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  1. New member, long-time Buddhist

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  2. My Buddhist Introduction

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  3. any Buddhist here ?

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  4. I am here, are you?

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  5. Why must it hurt?

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  6. Buddhism and Transgender

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  7. Buddhism Curiosity

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  8. Buddhist Nuns are so Androgynous!

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  9. Can We find Enlightenment?

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  10. My Tai Chi Experience

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  11. What to Expect at a Buddhist Temple

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  12. Chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

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  13. How Buddhist Deal With Anger...

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  14. Overcoming Laziness In Meditation

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  15. What About Me

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  16. Confused About Transition

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  17. Trans More Accepted In Buddhist Countries?

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  18. Desire And Me

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  19. Going With Buddhism

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  20. The Buddha's Teachings[in A Nutshell]

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  21. The Horror In Myanmar

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  22. Do You Really Know Buddhism???

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    • ElizabethStar
      I've always been into the darker things in life. The "goth" lifestyle if you will. Always wearing black, and mean everything: clothes, shoes, jewelry, nail polish, even my underclothes were black. I used it to my advantage; started mixing in an occasional piece of woman's clothing here and there. Honestly I don't think anyone noticed. All they saw was a solid black outfit. I mis-directed their attention.   I did try to always have an out if things were looking questionable. When I first started buying clothes I tried to find things that were more androgynous. That way if something was said I cloud still say I bought it in the men's department. Although I did make an effort to find the most femme men's clothing I could.  I grew my hair out and would have it in a high pony tail. When someone said something I would go into an explanation about how having a low ponytail was really uncomfortable when driving.   I played this game for about 2 years before I got tired of it and started living full time. I knew there would be comments and people would stare but I was starting to see the light. I was happy with myself and started to not care what others thought.    
    • Willow
      Hi ladies,   i have stayed away for about three weeks.  I don’t plan on going back to read all your wonderful posts.  I’ll just restart here.   My wife and I  went to our daughters house for a few days.  While there my son and his wife came to visit too.  That made it even more special.  Since we were all going our separate ways on Friday, the kids decided to talk to me about my being transgender.  Since my relationship with my wife is rather precarious I don’t force things on her like they did.  I didn’t  mind talking to them but to do so at the expense of their mother was difficult at best.  Our daughter in law wound up leading the questions. It went reasonably well.    Willow
    • Timber Wolf
      Hi Victoria, Welcome to Transpulse. I'm glad you're here!   Lots of love and a big welcome hug, Timber Wolf 🐾
    • Jackie C.
      You're not wrong. Peers that know what you're going through are very helpful. I can't help feeling that your sons are in good hands though.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      Luck! May it be everything you dreamed of!   Once the bandages come off anyway, the first week is a little rough. 😘   Hugs!
    • Victoria94
      Im trying to take one day at a time. But like I said, I have a lot of connections all around up here north because work takes me to other places and our law given breaks usally ends up on a truck stop along side of each others. So the big scare is changing the reality when so many have gotten in touch with who I am at this point. I try to tell myself that my personality and morale is still the same no mather how I look on the outside and that it these thing people like about me. Still uncertain roads to take are always scary.   Thanks everyone for such warm welcome Victoria❤
    • Berni
      Thankyou again everyone for your kind words. I am very happy with how it looks so far ... though I can't wait to see what it looks like with the stitches and tape removed.   It's a bit scarey ... despite having been on HRT for the past 5 months ... I feel like I've really nailed my colors to the mast now.   Im trans ... and I'm taking no prisoners!
    • Berni
      Every time I read something like this I just imagine how unhappy she must be. I can see no other reason for the persecution she is undertaking. It's not like she needs the money, or the fame ... it's just pure hate.   And hate usually comes from a deep unhappiness iinside one's self.    So, my plan is to just be happy. I am a transissioning transgender woman and I am happier than that spiteful petty woman.   She can keep her money. It obviously hasn't brought her happiness.
    • RhondaS
      Yes, FaceApp was pretty much what set me over the edge from 'thought CDing would be the answer til the end' to 'must transition NOW'.    Seeing 'myself' 'outside' did it. And seeing 'myself' in everyday mode as opposed to a made up for cocktail hour mode.   I use it now with the eraser function to see how the hair I'm growing out looks if my face was more feminine, do the gender swap and erase the hair it adds. 
    • Robin.C
      Oh wow, that looks awesome Berni ❤️   Hugs Robin    
    • Berni
      Thanks @DeeDee. That's exactly the advice my wife has been giving me ... its nobody's business. Pretty sure I'll wear a scarf ... the stitches and tape are pretty ugly.
    • DeeDee
      It's no one elses business, but I would deflect with humour. Tell them you got it fighting off a ninja assassin or being Black Widow's stunt double for her new film...  Or wear a loose but llight neck scarf x   
    • Berni
    • Berni
      Its The Mirror of Erised that App. I have spent hours under its spell.   (Apologies for the reference to She Who Shall Not Be Named)
    • Berni
      Yeah. Fingers crossed for November. Even here in Australia we're on tender hooks waiting to see what happens.
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