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An intersex individual is a person (or individual of any unisex species) who is born with genitalia and/or secondary sexual characteristics of indeterminate sex, or which combine features of both sexes.

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  2. Pressure Mounts To Curtail Intersex Surgery

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  3. Could It Be Klinefelter's?

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  4. Interesting article about an intersex model

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  5. hypospadias

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  6. Hypospadias 1 2

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  7. Intersex article

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  8. Isn't Bellini adorable

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  9. new era in intersex rights

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  10. new intersex book out.

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  11. I'm starting to think to think that maybe I'm intersexed

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  12. Hello!

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  13. What happened to my post?

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  14. Indeterminate Intersex Condition

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  15. Intersex Survey with Intersex Collaborators

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  16. UCLH

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  17. Michael Phelps and his intersex girlfriend

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  18. Thats Mr. Doe to you

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  19. Intersex and its many forms

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  20. Klinefelter's Syndrome

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  21. My pelvis

    • 7 replies
  22. e lvls

    • 7 replies
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    • ElizabethStar
      It's too late for coffee but.......   For some reason I was compelled to check the mail today. Not surprising there was a birthday card from my mother. I just figured it was the normal everyday card but it wasn't. The first word I read, in a big scripted font was "Daughter". Right there in front of me, a card from my mother, to her daughter. Honestly I didn't really know if my mother would ever truly accept me. Now...I do. I really wanted to cry (not in front of the wife) but I will cherish that card forever.   Before dinner I found myself out getting lottery tickets. The jackpot is somewhere around 6-700mil. The ATM is broken at the first store I went to (closest to my house) and won't let you pay for 'em with a debt card. A random customer piped-up and suggested where I could go. I headed out. The cashier there was extremely friendly, very helpful and kind of cute. When I was checking out he looked at me, in a sweet little voice, said "I know *****'s no your name, what is it? I just replied "Elizabeth". He then tells me what beautiful name I have. After he said that I did hear anything else. Holy crap! Did I just get hit on? or was he just flirting with me? When I told my wife she used what is becoming her standard reply, "This is what you asked for". What I asked for? Yeah...well, we'll talk about that at a later time. If it's what she has to do to settle with my transition so be it.   After dinner I got another happy surprise. For kicks I checked my work email. There was a message from HR. He asked me if I wanted my new insurance and benefits cards to have Elizabeth on them. We can do that? I'd love that. There have been a few things getting to me lately and I needed some love.
    • JustineM
      Well I’m sitting here trying not to ugly cry. The calls to my Dad and brother went amazingly well. My brother said it didn’t bother him and he was glad I was taking steps to be happy. Dad almost immediately offered to help cover therapy and HRT med costs. Said he loved me and that would never change. He did say that he wouldn’t stop calling me his son, though given his age and the way he was raised I didn’t really expect him too. 
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/transgender-man-fatally-shot-puerto-rico-n1254313   There have been seven killings of trans people just in Puerto Rico in the last 12 months.  May Samuel rest in peace and justice found for his killers.   Carolyn Marie
    • ElizabethStar
      T  I think Audrey might have a magic wand.
    • Cyndee
      Congratulations on your 2nd BD this month Vicky 🙂 8 years now, wow.   Hugs   Cyndi 
    • KymmieL
      Well my Endo got my message and was going to see about getting a hold of my Pharmacist. NO word yet. Hurry up and wait is the thing.   Still no word on the job front. No call back on the evidence specialist and no call for an interview for the analyst position. I am starting to get disheartened. I know I can't. I guess I will keep plugging along. On day at a time.   I am dreading going back to work tomorrow. I know half way though my shift my back will be killing me. Anyone know a way I can have  my brain put in the body of a 23yr old female but she has to be hot.   Kymmie
    • KymmieL
