyone and see how you are all doing  ? i havent been around very much of late  and i would like to  be around the forum more than what i have been i hope where ever you all are that you are safe and good  A
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