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What's Wrong With Me?

Guest Nekomata

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Guest Michelle M

So I made some photos...


How do I look?

Urgh, I don't know. Part of me thinks I'm pretty, and part of me thinks I'm hideous. Sometimes I ask myself why I even did this. I have some self loathing and feel like a freak. Like, what normal boy would go into the bathroom for 2 hours with makeup and have fun with it. All I know is that I did have fun, and I enjoyed it, and it felt right but I don't know where the compulsion came from. I'm also wondering where the self doubt and loathing comes from. Is this what some people call denial? Will my self acceptance get any easier as time goes on? Or maybe I just think too much..

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Guest Rika-chama

You are not hideous. Never think that because you know you aren't. If you had fun then that's all that matters and not what "normal" people would do. Normal is boring. Personally though I think you would be cuter with a lighter hair color, like brown or something.


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Hey girl,

Dont ever think that you are hideous cause you know you are not. You look very beautiful and as far as spending 2 hours in the bathroom trying on make-up you just needed the time to perfect your look.

One time before i got married :angry: I had a whole outfit (that i absolutely loved :D) I spent about an hour in the bathroom perfecting my look. I put on my jeans and boots and wig and shirt and i looked in the mirror and saw the woman i wanted to be but that is a totally different subject. and that night i actually ventured out into the world as i thought nobody would be able to see me. But i did not go that far i walked around the block and back to my apartment as i was scared to be outed. All in all it is totally NORMAL for your desire to want to bring out the woman inside you.

The self doubt and loathing came from the way the world has made you perceive how traditional males are supposed to be, not being in there bathroom for 2 hours putting on make-up like a traditional female would do. But we are not traditional in anyways and we do what we feel is right to us.

So in conclusion dont ever get discouraged about who you are. No matter what you do you know that we are here for you to fall back and we will always be here for you and support you in every way.


Miss Marine


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Sometimes I ask myself why I even did this. I have some self loathing and feel like a freak. Like, what normal boy would go into the bathroom for 2 hours with makeup and have fun with it. All I know is that I did have fun, and I enjoyed it, and it felt right but I don't know where the compulsion came from. I'm also wondering where the self doubt and loathing comes from. Is this what some people call denial? Will my self acceptance get any easier as time goes on? Or maybe I just think too much..

If it makes you feel right, what's wrong with it?

(Hope this helps, I tend to ramble and make little sense)

I have very similar problems every day. Dealing with many delivery drivers at work each morning I always wind up questioning who I am when I finish work. Usually along the lines of feeling like 2 different people inside. But once I realise that what I do at work is simply to survive (earning the cash is important), and that what I do once I leave is who I am. I can sort of feel better once I'm home.

Accepting yourself for who you are is the first most important step towards being yourself. Whether your "Normal", Gay, Trans or whatever!

p.s. Thinking too much is never a curse, it may feel like it, but just imagine how dull your life'd be if you were "Normal" like most troglodytes.

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Guest GoldenKirbichu

I'm invading the forum - girls, watch out! Ha ha, just kidding.

I think you look pretty cool for your first big shot at makeup. I mean, I wouldn't personally know, but it looks good to me! It's not all freakishly overdone like clown makeup.

And you're not ugly. You're actually really pretty, IMO.

Hey, the first time I went out in masculine clothes I spent around two hours making my hair look messy... so don't feel bad.

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Guest Mr. Fox

GoldenKirbachu, I am going to laugh at you in a kindhearted manner.

Michelle, do I need to quote Tubby the Tuba again for you? "Just be yourself, just . . ." Okay, I'll spare everyone. But everyone should be able to like what they want. Wear makeup if you want, Michelle. You are a woman. Ignoring your natal sex, you are not even defying the status quo. You're not a weirdo like me, who likes makeup despite being male (yay! It's pretty!)

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Guest Michelle M

Thanks for the kind replies, I love you all. I'm feeling *much* better. I'm so happy to have reassurance. Oh and Rika, the lighter hair thing was a great idea, I'm really glad you suggested it. I'm going to try it. I only bought wigs of my natural raven hair color, I don't know why.

I'm going to have to grow my own hair out for a year or more though if I want to use it. Only been growing it 3 months, bangs are down to my chin, but the back goes nowhere, it just grows out, kind of like an afro. A friend of mine told me once that for hair like mine, I'd have to grow it a long time, and it'd grow out and out, then eventually down because of the weight. Kind of dreading that my hair might not be long enough to be feminine, but maybe I could do something short that's cute, I was thinking of like the 'page boy' style that's sported by Jonah Jameson's secretary in the Spiderman movie. =)

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Guest Rika-chama

If you're worried about having short hair then try a girly short hair style. I know plently of girls that have femenine short hair and maybe that look is for you. And when I said lighter I was thinking of maybe a brown or something. Whatever you like the best is the important thing :D


