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Growth In My Brain

Guest divatswun

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Guest divatswun

aint this about a $%#^% I am finally clean and sober (except cigarettes) finally have my own pad just me and my three bunny rabbits. Penelope, ROger and Sage. anyways, yesterday I got the worst headache I have ever had that was accompanies by myseeing like shapes floating, then From what I am told i fell out, almost got hit by a bus. Anyways I come around at the hospital, and they are telling me that I have a growth in my brain. The growth is expanding my brain which causes the headaches and seeing shapes. Anyways, I just cant beleive it...im 36. I thought I still had time to mZAKe my life worth it before I die,,,,maybe not.. I wasnt supposed to leave the hos[pital, but I did....I just cant think of the words to accuratly describe how Im feeling right now. I have no family left so im not worried about anyone being hurt by my returning to dust so to speak....but what about my sweet little bunnies? Those three little guys are the ONLY ones preventing me from getting a serious "screw it" attitude. And boy, let me tell you the kinds of crazy things that goes through ones mind when there is no future for them...

My rabbits are sooooooo spoiled, I mean they are never in a cage and have free rein of my entire apt... what to do what to do....no one will take care of them like I do,,,no one.....they even have blue eyes. Well, i think ill maintain until i get some more testing done for their sake. If it turnsd out im a goner, maybe I should just do them and then myself,,,no sense in suffering

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Guest swee'pea

Hi divatswun,

<<< hug >>>

I am so sorry to hear of your problem.

Please don't hurt yourself.

None of know how long we are gonna live, and neither do you.

I know you think that this is the end for you, but miracles of medicine happen everyday.

It sounds like what you describing is a tumor.

Their are many people that have beaten such things.

Please try and keep a positive attitude, you still have the miracle of life inside of you.

Try and not think about what you might not have, but instead think of each day that you do have.

You are never given a problem without there being a gift for you in it's hands.

Just look for the gift in all of this, I'm sure it is there.

with love from,

:wub: vanna

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Guest 91curiouskitten

if it IS a tumor you dont need to fret to much, my Science teacher juinior year ahd one, and she was teaching again before the schoolyear was over

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Guest Alex Blitzen

i have a brain tumor and a lung tumor and I am 22 years old. I had the tumors for years. I am currently in remission, You can overcome it, there may be times when it becomes difficult, but stay positive... you can make it :)

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Do listen to Alex,

There is the voice of experience - you can survive a lot of things and no one can really tell you exactly when you are going to die unless they are going to kill you because nothing is carved in stone, there are always chances and a lot more than just your rabbits care about you.

Never go by just one doctor's opinion - get another!

The main thing about beating any ailment is to believe that you can.

Love ya,


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Guest My_Genesis

Sorry to hear the bad news :(

Best of luck with getting the results though! Not all "growths" (tumours, whatever) are cancerous.

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  • Forum Moderator

Terrifying news-and your mind can't help leping immediately to the worst possible scenario I'm sure.

But you aren't there yet and may not be for a long long time. Maybe never from this

I know a wonderful woman who has had brain cancer for over 20 years. She is one of the few unlucky ones-hers comes back periodically- but I wish I had half her pure zest for life and energy. She has her surgeries when they are necessary and bounces right back up and gets on with life without a murmmer.

I've lived in a sort of tumor hotspot for much of my life-the farmbelt where chemicals are rampant-has the highest tumor rate in the US-and one thing I've seen unmistakably is that attitude is everything. I've seen the least sick succumb rapidly and the supposedly terminal have many,many long years. It's more up to you than you can believe-should it be the worst-and you don't even know that yet.

There are growths that are easily treated and never come back. Way too early to panic. Actually the time to panic is never but you know what I mean.

I but I send my love and thoughts. Please keep everyone posted


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Guest Clockwork

Life deals us the hands were given for a reason. It might not sound like much coming from someone whose only 9 and you being 36. I haven't had nearly as much experience in life as you. But it were not for troubled times and situations such as your, people wouldn't value life. I don't recommend doing yourself or your bunnies in. See if there is anything can be done first. If there isn't make the most out of the time you have left.

Life can be cruel, we all understand this. But what we also must understand is that life can show mercy as well. I can't say i know how you feel or know what your going through. But the age old phrase still remains true to this day. It's always darkest before dawn. If you cannot find a reason to keep living until your expiration date, who will?