      Mine does too. She'll hug me and say I love you even though I don't understand. I thought that was fine until I learned she doesn't want to understand.   I know once I move it will be hard on me since even with all the BS I still love her dearly. Kymmie
    • VickySGV
      It is 5:30 PM my time.  8 years ago at this time I had been taken to my room after GCS by Dr. Bowers at Sutter Hospital in San Benito CA, just outside of San Francisco.  I had been cleared to order dinner from the hospital kitchen, the food was actually good when it got there, but a wet beef burrito, miso soup, non-fat milk, and fruit cocktail for desert is not what most people would envision as their first meal of a new body, but it was good.  About twenty minutes before I got to the room, I had been in the Recovery ward, and in my haziness of coming out of the anesthetic I had had a dream of being in my parent's oldest car with them begging them to stop and pull over so I could pee. A few moments later it seems they connected my catheter to its collection bag and the dream and bladder discomfort ended.  I have one coming to picture that shows my legs under a blanket spread apart by a couple of ice bags on the swollen area and I see this in almost all of the "immediately after" pictures of my other Postie friends.  I call it Post Op Leg Position, but it is real and seen nowhere else.  I am happy it happened, but there were some rough times in the months to come, but by my first anniversary they were in the books as simply some unique memories.  As I have written here in the Forums, I have learned several things.  No matter how well prepared for GCS you are it will still be far from a walk in the park.  It will affect your outlook on life differently than you once imagined.  It can be lonely at the wrong times.  You will learn what GCS DOES NOT DO for your life and other's lives.  I know now that it is wrong for me to encourage others to have the surgery when they are unsure it is right for them, but once they know it is right, they can count on me for full support.  I have visited others and been with their families and friends as they are coming out of surgery many times, and those times help me with any small lingering doubts I have had to know I did the right things and it is wonderful and not the grotesqie horrors our H8ers imagine for us and about us.  It is my second BD celebration of this month.
    • CD Rachel
      Hi, I never heard of Q Christian site before but I am very happy to know about it now!!!   Rachel
    • MisterJax
    • Jani
      That is so frustrating.  I'm sorry you had to spend all that money not to mention emotional capital.  I do hope your surgery goes smoothly.  You've earned it.    Jani
    • KathyLauren
      Oy!  That was an expensive misplaced electrode!  Sorry that happened to you.   I have an intermittent heart irregularity that caused the docs some concern.  I have called 911 an gone to Emerg. a couple of times over the years when it did it for a long time, but it always clears up before anyone gets an EKG on me.   Anyway, my GCS surgeon wanted an EKG just to make sure.  So my local doctor booked an appointment at the hospital, and I got it done.  No problem until a couple of days before the final reporting deadline before my surgery: my file is complete, except they never received the EKG!   Quick call to my doctor: no, they never sent it.  Because they never received it from the hospital lab.  Call the lab.  No, they never faxed it anywhere.  Argh!!  Give them the fax number for my surgeon, tell them to fax it stat!  Finally, a call from the surgeon's office: they got it.  Whew!  Of course, it showed an absolutely normal heart, so I was good to go.   Good luck with your surgery, Jeanette!
    • Confused1
      Mindy, this is a good sign. It takes time and she has to transition as well. Jani is right when she said " The solution will not be one sided as both of you will have to give somewhat." If Suzie sees that she might come around.   My wife started going back and thinking about everything that happened in our marriage, wondering what parts of it were a lie. We had a lot of those 0 to 212 degree spells along with relevant discussions. It has got much better, but I cried a lot during some of that.   Hugs, Mike
    • Jackie C.
      Maybe not that PARTICULAR mess, but my spouse kept asking me things like, "What happens if they take one look at you and 'nope' out of there?" There was also, "What happens if they refuse your surgery? Can you live with that?"   I'm a fairly positive person. I like to have contingency plans if things go awry, but I don't borrow trouble. The love of my life borrows trouble enough for the both of us.   I'm glad it turned out to be nothing. I've lost three out of four grandparents to heart disease or complications from heart disease (Number four was throat cancer). ANYTHING potentially funky with your heart is well worth being sure about.   Hugs!
    • Carolyn Marie
      Welcome to Transgender Pulse, Samantha.  Thanks for sharing your story.  My condolences on the loss of your father.  I wish you all the best on your journey to womanhood, and hope that you find the friendship and resources here to help you on your way.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
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