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Other Faiths

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Other religions and spiritual beliefs.

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  1. Living Trans* Theology

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  2. Where my pagans and polytheists at?

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  3. Hell Froze Over...

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  4. Two Spirit Individuals

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  5. Eclectic Paganists

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  6. Reality... Just our imagination?

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  7. Existentialism

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  8. Goddess spirituality

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  9. Unitarian Universalism

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  10. How Much Geminis Here?

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  11. My spirit.

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  12. Taoism

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  13. Need some relief from Bible Thumpers?

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  14. We Know We'll be Safe Here - A beautiful UU story

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  15. Emergence Christian Science Transgender support

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  16. Symbiosis -- People Are Gods?

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  17. Early Greek belief systems

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  18. Christian Science

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  19. Updated Explanation of Jashinism

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  20. Pantheism

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  21. Jashinism

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  22. Celebration of Transition Ceremony

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    • Zedarius
      You just need to click the green tick right at the bottom of the text (not the one above - the very bottom one)
    • Miseria
      I'm not good at introductions but here I go anyway Hello from Akron Ohio... I'm a human from earth... Or am I?! Just a transgender goth who is tired of being what is expected. Any of us aren't guaranteed a tomorrow so i do not wish to live regretting everything. It's a good day and I can take on the world tooth and nail but soon the melancholy will set in... and all bravado will ebb away, will I muster the courage to stay true to myself? If I were the last person on earth who would I be to myself? Sorry... This is supposed to be an introduction but this is a part of me forever asking myself questions... And ranting I did say I was no good at introductions?
    • Jani
    • Jani
      It is hard to live through, but I believe as JFB said this is a long term program.  They always are.  Hopefully we'll see real change, but possibly not in our lifetimes.    Jani 
    • Jani
      Since there is such a long waiting line for care, which I imagine is state sponsored, is there a way for you to get private care (therapy) for a few sessions to help sort things out until you can get into the other care?    Jani 
    • Jani
      How was your day?  Getting better I hope?     Jani
    • VickySGV
      I did check out the site and it is an idea worth trying once at least.  I am spoiled living where I do I admit.     You are a bit out of town.  Actually Dress Barn & Lane Bryant have online catalogs as well with good delivery.  I have done some travel in Montana looking for family history.  My mother was born in a small town in SE Montana just north of the Crow Indian Reservation.      I am serious about this point of ordering two of the same in different sizes.  Good luck on your finds. 
    • Adaline
      Dear Kymmiel,   From my experience, most people are not that observant.  I was outed at my last job, not because of what I was wearing or doing, but because of my internet search’s on the company computer.  I had been wearing a bra, at times a corset, carrying a purse (kind of a gender neutral one but still a purse) growing my nails longer, and even polishing my nails with a clear coat and still everyone was surprised when I was outed.      I’m thinking that if your wife doesn’t know I’m not sure if a coworker would know.  In any event, it would be best to tell your wife before someone else does.  Believe me, it’s not the easiest conversation as it is, but when you are helping her understand, while at the same time conducting damage control with friends and employers, it really adds to the stress on the relationship.   i have not come out in my new job, but again I’m super surprised that others hove not noticed. Like before, I’m doing many of the same things (except I’m careful with the internet) and even more.  I’m 6 months on HRT and some of the changes are getting really noticeable.   I think my manager may suspect but I thought that in the past.  Part of me really hopes that others will notice, I hate having to hide my true self and wear the boy mask, but it’s important that I do it right and that means talking to HR first.  My company doesn’t have a specific policy on trans personal but they pride themselves on their open and diverse work environment.  This would be a chance for them to showcase their acceptance.  The big hang up is that I work around children and parents are not as open minded.      You are on the right track by talking to a therapist. They will help you sort some of this out and prepare you for the next step.   Hugs  Adaline
    • Kirsten
      I used the stitch fix for a while. I really liked that service. But it was 20 dollars a month. You get 5 pieces and send back what you don’t want. It’s a lot of really nice high quality clothes and accessories. mostly from fancy boutiques so they tend to come with a price tag. But most of my favorite pieces are from that service. The amazon wardrobe seems similar. Probably more affordable. But they have a lot of crap too. It could be worth a try though. 
    • Rowan
      Vicki, the Amazon wardrobe is a new program where you pick out a bunch of clothes to fill a box. Then, they send you the clothes to try on. You get 7 days to decide what you like, and what you want to send back. They send a return box with a pre paid return label with the clothes, and you only pay for what you keep. This seems especially convenient for me since all of those stores that you mentioned are about 250 miles away from where I live. 
    • Rachael
      As others have said wear what makes you happy. Others do not matter. Be happy.💃
    • rufnear
    • rufnear
      Ok, found TransPulse server..lol (don't laugh :P)  but am trying to complete #verification I see where it has a green check mark or Red X to agree or disagree but the text I put box does not work.
    • rufnear
      I can't find anyone on Discord let alone a TransPulse live chat community.  I set up an account on my iPad using browser and downloaded the app too but both look empty.  I thought I had searched for TransPulse Channel but 0 channels by that name were found. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    • VickySGV
      Caveat Emptor -- LET THE BUYER BEWARE   I am long out, and kind of old, but to me nothing beats in-store try-ons.  I found out there were several of the mid-size chains that are gender friendly and have more private, gender neutral changing rooms.  Lane Bryant, and Dress Barn are two that deal with larger women and are very pleasant to us, and tend to have sales personnel who are very helpful, and who do know how to suggest clothing.  The Dillard's and Hot Topic stores are also great at helping us, and keep an eye on the teenage crowd that can be mouthy, but I never have had problems with them.   If you do use the Amazon thing, get two of the same garment one size apart (ie 22 and 24 slacks -- [ok, I am big]) which is what I take into the try-on rooms.  For dresses use the size of your slacks and skirts, also two sizes at a time. 
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