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Hair Removal

A discussion about hair removal.

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  1. Starting To Notice Significant Change

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  2. question on body hair

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    • 5 replies
  3. Omg Feels Great

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  4. Epilating the face - Any advice ?

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  5. I have a question about hair removal creams

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  6. Laser Hair Removal in Los Angeles?

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  7. I'm Chargin' Mah Laser

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  8. To use, or not to use, an at home device...

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  9. Mustache shadow

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  10. Laser - Ouch!

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  11. three newbie questions

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  12. Electrolysis Costs

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  13. Laser - Recovery time seems faster

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  14. Has Anyone Tried Epilators?

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  15. Today I had my first laser treatment!

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  16. Using An Epilator On Your Facial Hair

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  17. One Year Of Lhr

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  18. Electrology 3000

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  19. Genital electrolysis, what to expect?

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  20. Has Anyone Tried Intense Pulsed Light?

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  21. A Hair Removal Must Have!

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  22. Cost Vs Time Involved

    • 4 replies
  23. Razor Burn

    • 4 replies
  24. L H R - Getting Close

    • 4 replies
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    • Marcie Jensen
      Sheena, you are one of the sanest people I know. You've managed to keep your sanity and positive outlook despite the many challenges you've faced. To me, that takes courage, strength of character and a lot more. God bless you, girl.
    • Marcie Jensen
      I agree about the affirmation. And, listen to your inner voice Michelle. 
    • Marcie Jensen
      I'm sorry you went through that. The people--and I use the term "people" loosely--who said that clearly have no understanding of Justification or of Salvation.  It also appears they have forgotten the teachings of judge not, lest you be judged and parable of the beam in your own eye. (Both found in Matthew 7 as part of the Sermon on the Mount.)    One of the reasons I became a Calvinist is because he points out that humanity is inherently depraved in how they/we view others. It's a difficult thing to accept, but when I see stuff like this, I begin to understand why it is that Jesus wept.   And good for you for not going back to that particular place.
    • Cyndee
      yeah, that's good tunage   Have a rockin' day....
    • Jamie73
      You nailed it. I don’t care so much that I pass for other people as much myself. I can’t tell you the amount of times family asked me why I stare at the mirror. It’s because I have no clue who that guy in the mirror is. 
    • StarryNight
      I'm making an attempt to keep this PG, but it's a difficult subject to scratch with out discussing a Few sexual education items.   I'm getting close to when I make my decision to go on HRT or not, but one of my main concerns is weather or not I'll be able to remain intimate with my wife, we started to experiment with "toys" and I've increased the frequency I perform oral on her to prepare for potential non functioning male parts.   For those who have went through it, are you still able to use your male parts? Achieve orgasm through the old ways? Or have you moved on to butt stuff and prostate Satisfaction to compensate? My wife isn't too into the butt stuff aspect, so it could potentially be an issue down the road if that becomes the main way I can get off. Getting her off is a non issue, but in terms of weather or not I'll still be able to enjoy intimacy with her I was hoping some of you could share your expirience.
    • Hannah Renee
      You didn't realize that there were only 10 facts . You didn't notice that commas were used in place of apostrophe's.
    • StarryNight
      As with most people here I also fell in love with panties at an early age, I remember looking at the old sears catalog, or a victoria secret catalog that would get sent to the house and adoring the beautiful lingerie on the models. Eventually I got curious and checked if my mom owned any of these items, found some satin panties, tried them on and unlocked an inner battle I could never shake off from there.   Long story short after many years of stealing and hiding the shame, getting caught a few times and being bullied by my siblings, I moved out and I started buying my own once I figured out the correct size, still sadly purging some of the cutest lingerie I've ever owned out of shame and embarassment. currently I'm about a Male 38embarrassment. Translated to a womens 16 for most brands, theres still some weird stuff going on with those though. and I wear XL panties, sadly I'm "endowed" which can be a blessing but in terms of what I can wear in women's clothes limits me a bit, lace is fantastic, can't wear it though because I push up against it for a cheese grater type effect. Some Satin lacks stretch so I usually have to size up for that, nylon is awesome. Cotton varies.   My favorite panties for stretch and coverage currently are victoria secrets seemless line, the thong and bikini cuts are amazing, the hipsters work sometimes and I love the way they hug my cheeks but when I fall asleep in them I tend to fall out the sides. I actually was able to go in and try on some pairs on a slower weekday, you have to try them on over your current panties. But it allows you to try all the different cuts and styles avaliable.   I love nylon and satin for fabrics, and although I don't have breasts I have started to incorporate bras into my wardrobe to get used to them for when my breast might develop. The website shein.com has been great for allowing me to explore different styles without breaking the bank. I'm still pretty masculine V shaped so they carry alot of extended sized tops that I've been trying out with much success.
    • Jani
      Only special people can become women
    • Jani
      Oh Yeah!!!   Rock on Sis!
    • Hannah Renee
      Meeting with the mediator went well. All should be done by the end of July🤞. And it's filed in the one county (where my wife lives) that has the option of not having to show up in court in person, or even Zoom. Now for the name change.
    • Hannah Renee
    • Michelle_Anne
      Sheena I’m right there with you.   You’re right it is comforting to have someone you feel completely safe with that affirms what you’re feeling inside.   I started buying a few articles of clothing this week and wearing them in private during the day when e regime is gone.  Now I’m researching how to do simple make up.  Yesterday I had a moment when I was in Target buying my first bra where I was so happy to find a cute one that fit me.  For a second this voice said inside of me…..don’t look now but you’re embracing being a woman.  
    • Heather Shay
    • Heather Shay
      For @Jani   For @Cyndee   And just because....  
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