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A forum for discussion of general transgender issues.

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  1. Problematic Language

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  2. Thank you 'Sir'

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  3. Shades of Transition

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  4. The Stoic Transexual

    • 16 replies
  5. The Kindness Thread

    • 3 replies
  6. Administrative nighmares

    • 4 replies
  7. Let me be ME!

    • 1 reply
  8. I'm in the Process of Coming Out at Work.

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  9. Everyday life with wigs

    • 14 replies
  10. Finding Friends and Community

    • 15 replies
  11. Ideal Height of a transwoman 1 2

    • 30 replies
    • 1 reply
  12. Emotional Mind Dump - trigger warning

    • 12 replies
  13. Just venting. Scientific paper.

    • 8 replies
  14. That moment when everything changed for you...

    • 16 replies
    • 7 replies
  15. Buying bras

    • 14 replies
  16. My birthday isn't "mine"

    • 9 replies
  17. A memory about coed dorms.

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  18. Smooth Forever

    • 7 replies
    • 3 replies
  19. Issues dating & finding a date?

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  20. Transitioning as a Person with Disabilities

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    • Carolyn Marie
      Welcome to Trans Pulse, Kira.  You can take things as slow as you want, and no one here will rush you.  We are pretty good and talking things out, answering questions, and giving support.  I will say, especially for us older folk, that passing is often a lot easier than we expected, and even when we don't pass, it usually doesn't mean that it becomes an ordeal.  When life gives you tomatoes, then make tomato soup!   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
    • Heather Shay
      Welcome @Silencedelta. I'm glad you are here and thank you for being brave to tell your story. You are safe here with a lot of wonderfully supportive and knowledgeable people who can honestly answer your questions in a truthful and loving way.
    • Tellington
      Welcome! I'm happy you have a supportive girlfriend!
    • Astrid
      Hi @Silencedelta!  I'm glad you're you're not forcing any particular label or gender identity at this point. Finding what makes you happiest is more important. Please do ask any questions and share whatever you are comfortable with, when you want and are ready. We have many folks here who have been in similar situations, and we strive to support each other.   Best wishes as you discern your journey forward,    Astrid 
    • Cortomaltese
      Anything formal, anything tight.
    • Carolyn Marie
      Nat, my only additional suggestion is to Google "LGBT resources in (your city or county name).  Also, if there is a college or university in your area, they might have resources, too.   Carolyn Marie
    • Jandi
    • Silencedelta
      Hi everyone I guess I am trans but every day is different sometimes I am not sure if that 100% fits me but it's just a lable for simplicitys sake. I have all kinds of issues to talk about I will post on later but I I was approved a while ago for HRT but I have to get re approved as it's been a decade I came out in college but kinda went back in after because I live in an area where I don't feel I will be accepted because I don't think I can physically ever pass and I am too scared to try. But I want to start living the way I want to but I just wanted some people to talk to while I try to figure it all out. Kira    
    • Natnewgirl
      Thanks for the welcome, and the link. I looked through it , looks like there is very little in my area. HRT is worth a long drive to me but was hoping to find somewhere closer, maybe even a local support group. 
    • Jandi
      Well, I keep thinking about a nose ring - and I'm in my 70's.  Oh well. It's easy to ridicule someone without ever actually addressing the issues.   Seriously, beginning any kind of medical transition should not be done lightly.  But that hardly means it should be outlawed across the board.
    • stveee
    • stveee
      Speaking of interpersonal relations, I kinda put ice on the thing that was going between the black trans girl and I. It was flattering and exciting at first, then as I got to dig deeper.... well, I just had the feeling she desires a cis male and that "format"  .Especially after I basically ended up paying for everything. In the meantime, hung out a couple times with a gorgeous (I am assuming) younger bi woman that I had to keep myself from getting too enthusiastic over. She is simultaneously dating an older cis male, so it's very friendly and we are just hanging together and I am just playing it cool.  Then, I started talking with another trans girl who also performed at my recent gig. (Pics following later). So I wanted to get out more, and if I don't totally foul up, at least I have a few people to do things with. 
    • Jackie C.
      That's funny, I met a transmasc at Keystone who had purchased electrician's pants and then gone and sewn extra pockets into his vest. He was truly living his best life.   Hugs!
    • RitaD
      The nice weather has me feeling sunny and warm. I did my nails with that thought. Orange and yellow.
    • Mx.Drago
      Women's dress shoes, women's  swim wear, tight pants/ pants with no pockets, skirts and bras. Even after measuring size DD will try to get out of wearing a bra, it does nothing...would much rather wear a corset cuz it actually holds what it's supposed to. Mostly pick heavy duty sports bras cuz can get away with it under light track jacket or sweater. Bras are uncomfortable and still do little to remedy managing the gravity of the situation.  Women dress shoes, I swear are designed to destroy your feet. I love men dress shoes. I will defend my Thursday Wingtips and will stop my day if somebody dare try messing them.  Women's swim wear makes me question why bother wearing a swimsuit at all, it's obvious they want you to remove these items and run around practically naked. I'll take the surf top or t-shirt w. swimming trunks. Tight pants and pants with no pocket is a crime against humanity. Skirts short are just a no, and long skirts gets caught on everything. Also rarely any pockets. I really like my pockets.🙃  
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