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MtF Hair Transformation Topics

Many MTFs in transition may need help in the hair department. Discussions include wigs, hair replacement systems, and hair transplants.

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  1. Body hair removal, also underarm's

    • 4 replies
  2. Best Hairspray

    • 4 replies
  3. Should I be concerned

    • 5 replies
  4. Finally growing out hair!

    • 11 replies
  5. Hair-care Help/Tips!

    • 5 replies
    • 6 replies
    • 13 replies
  6. Electrolysis

    • 6 replies
  7. Nair

    • 7 replies
    • 7 replies
  8. The Salon move

    • 3 replies
  9. Sticky Hair

    • 2 replies
  10. Dead Ends Un Do The Do -- Growing Hair Out

    • 4 replies
  11. The golden age days? (of wigs)

    • 11 replies
  12. Body hair on HRT...?

    • 23 replies
  13. Its working Whoo!

    • 10 replies
  14. Only one round of laser hair removal?

    • 7 replies
  15. Can't style hair at all!

    • 9 replies
  16. Electrolysis & Dark Skin, A Regimen?

    • 5 replies
  17. New wig

    • 2 replies
  18. 65 hours of Electrolysis, 1/2 way point

    • 10 replies
  19. Is this wrong?

    • 13 replies
  20. Minoxidil - Three Months, Zero Results

    • 17 replies
  21. Lifetime Blond, now a Brunette

    • 1 reply
  22. New Hair Restoration Therapy

    • 10 replies
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    • JustineM
      That was....... interesting. Mom finally text me this morning and told me she got my letter, wanted me to call her this evening. Finally got off work and called her about 8. Really got mostly a lack of any real reaction. She asked a couple questions and kinda tried to guilt-trip me over my wife and boys possibly leaving. (No they aren’t) And that was it.  I’m grateful that she didn’t blow up at me or anything but I really expected some kind of response.  It’s kinda got me a little concerned.
    • ElizabethStar
      The rest of the clothes I ordered came in. I had slightly better luck with a few of the tops. The sweater I posted in the what are you wearing thread is one of them. It's mostly the arms that are too small. Lesson learned and returns are free. There is also a mini-skirt. It's black, pleated and shorter than I anticipated. It'll be good as long as I don't bend over. What a shame I have to up my "act and move like a lady" skills. My wife asked about what I bought, she's only seen the sweater at this point (I can tell she's jealous). Before I could answer she asked if there were any dresses. No, no dresses. Skirts? Yea, I replied in a matter-of-fact kind of tone. I quickly reiterated one of her previous statements that I could wear skirts as long as she didn't see it. The problem is she would see me leave and/or come home. I mentioned this fact and agreed that I wouldn't parade around or rub it in face in any way.   So again it appears she is becoming more accepting. We'll see how it goes when she sees me leave for coffee tomorrow morning in a mini-skirt and knee high boots.   night everyone    
    • ElizabethStar
      The phone case..... I actually got it awhile before I was out. It had one of those ring things on it but it blocked the image so there was no love lost when it fell off. Not that you can tell in the pic but my phone is rose gold. More things about myself I should have paid better attention to.
    • Mmindy
      For the night or the job?    Inquiring mind Indy want to know.   Good night, I'm off to bed.   Hugs,    Mindy🐛🌈🦋
    • Willow
      and 4 hours later I quit.  
    • Willow
      @KymmieL I think I owe you an apology.  I wasn’t looking for a job but one has fallen into my lap.  Part time working from home.  I was on Facebook and saw a post from someone who I didn’t know I responded .  She got back to me and 3 hours later I have a job  
    • ElizabethStar
      Alexa found me the station Top Pop so I've been listening that a lot lately. I'm starting to like Ava Max.
    • LaurenA
      I have my fingers crossed but from what I've read so far the Senate Republicans are already trying to gum up the works.
    • Jani
      As far as federal regulations go this is changing.  The Biden administration has instructed those involved with this to review the rules and to make sure gender is on the list.  The prior administration had thinly interpreted the law to be sex and not gender, and only for employment.  
    • KymmieL
      Don't really know why but the VA has her on my care team. She is monitoring  my blockers and E. She is great. from what I have been told quite well known.   Kymmie
    • Jani
      All my best!  Jani
    • Chloe Cozee
      Hi @Willa,   So sorry about your last post with what your wife said. Yes remember your sister has great love for you!   Hugs, Chloe
    • Willa
      Hello everyone and thank you for your replies! Audrey, it’s a pleasure to meet you I look forward to reading of your experience in the forums!   with all the other things that I told everyone about in my initial post I somehow forgot to mention that I have been put in touch with a tri-state trans gender support group and I have already had a phone call from the moderator of the group. That put a bit of a sparkle in my eyes!   The not so good news is that I have found out what I accept you but I don’t approve I said by my wife means which oh really nothing. My realization of this came the other evening as I was washing the dishes and she approached me and in an almost lighthearted manner told me about the new nominee for assistant secretary of health home she characterized as a homely Man with long hair.  She indicated by CVS that she thought that hole of a trans women were also ma’am and that I can foods me. So she made herself clear later by saying you were a man and one of these days she will wake up from this fantasy and behave like a man. I thought we had gained some ground but I guess I was mistaken. Why the gift of clothes I don’t know as it does not fit with her statement.   Please forgive me for spoiling the uplifting post I’ve earlier.   still got a love that sister of mine!   Take care and blessings to everyone. Willa   P.S. moderators, will you please watch out for any Siri dictation quirks? Thank you so much.
    • Jeanette West
      Thank you everyone! Went to Best Buy and picked up a Sony 4K player and hooked it up to the TV in my hotel room. $199 and now I have beautiful, razor sharp movies to watch. I'll get one, then time to get some sleep; I'll be up for my Hibiclens shower and relax before my car gets here to take me to the clinic. The magic starts at 6:00 a.m. as per the doctor.  
    • Jamie68
      That's awesome Trilly! I used to live to eat, now I try to eat to live. I have an elliptical in my garage with a computer hooked up to big speakers. I'd put on Brooks and Dunn "Last Rodeo" video and work out. I've been thinking about going to the gym and doing core strength training now since I read that with cardio you loose breast fat along with the rest. Dam, I'm trying to make them bigger not smaller. Cardio might be what you want though Tyler. Funny, you're trying to gain a deep voice and beard while I'm trying to do just the opposite. Jamie
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