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A place for your YouTube and other video links.  PG13 or below.  No underwear shots.  People must be fully clothed.  Instructional videos related to the trans community should also be posted here.

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  1. Short Film, small budget, big impact?

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  2. Dunderheid "safe" Challenge

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  3. Little Mix Pride Month Contribution

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  4. Pixar Short "Purl"

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  5. "The Switch" YouTube Movie

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  6. 5 lies I told myself before deciding to transition...

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  7. Bathroom Horrors oh my!

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  8. really cool video : learning to be ugly

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  9. Joy Harjo performing "I Give You Back"

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  10. Hi! Im making a Vlog on youtube

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  11. Korean FTM Videos?

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  12. trans weight loss channel

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  13. karmatic1110

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  14. Detransitioning

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  15. Cristalynnart

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  16. Anime xP

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  17. Transwoman in Argentinian bank commercial.

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  18. Lin Yu-chun's Amazing Voice

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  19. TS in a troop of Gorrilas

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  20. Youtube Channel

    • 2 replies
  21. Favorite Youtube Channels?

    • 13 replies
  22. New YouTube channel

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    • 3 replies
  23. OMG please read

    • 5 replies
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    • Sarahnr1
      And yet here you are  fighting  for dear life  (as you should  )   asking us  for help and support  . That takes  ALLOT  of mental  strenth Mary Jane   and this  is why i dare say you WILL make it  even if you dont  think you will you WILL  my friend . Youre like me  a surviver. And i wont lie  to you it will be a  Bumpy road   BUT i still have  NO dought you WILL   make this  Mary Jane.   Youre right there  BUT in youre case  theres  most defenetly hope . Me  NA  im stuck right were i am and were i have been from the day i was  born       
    • Mary Jane
      I know that I have to try to find a way to cope with my feelings I have already but I pretty much just can’t anymore  Also I know there’s practically always hope but I’m pretty sure not for everything
    • Sarahnr1
      TRUST me when i say this  there is ALWAYS   hope  the minute  my hope disapere  or i got  nothing  left  to fight fore and everything  i had left  is takend away  in life thats when i say goodby.  All that know me  knows this  hence they are scared to death when i start  talking  about  i got nothing left.     I understand  and as i said  before   use whatever LEGAL  ways  you can find   to achive this    Again i understand  Mary Jane  and i know very well that confronting  youre own deamons  is  probaly the  hardest  and  most scary thing you can do in life for most  (my self im so used to it  from 4 years old to talk to shrinks and docs  and  get evaluated  and so on so for me  its  easier then most  for whatever reason  )     Never meant  to blame  or guilt you Mary Jane   and i KNOW  you will make it some day . Its just  you have to try to find a way to  cope with youre feelings  in the mean time. THATS   vital  to be able to continue  while  gatherings  strengths to take this battle            
    • Mary Jane
      I’m hopping that there’s hope   I know that you can’t just bottle it up I’m not thanks to games I can release negative feelings it’s more of me avoiding it than bottling it up someday I might be able to confront it head on but that day hasn’t come yet and I’m not trying to avoid thinking about those bad things at least not right now
    • Alex C
      Susan R you pic's are amazing..Wow you have come a long way since you start posting. JB I got what your trying to say....Sometimes..the moments are just that moments and time will only  helps us discover our needs and goals. You look amazing and you seem to have air of confidence about so keep doing what your doing. Be safe, BE Proud and KICK ASS.
    • Sarahnr1
      I understand well  sadly  trying to sur press (hold back etc... )    this kind  of feelings    as you have find  out is sadly  not going to work as  planned   and  it will come back and  bite you   every chance it gets  im afraid  . Hence i always  try to tell everyone  you CANT hide from the truth   you CANT   keep it  bottle  up you HAVE to  confront  it head  on   Mary Jane . And yes  its very hard   and takes  allot  of effort  and emotionell work and  strenth  and  determination.   In all honestly my life isent  worth  diddly  and i dont  have  much chances  of ever  change  much  of it  . il probaly  have this life until the  little time i have left  on this earth  before i leave  on natural grounds (for us with my diagnosis  we  leave  roughly 10 - 15 + years  ahead) of  those with no diagnosis  . And i have  accepted this  and im ready for when its my time to leave . BUT  you can still be darn shore i will fight  with  every ounce of my breath  to make  what i have left  of my life  the best i can with what i got to work with  Mary Jane                
    • Alex C
      Hey MJ. Yeah I feel you...its like no matter what you do..it not going to matter. Like you..I am not going to meet someone or get married; that sooo way out off the box. I work super hard only to have it all vanish with in a couple of months...Lets face it life sucks. I  like you am not a quitter but there's only so much a girl can take. Maybe there's hope for both of us if there's people like the TP community whom r willing to reach out, care about us and share the love with us..only time will tell. I voting yes on our TP brothers and sister and I hope you do as well. I hate using this phase because its sometimes comes from a fake place, BUT I LOVE ME AND I LOVE YOU. Be safe, BE Proud and KICK ASS
    • Mary Jane
      Basically what happened was while I was talking to someone (online) that I kind of know and well I was trying to help her but while trying to I thought about the bad things in my life which I don’t know how but I can be distracted enough that I don’t think about those things and I try to avoid thinking about them but things just remind me of them again from time to time
    • Alex C
      Hey Girl Friend..Any pic of you would be a great pic you positivity and confidence is all that is need the rest is window dressing. again congrats .much lv
    • Alex C
    • Sarahnr1
      Mary Jane  im still here.  So lets  continue were we left of   shall we  ?  Now  aparantly something  not  good  happend  again   so what  happend  this  time  my young  friend   
    • Ellora
      Thank you and thank you! I have to credit all the hard work was done by Snapchat. I still need to post a pic with real makeup on, someday. I can’t until I can wish you a happy anniversary! It will happen! 
    • Ellora
      My please and thank you! Posting the timelines has helped me journal my journey. This site has helped me with all of my questions and my journey. Thank you! 
    • Jamey braley
      Ok hugs 
    • Jamey braley
      Should I keep My birth name is jamey lyn braley . Just wondering  what are your thoughts  on the subject  ?
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