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    • Jani
      Well yes and no.  My dad still uses the nickname I used for decades.  It sounds silly when he does it.  My wife even commented on it when we last saw them.  I'm at the point of not caring anymore since I'm comfortable with who I am and if its said loud enough in public, he's the one who seems odd.  Plus we don't see my parents face to face regularly.   So the daughter just may see it as not worth the effort.    This would be a nice outcome.     Jani
    • Aidan5
      Hey Spence! Welcome to the forum, we welcome you with open arms    
    • Charlize
      I would have done the same thing you did Susan.  I say that from my own experience.  It has taken my son many years to properly name me and not refer to me as Dad in public.  When we are together in private it doesn't bother me but in public it can cause confusion and embarrassment.  If the woman does use her daughters chosen name and it disturbers her daughter i'm sure she will say something.  My guess is that she would see it as a final acceptance.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Susan R
      Thanks ladies, I trust both of you for your sage advice.   Susan R🌷
    • magical realism
      Thanks susan, and you dont have to think i was putting up with anything, its just nice to hear im not completely alone even in some small way,heh
    • Aidan5
      Haha that's true.     He is so hyper and excited all the time it is adorable and hard to keep up with him, and I thought I was hyper!! But I really think he was throwing some hints at me and I am definitely taking them and keeping them. He seems like the kind who likes to tease playfully so I better watch out haha.  
    • VickySGV
      Asking the Trans person is always in good taste and correct manners.  My only caution is to do it at a private time between the two of them.  
    • Susan R
      Welcome Magical Realism, a pleasure to meet you...You are not alone in this at all.  I too have been having dreams like this.  I’ve had them for decades but since going full time they now have changed slightly. Mine were a little different [pre-transition] in that the fact that I was presenting male except I had breasts accompanied by a bra under my male clothes. The funny thing is that in almost every dream, the people in the dream were unknowing of my little secret until later in the dream, I eventually always get outed by some ridiculous circumstance..lol.  But oddly enough, since actively starting my transition, I am always presenting as Susan.  It’s almost as if my subconscious is aware of my conscious activities...(kidding)   Well Magical Realism, thanks for putting up with my ramblings. These things happen from time to time. I’m glad you came aboard...hope you stay for the ride.   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷
    • Jackie C.
      I would have been a little more direct and said, "Maybe you should ask her." That's just me though. I can't think of a reason I would be uncomfortable if my mother started calling me by my actual legal name and using the correct pronouns. Well, I might be a little skeeved out. We're not close and she's been hostile about it up until now. She'd be up to something. Your new friend though, she seems sincere.   I don't see anything wrong with your answer. It never hurts to try and make a loved one more comfortable when you're talking to them.   Hugs!
    • Susan R
      My wife & I are attending an inclusive church regularly now and afterwards we attend a adult class at the church.  Right now, we’re in the middle of a 7 week study called ”Dialogues on Sexuality”.  The class focuses on LGBTQ+ inclusiveness, birth gender, gender roles, church patriarchy, and gender identity.  It’s been very good.  I think this class is the church’s way to get the members of congregation to learn, understand and adopt their “inclusiveness doctrine”.  It’s early in the game but they’re trying so hard and for the most part, we feel very welcome there.   My wife brought one of the class members over to me after the class was over.  My wife had been talking to her and confided with her in the small group time.  The nice woman had an interesting question for me. Her daughter is a 36 year old MtF.  The daughter is now called by her new female name by everyone except her.  So this lady asked me, “If my daughter hasn’t specifically asked me to call her by her female name but has asked others in front of her to use her female name, should I continue to use her male birth name?” Then added, “Do you think she minds?”   I had to pause and think.  I said, ”You're using all the correct pronouns, why not match that when you address her and do what she asks the others around her to do.”  I added, “I think out of respect and love, she is simply not correcting you.  Make her day and starting right now, only use her new female name...see how she reacts. Or you could just ask her but doing it out of your own volition will probably make her happiest”    I honestly don’t know if I gave her the best advice because on the small chance her daughter wanted only her to call her by her birth name I could of messed up a good thing.  I just saw it through my own eyes.  Well, this lady and then my wife started tearing up and she now wants us to get together.  I’m just hoping I helped instead of hampered the situation.  I really don’t know the daughter so it’s a hard call and wondering if I there was any advice, different or not, you all would’ve given this nice lady.   Susan R🌷
    • AdriannaB
      I was comfortable presenting as female
    • magical realism
      Thank you so much. 😃
    • Jackie C.
      Don't be silly. I'm always right. 😋   We're always anxious at first. This is a big step and the repercussions can be huge either way. Coming out represents a risk. Friends and family might not be so understanding and staying in the closet results in a life of quiet desperation. Whatever you choose, we're here to offer our support.   Hugs!
    • A. Dillon
      As a teenager who actually has a lot of male friends, I would generally recommend a hoodie or crewneck sweater of some kind (ones with graphic designs is a bit intriguing, something you could wear to a casual first date). I would also say that dark wash jeans is the way to go because guys typically wear darker colors. For the shoes, any sort of sporty or hightop sneakers are good, bonus points for hightop Vans or Converse. They give your feet a more masculine shape, and as long as you have feet size 7M or up the world is open to you. Now for the most important part in the winter; your outerwear! A men's coat that is just a bit too big goes perfectly with everything, and neutral colors are your friend with all of this. Honestly, just try to translate your own style into the men's aisle, keeping in mind what will best square you out and make you look like the man of your dreams. As long as it makes you happy, don't be scared to try.
    • magical realism
      Really it was just a coin toss =p more chance than anything. Thank you for the welcome,really im kind of anxious, i always get that way when waiting for a reply on a post somewhere,im always dreading the worst. But so far it seems like a nice safe place to be,i hope youre right.Ill definitely keep poking around,it was one of the posts on here that made me want to give joining a try,oh well,into the pool i go!
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