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Hair Removal

A discussion about hair removal.

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  1. Shaving my legs for the first time!!!

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  2. Wonder abou cost and regrowth.

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  3. 5oclock shadow

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  4. Can't wait until next appointment!

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  5. My turn... 1 2

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  6. Shaving (ouch!)

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  7. Electrolysis Tips please.

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  8. Has anyone tried Sugar Waxing?

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  9. Hair removal creams?

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  10. Such a nice lady

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  11. Laser hair removal starts Friday.

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  12. Hair questions...

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  13. Uhm... What to do when on disability...

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  14. Straight galvanic electrolysis

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  15. Oh dear now I’m worried about my face !

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  16. Leg shaving without drama?

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  17. NHS hair removal process.

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  18. Best way to start hair removal 1 2

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  19. Hair Removal

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  20. hair removal

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  21. First laser hair removal session

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    • 7 replies
  22. Shaving without foam

    • 12 replies
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    • Lydia_R
      I've been inspired to count clean and sober days.  I got a 24 hour coin and triangle necklace.  I've been listening to Elton John lately.  I started counting days from my 30 year Navy anniversary.  I like the idea of celebrating 50 years since joining the Navy and 20 years fully clean and sober on the same day.  It's good to have goals, right?   Whether I'm truly an addict is an issue I struggle with.  My lifelong best friend definitely is an addict.  I come from a long line of alcoholic gamblers on my father's side.  Thankfully, my father started recovery through AA before I was born and then gave me a good education in it while I was doing drugs in high school.  That definitely slowed down my alcohol and drug use.   My friend has struggled with AA for decades and he is still in active addiction.  I think it is critical to have a good home environment to get clean and sober.  I don't think the people he is living with are using much, but it certainly is not a functional household.  I've been very protective of my home environment.  I guess I'm writing you about all this because I might feel like a bit of an AA imposter being around him.  I do credit AA with the successes I've had over addiction and I'm starting to show a little pride in that.   OK, I've got a real question in this post...  Do you think there is value in hiding my AA pride from my friend?  I certainly don't want to cram it down his throat.  But after actively coming out as transgender, I have a clearer picture of what it is like to hide.  Hide/pride.  There is both a positive and negative side to pride.   When I got my 24 hour coin, I looked at it and said "spiritual progress, not spiritual perfection."  I love the To Thine Own Self Be True and the serenity prayer on them.  It really is a good token.   On a side note, my father stayed clean and sober for the rest of his life, but he continued his gambling addiction.  It was a real turn off for me, so I've stayed away from gambling.  In a few years here, I'll be in the position of having money to invest and I'm realizing that the gambling aspect of investing is a total turn off for me.  I think I'd rather work another year or two to cover the interest I might have gained by investing.   -Lydia
    • VickySGV
      Baseline audits are a normal thing for charities and the ones I was involved with as an auditor usually came up with nothing worse than that a former signatory for bank checks had not been removed from the account after the signatory had died in office or that bank receipts were not being turned into bookkeeper although the funds were showing on the bank statement, thus the statement showing too much money (the minutes of the organization were also quiet on the transactions because of that too.)  Nothing evil or felonious just carelessness corrected by a thorough review and admonishment.       A case where some POTENTIAL for harm exists, and a demand for ZERO potential for it by depriving ALL beneficiaries.  😵 😵  Even on these forums we know that some forms of binding carry the possibility of harm and we have done our best to recommend against those actions.  This is a matter between the Trans Man and their supportive medical team and NOT some busybody in the neighborhood who read The Daily Mail's scare piece on it. 
    • Heather Shay
      @Davie actually it is early. My sleep pattern is way off and I get up around 4 A.M.  
    • Willow
      Hi y’all   Some time back my wife and I were in a fabric store together.  She is making a baby quilt for a friend of ours and was looking for backing fabric.  Any way I asked if she would help me pick a fabric and pattern and teach me to sew.  I thought it fell of death ears.  Then last night she shows me a pattern, what do you think of these?  Then we talked about the cost of making versing buying ready made.  The only savings would be a nicer fabric and multiple pairs off the same pattern.  Today she found where she could get the pattern.  Sounds like she is really making an effort for me.   😀willow
    • Charlize
      Perhaps walking into the edge of the door will never be as painless as before but the sensitivity has its pleasant aspects as well.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Katie23
      The problem for some healthcare providers is that there have not been many studies clearly demonstrating superiority, however, it can be very useful. I have been on progesterone in addition to injections starting 1 month after I started estrogen. The key is the micronized progesterone. I had put out a few references regarding progesterone. The reality is that cisgender women have both during their developmental years and through middle adulthood. It makes sense to just mimic nature.  I will try to dig up those research articles. I found the same elevation in estrogen levels and reduced testosterone with progesterone. Progesterone suppresses gonadal androgen production.
    • Davie
      @Heather ShayWhat are you doing up so late, dear? Me too. Great trio of tunes you selected to post, Most people know Simone as a great singer, but listen to that piano—whew! And those three must be proofs of God's existance—it's about 30 billion light years to the next trio that good.  Hugs, Davie
    • Heather Shay
    • Heather Shay
    • tracy_j
      I don't know about Mermaids but, having in the past been closely involved with a somewhat smaller charity run by volunteers, I can attest that there is often very little knowledge of the law, even with respect to charities. It's only the big charity concerns who will likely have good legal support on their boards. In the most part they have no intention of breaking the rules but, as we know, ignorance is no excuse.   Tracy
    • Trans22
      I don't wear male clothing anymore, because I packed it all the good stuff ready to be given to others and thrown away all the stuff that looks second hand.  I wear dresses more often than not, mostly because they equate to less weight and space in my backpack - practicality, I ride a bicycle to and from work.  Length of time since last wearing an outfit plays a pretty big part in my choice of outfits to wear. PS.  For a special night out, I always wear one of my prettiest dresses.  Dressing down would spoil the night.
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-63837761   I have no idea if these issues are legit, but I won't be shocked if they are.  Many charities run afoul of laws and regulations, and that would include those that assist and support trans people.  We'll see what happens.   Carolyn Marie
    • Trans22
      I think we all want to belong and this is why labels exist, so I've labeled myself as Transfeminine here.  I suspect the vast majority of people have a mind that has both masculine and feminine characteristics.  For some, like myself the picture significantly favors feminine.   I completed a questionnaire that lead to a gender coordinates map about a month after finding out that I was born with a female.  From memory my score was 8/20 for masculine, 17/20 for feminine.  I trust the result because the questions were so obscure that I couldn't imagine gaming it.  I wonder what my score would be now that I've started HRT.
    • Trans22
      Pretty scary, I seem to inflict an ouch moment on my breasts/nipples several times a day - never intentionally.  I was hoping it might only last a few months.  Oh well, focus on the rewards at the end of my journey - taken same approach with the roller-coaster ride of electrolysis.
    • Trans22
      I often cried myself to sleep then dreamed about being a woman.  I've cried myself to sleep then dreamed about my life ending far more often.   I cannot remember the last time either situation has happened, thankfully.
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