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    • Delcina B
      Welcome Jasper @Jasperthecrystal! Glad you're here! It sounds like pads & maybe a pillow might be useful for skateboarding. I guess I can see this forum as helping me find balance in my transition, I hope you find the same.   I'm well, a whole lot better than I used to be, thanks for asking! How are you?    Hugs! Delcina 
    • Delcina B
      Welcome Debbie! Glad you're here! I hope you find the wonderful support, advice & acceptance here as I have.   Hugs! Delcina 
    • chipped_teeth
      Thank you very much for the advice, I have been attempting to contact local LGBTQ organizations (and making steps to move out with some roommates in the nearish future), though understandably they're choosey about how much information they give you when you ask about meetups and support groups. I will continue looking into it. I may need to see a geneticist for another unrelated condition I am being evaluated for, so there's potential I will receive answers from that as well. Again, thank you!
    • chipped_teeth
      It's bad enough that teens are often shuttled to abusive church events outside of school and forced into assemblies about heavy topics like assault and abuse and suicide and then scolded or punished for needing to step out, but the fact so many parents and students were purposefully baited into an indoctrination and humiliation-based event that was a combination of the two is downright sickening. I hope that especially the students who are girls, transgender, abuse survivors, or poor and just wanted a free meal, all get a chance to heal from this, and that the school board is punished for its actions.
    • VickySGV
      It was kidnapping under false circumstances in my evaluation.  I am reading proposals for teaching about Trans and other LGB identities and NONE of them contain deception or scare tactics of this nature, but I am sure the people who sponsored this travesty would be writhing is shock and pain to learn the real truth.  The money issue particularly disgusts me and I am almost sad to think the girl offered the money by the male should have castrated him as she went by his carcass.  I am glad the parents and teacher chaperones say the ugliness of this for what it was.  I am sure a good attorney or child welfare worker can find a way to invalidate the release on the permission slips based on fraud by the "church".   Lets hope.
    • Davie
      More than 2,000 public school students in Louisiana were told earlier this week that they were going to a college fair. They were then shuttled to what parents later deemed a sexist and transphobic church event which left many of the students traumatized.   https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/sep/25/louisiana-school-college-fair-transphobic-church-event-students-say  
    • Jani
    • StephieGurl
      To create some understanding I say I am a lesbian. But really I am just attracted to females. So I wasn't heterosexual and then lesbian after I became Stephie. My attraction did not change, but it is usually more conveinent just to say I am Lesbian. 
    • StephieGurl
      I just put in stuff for sex change with Social Security. Letter from doctor attesting to hormone treatment for female for a year. So no forms. But you do need to apply for a new card (why it doesn't have the gender on it?). The worst part is having to put on my deadname (why I already change that). But, the only gender part is your sex and if you mtf you check female. I actually enjoyed that.   In MD the birth certificate is similar. Letter, deadname, and male to female or female to male boxes to check. What a non-binary person does I don't know. I read something about being able to mark X for sex, but I didn't see anything like that.   PS - the coat in MD is $10 for birth certificate. I thought it was over a $100. So, I might do it. I want to ask my father if he would mine, since it is a historical. I don't think he would mine. He paid for my name change which was $215. Fee and publishing cost. ($165. and $50). I hear in MD you can get the publication requirement can now be waved.
    • Willow
      Good Afternoon    Gee I’m such a girl.  I cried over several parts.     @Bri2020 I can understand the lack of sleep I’m sure a lot of us are just like that or would’ve.  I’m sure you’ll be fine and soon you will be everything you want.   we were referred to as ladies and ma’amed all afternoon sure makes a girl feel good.   hugs   Willow
    • chipped_teeth
      Personally, I just refer to myself as queer or gay more often than not since it flows a lot better than the soup of words I could use to describe myself. I have also seen "MOGAI" for "Marginalized Orientation, Gender Alignment, and Intersex", but that one is heavily criticized for being associated with "micro-identities"
    • Mx.Drago
      It depends on the document. If it's legal or job related, I go by what my legal paperwork sez, so to not cause confusion. I wish it didn't matter, but world still needs time to catch up.🤷 For all other paperwork just "prefer not to say."
    • Mx.Drago
      Your friends are very silly, it's adorable. Honestly, they can just dress normal for comfort. Just let them get their nails done and try some modest make-up w. sparkles. Hope you all have fun.
    • VickySGV
      My first thought here is to contact a local university's medical school / teaching hospital and consent to being involved in one of their research projects.  You are giving symptoms from several Intersex conditions but without testing that the medical facility could test you for without the routine and invasive  procedures you do not want.  I am sad to say this, but it also sounds like you need to investigate ways to get away from your mother and into a better living environment.  Your mother seems to have serious hangups about your potential IS, those are usually from a sense of shame and maybe blame for them, especially since you say you are otherwise disabled as well.  I will give a suggestion that you try and contact a local LGBTQ Community Center since they deal with professionals who know the Trans and IS communities better than most medical folks do. 
    • Mx.Drago
      Inner peace...What is it? Baffling.😶
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