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    • KymmieL
      Anna, I created this thread as a what is going on with your day kind of thread. To keep a light hearted atmosphere. We get people talking about their up coming day or the day they had. weather, Maple syrup, boats just about everything casual.   Fell free to join in. 
    • MaryEllen
      We have a naughty word filter that takes care of most obscenities. F bombs will earn you a rap on the knuckles with a ruler as will the common word for feces. It might be a good idea to double check what you have written before hitting the submit tab   MaryEllen 
    • AnnaD
      am i allowed to swear on here? i dont swear alot, but sometimes it just comes naturally and i have to remove it or block it. 
    • AnnaD
      I always shave mine, but they just go hairy again. Still an inconvenience to have to shave, but to me it is much better than the horrible black thick hairs everywhere. They're my main cause for dysphoria.
    • AnnaD
      hi, i keep having thoughts that i'm not trans, even though i know that i am. i think its influenced by some of my family and other people that i know, who try to deny it. is there any way to stop these thoughts and reassure myself?
    • AnnaD
      thats just ridiculous to be honest, i already hate schools stopping students from wearing certain clothes (unless theyre offensive) or having certain hair etc... but when they kick a student out just for something that they can't change, its too much.
    • AnnaD
      i'm only out to a few people so far, but when i'm eventually out fully, i see theres quite a lot for me to look forwards to. i know that it takes a lot of pressure off. 👍
    • Mackenzie
      So a lot of threads here are about the challenges of coming out and the such. One thing in all the therapy I have done over and over, is that we should try and look for good things. Now, their are struggles, and the other posts serve functions in helping people understand what they are about to face, and how they might deal with it. But, I thought it would be cool if we had a list of things from people of all the things that make them smile, or have bouts of joy that can only occur because they are out! For me: -When someone calls me Mackenzie or she/her it makes me feel good.  -When I see a dress that looks wonderful, I get to say, "Yeah, I am going to buy that" instead of "Damn, I wish I could get that." -The look of my body when it is hairless, and I am wearing my feminine clothing, and I see a women in front of me in the mirror.   Those are just the tip of the ice burgs! Share yours, and lets couple the advice in this forum with some highlights and silver linings!
    • AnnaD
      this is actually [messed] up (not sure if swearing is allowed here so i've blocked it out)
    • AnnaD
      this is a long chain of replies
    • AnnaD
      this is great ^^^^^^
    • AnnaD
      sorry this is quite a bit late, but yes, a nurse should understand. the nurses in my school are great, but i know some teachers who are just plain ignorant. at least your friend Will and your teacher is supportive, its good to have friends.
    • AnnaD
      you're basically going through another puberty, so you might feel a bit strange. a needle is still a small price to pay for your correct hormones 👍
    • AnnaD
      that's a nice poem, well done 👍
    • Ellora
      I was exhausted after the movie Endtime I went to bed right away, actually sleeping til 5am. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I drove to a 24hr Mexican food drive through and bought a breakfast burrito, and drove to a drive thu Starbucks, 😂🚙🌯☕️.  Then the a/c technician called early, amazing, so I had to 🚙💨 over to my friends house to help. She doesn’t like to home alone with technicians, I don’t mind. That took a while. Then dropped an electric razor for my dad, then shopping for groceries, made it out of Costco with spending over $100, then finally back home to eat lunch. 
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