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From time to time, TransPulse approves academic research studies to solicit input from our community.  Information on these studies will be posted here.

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  1. Breast cancer

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  2. Guevedoces

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  3. How has Covid Influenced Your Gender Care?

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  4. what is it like to be a trans woman?

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  5. Research Study: Suicide Prevention

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  6. University Project Research!

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  7. Minnesota School Survey

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    • LusciousTheLock
      Yep, the news gets you like that. I try not to read anything regarding LGBT+ anymore, as its always negative.
    • LusciousTheLock
      This is a great thread. My self doubt came from the fact that I had tried so hard to be a cis male. What a great bloke I was. Bought my first house at 24, married at 25, four children. Worked hard, played hard. Petrol-head and sex addict. We even made adult movies in my 20's!   It was all lies, and I was hiding from the truth. The self doubt was always am I mad? What happens when someone finds out?  later it became am I too old to do something about it?   I can pretty much mirror Jackie C's timeline. Thank god World of Warcraft had bald female orcs!
    • LusciousTheLock
      I've also worked crazy hard my whole adult life. A few years back, when I came out to my wife, things were tough and thinking that was the end of our relationship, my wife went back to work after 15yrs (We've got four children). Now things have settled down between us, we've got twice the income coming in and money is not a problem.   Last night I had a callout at 2am for four hours and I sat there in my lorry and questioned. What's the point?  I don't need to do this anymore. I don't need to work my ass off for little reward in a job I hate, working silly hours, phone ringing 24/7, thinking all week about what's happening next week and preparing or worrying about that.   I'm considering giving it all up and doing something I would enjoy. Maybe a Postman / Woman?  I love walking Then have more time for myself, not bringing stress home and yes, cracking on with projects.
    • RhondaS
      Got a little depressed last night...long couple days of work, which means these days alone in a room with an occasional phone talk or email about the work, then get on the internet to see what the news is and some Republican was trying to attach a ban of trans people from sports law to the COVID relief package.    Just decades of denial followed by now months of waiting for more progress to get to a point where people will hate me for what I am the more I present as what I need to be. ugh    
    • RhondaS
      I was worried when I was getting the medical part of the transition started that it was weird that I wasn't having that many doubts, especially compared to the amount of anguish I put myself through to get to that point.    Have found that my results so far have matched Elizabeth's...I feel more connected to the people I've come out to...don't have much interaction with the rest of the world under current conditions. 
    • LusciousTheLock
      Looking good   I love that look.
    • Sarahnr1
      We can all have  bad days  as  youre  friend  seemed  to had said  day so i wouldent  take that  to hard   youre friend  was  probaly just blowing  of steem.  As  for   fixing  youre nails  after  dose  2   just make shore   you do use cation still  (the vacinne  does  NOT  give you 100 %   protection same  as   protecting  others   100 %  )      Even after   the vaccination is  done   im afraid  until the majority of the  entire   population is  vaccinated  (minimum 70 + % ) So the  night club  idea   im afraid  i have to agree  with them  its  NOT  a good  idea  (and  most definetly alredy in June )  But  just because they reacted  dont  mean there  mad  or pissed   on you dear  im not.   This situation will NOT be forever  so killing  youre self  just for this is just  stupid  dear. Yes  im afraid  it will be   for  a  long  while  yet  and  we  will have to learn to live  with this  & certain restrictions  etc...   As this  will not  just  go away  its here to stay  BUT  this said  it dont  mean full lock downs   24 /7   and we WILL get back much of  our life  in time  and gradually. The vaccine  is  NOT   a  magick potion thet makes  everything   go back to normal  its  a  valuble  tool to in continuing  to learn to adapt  and  live  our  lifes  as  Post  corona.  Im well aware  that cali have been hit  hard  (i both have  family as well as  friend s  over there  )  but  you cant  give  up on life  Katie  . shore it  wont  be the same as  pre  corona  but  it will be  WAY better  then it is now   it just need time .      And yet you have managed  to get  all of  us  Katie .  Again  its  good that they are  super cautious  as this  is FAR from over my friend & as i said  even after the  vacinne  we  still need to continue  using  caution  for  long  time yet  im afraid    As  long as  you use cation and they are too And  minimum  2 weeks  AFTER  the  2 shot  it shouldent  be a problem Katie.    Thats  sadly what can happen with roommates    I would  be the same  if i had been  abused  like that  Katie  and it breaks  my heart  you seemed  to have been.   It all depends  on how you are  as  a person for  me  with my diagnosis id say 98 %  of my social life  is  online  1 %  phone   &  1 % in reel life  if that. So for me  its  okey  . BUT for  others   i can most definetly agree  its  not easy and  its  not the same  with  online  as reel life     
    • LusciousTheLock
      Thanks peeps  I suppose its just a wobble on my part. I'm just used to acting so confident all the time in front of people, it gets kind of tiring, and I start to slip and let my anxious side show momentarily. Its been a long week. Onwards and upwards lol
    • Willow Farmer
      I feel so  privileged to read all the emotions in this thread.  I have my, signed by the judge, name and gender marker documents sitting on my table.   I just need to use this instrument to change everything to Willow McKenzie ******.   I have been looking at them for a couple weeks.   I was tense and a bit scared before I went through the Court.   It was all done on line, (covid).   So painless.   They only mailed one original document.   I had to go to the Courthouse to get more legal copy's.  The lady behind the window took my money and then handed me the documents.  She smiled and  said genuinely, "congratulations Willow".   I felt so good inside I smiled and teared up as I walked down the hall with my head held high.        I have waited two weeks out of respect for my other half.   It really isn't that they passed or I killed them with this legal action, just that I am allowing my female side to thrive.   They can ride along in the back seat and I will protect them just as they did me.      Thank you Holly and the rest of you for sharing.   It is helping me finish this.   Next step, DMV.      Willow Mckenzie
    • Transgirlkatie
      Huh, I don't feel like I'll ever be able to make new friends. I didnt get to know enough people before covid and many of my friends are super cautious and even after they get vaccinated they still don't want too see me without distancing. And on of them doesn't even think I should go to a nail salon after getting my 2nd dose. And I also dont have good roommates, I tried to stay with a friend, but then she suddenly changed and kicked me out. And my mom isn't very supportive of me, she doesn't call me Katie and wrote off my concerns of not trusting mental health professionals over being abused at a mental hospital, and she thinks online friendships are just as good as in person friendships. 
    • Mia Marie
      For me making friends is never easy. It never has been throughout my 51 yrs on this life. Before i realized my true self, I tried to talk to people only to be ignored and sometimes blocked for no reason other than being asses.
    • ElizabethStar
      I started the same way. Ok, I was 45 but still a lot of self doubt. I quickly realized I liked the direction it was going. I feel a lot more connected to the world and myself these days.
    • ElizabethStar
      I pretty much wear whatever I want to work these days. It's "Flannel Friday" (something we made up at work). Black Cami, green flannel, blue flare jeans and the way the sun hit my hair just right. It was a feel good day.  
    • Drayse
      Hi @Tasha Marie, welcome to the forums! 😊
    • ElizabethStar
      I do a little bit of electrical work but mostly low voltage stuff, phone wiring and alarm systems. I wear a skirt and carry a tool bag.    
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