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Hair Removal

A discussion about hair removal.

491 topics in this forum

  1. Chronic ingrown hairs

    • 9 replies
  2. Facial hair after FFS

    • 16 replies
  3. two electrolysis questions

    • 2 replies
  4. IPL as an option during quarantine? 1 2

    • 47 replies
  5. Hair Removal

    • 3 replies
  6. First laser treatment done

    • 3 replies
  7. Shaving down there

    • 3 replies
  8. Need Trans recommendations for electric razor

    • 11 replies
  9. Finally....

    • 9 replies
  10. Good electric razor

    • 2 replies
  11. Might be a silly question but....???

    • 2 replies
    • 9 replies
  12. Looking for Wise Masters to guide me in the ways of waxing...

    • 20 replies
  13. best hair removal

    • 4 replies
  14. Has anyone heard from Rave/ Amy

    • 5 replies
  15. Excited about my hair remaval!!!

    • 3 replies
  16. Lots of excruciating pain 1 2

    • 29 replies
  17. Anyone tried Hena IPL Hair Remover?

    • 6 replies
  18. Massachusetts Electrologists!?

    • 7 replies
  19. Electrolysis update

    • 8 replies
  20. Body hair thinning/balding

    • 9 replies
  21. Shaving question

    • 8 replies
  22. 1st laser appointment

    • 20 replies
  23. Home IPL unit effectiveness?

    • 11 replies
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    • awkward-yet-sweet
      I like Boebert's stance on firearms freedom and a few other things.  But wacky and tacky behavior undermines the good parts.  Which is pretty much the same issue I have with Trump.  There's a way to say things bluntly without being an elementary-school-playground kind of rude.  I can even respect people who don't believe in trans rights at all...but there's a way to say so without doing it the way she did.  Being in politics generally involves a certain amount of public decorum.  Or so I thought...   Yeah, the naval officer in question is probably a Biden tool, and I believe the US military is being gravely mishandled in many ways.  But that wasn't the real issue here...this was mostly just a personal attack based on identity.  Doing that undercuts any logical argument Boebert could make, and also offends constituents.  🤮
    • KayC
      Boebert is a Boob! (no offense to boobs intended)😊  Her recent public spectacle of shallow human behavior is additional proof. 
    • KayC
      Definitely love the change in weather ... and the end of summer humidity!
    • KayC
      I agree @Carolyn Marie!  it's a start. Also, please share NTS results when they come out.  That will interesting (and likely more accurate).   @awkward-yet-sweet That's cool.  Your choice.  I understand your concerns about Gov agencies and security/privacy.  But the way I look at it, Google, social media, and whatever agency has most all my information and probably know everything about us anyway.  So, if I am asked to participate ... I'm ALL IN! 😊 https://www.census.gov/content/dam/Census/library/factsheets/2019/comm/2020-confidentiality-factsheet.pdf   @Charlize here is what I found on the Census HPS website about latest round (which it seems they do 3 or 4 times a year).  Fortunately I maintain a U.S. address also. "The Census Bureau randomly chose your address, not you personally, to participate in this survey. A limited number of addresses from across the country were scientifically selected to represent the entire population. Your participation is important, and your response cannot be replaced by one from another household address." https://www.census.gov/programs-surveys/household-pulse-survey.html
    • Delcina B
      Welcome Raelyn! Glad you're here! Another Florida belle here! I understand the need for some to leave. Some wonderful friends have become refugees fleeing this "free" state. I choose to stay! I hope you find the wonderful advice, support & acceptance here as I have.   Hugs! Delcina 
    • Delcina B
      Hi @blacksperpent! Glad you're here! As you browse the forums I'm sure you'll get to know us. I hope you find the wonderful advice, support & acceptance here as I have!   Hugs! Delcina 
    • April Marie
      My therapist lives about 700 miles away - we’ve on.y ever met by videoconference. She’s awesome. 
    • Ivy
      My VA counselor is a 70 some mile drive.  I usually do the sessions on line.  But she also facilitates our support group which I usually drive up to attend twice a month.  She is LGBTQ herself, which helps.  I like her a lot.
    • Charlize
      I  wonder who gets invited to participateI.  The links above don't get into the survey.  While some may not wish to participate i certainly don't mind having my voice heard if it might help in the understanding of trans issues.  In the past census any questions about gender other than male or female were not allowed.     Hugs,   Charlize
    • LoRez
      Okay, this analogy seems a lot better. What do you think?    
    • KymmieL
      Well I had my first appointment with my new counselor this morning. Even though she is just an Intern. She is great. She is a Navy Vet. Stationed of all places, Pearl Harbor. Lucky girl. I think I will like working with her. I have another appointment next Wens again.  Only problem is that she is in Loveland, CO. About 80 miles from me. But she is OK with doing video appointments if the need arises. Today was almost a 2 hour session. Being it was the intake appointment. We touched on a lot of points. Some she noted to discuss later.   So being it was the VA Of course, I dressed feminine. Gray camo skort, and a gray woman's Harley t. Once I got home, and changed to go into work. He asked if I wanted to show off my legs, then something about fat rolls or something. Then He asked if the zoom meeting I attended last night was a trans anonymous meeting. Nope just a meeting of friends. I wonder if he has changed again and not supporting me anymore. Did my wife get to him? Do I only have my middle son supporting me.  I hope I am wrong. It just kind of hurt when he said that.   Hugs, Kymmie
    • Ashley0616
      I love the cooler weather. Pumpkin spice, college football, colors even though I’m in the city. 
    • LoRez
      How about this revised analogy?   Would this be more clear to as an introduction to these important terms?
    • VickySGV
    • Ashley0616
      Black lace bell sleeve top with maxi black skirt and pink sports bra 
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