I'm not sure if any of what have said will help, but having not even met you, i wish you the best.


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    • Ivy
    • Ivy
      And then, if you try to point out what is happening, you're accused of "inciting violence."  Dang, there's no winning here.   I am disgusted.  I served the country in the army (in a time of war) raised a (rather large) family (none of whom are in jail yet) worked for the public over 30 yrs (cleaning up other people's messes) and paid my taxes.  But now, I'm the "enemy of the people.  These people are insane.   If there actually is a hell, there will be a lot of surprised people there.    There.  I got my rant out.
    • Ivy
      And incompetence.   Not many people would give a rat's @$$ about us if they didn't keep stirring this crap up.   So all this explodes and then what?  A huge pile of bodies - and for what? Perhaps that will satisfy the blood lust.  But then no… it might take a few more piles.  Meh, it won't be my problem anymore.
    • Ivy
      I don't think people realize how dangerous this man is. Yeah, he has a vendetta against us.  His trans-daughter dissed him.  Then his ex dated Chelsea Manning.  He made "cis" an official slur out of spite. He is an authoritarian, and he interfered in the Ukraine war - because he could.  Our government has let themselves become dependent on his satellites  and rockets. His megalomania dwarfs DJT's. Just my opinion of course.
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      The Fathers provided for a way to update the constitution, and it has been used in the past.  They weren't as stupid as some of their supposed modern followers.  As soon as it was passed, they added the "Bill of Rights." 
    • Liz
      @Ashley0616Hii : P I hope it works better out this time. Imho I think taking it very slow and without expectations works best. or like thinking about any outcome and dont expecting a specific one. Maybe you learn more about her and she is just not like you thought. Maybe I am just super slow and picky Idk but everytime I was going fast or let me being rushed it failed miserably.
    • EasyE
      so true, so true ... my female side seems to want come out more and more these days... 
    • nissra M.
      i,m wearing my tommy hillfiger bra that i got on prime day.  and chilling in the backyard. 100 degrees already in Vegas.
    • Birdie
      As an engineer I was invited to a climate change conference decades ago. They had a very nice model posted covering them last 130,000 years showing a gradual warming since the end of the last ice age and a small spike starting about the beginning of the industrial revolution. They were absolutely correct in their data, we are experiencing climate change and things will get grim here shortly (relatively speaking).    The data missing in the presentation were ice core samples dating back about 400,000 years showing a natural cycle that earth has been experiencing for about 4 billion years. The last ice age showed data that almost mimics identical to our present data, and humans were just emerging and still cave dwellers.    Not to say that humans are not effecting climate, even if a coyote pees on a bush in the desert the micro environment changes. We should be respectful to our planet.    But there is NO amount of legislation that will STOP climate change. It's going to happen no matter what. Rather than spending trillions of dollars trying to STOP climate change perhaps we should be trying to figure out how to survive the inevitable.    Many engineers at the conference came onboard with me, but needless to say we were never invited to attend the meetings after than. It just didn't fit the agenda of the presenters.   
    • Carolyn Marie
      Something we can agree on!   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
    • MaeBe
      You can look at it this way: the elected officials are more focused on obtaining and staying in power than passing anything. Given that the most recently passed amendment was regarding legislative compensation and that was proposed in 1789 says much about troublesome amending it can be. Very little is written into the Constitution, the "unalienable rights" have been left to exist in statutes and code. Dithering life in a complex modern times to "micromanaging" certain things, such as gas stoves, comes down to the live and let live policy--does the existence of something harm others more than the personal liability one maintains by owning something. One could say they fall into the same category as smoking; it's not just the smoker harming themself. I'm not advocating the elimination of natural gas stoves, I have only read cursorily about it, but one must think past the individual when it comes to laws of the land.   As for what JD Vance stands for, did stand for, now stands for? is a question. I know little about him, other than his stance on marriage. His proposals would allow marriages to endure domestic violence because of the "sanctity" of marriage within a subset of a religion he maintains. He's willing to maritally hot box Americans, to death in some cases, simply because of his religious values. Sure, many share similar values, but not everyone--and definitely not a majority. Also, he's "changed his views" on a Trump presidency because it's politically expedient for him to acquire power. Going from being a "Never Trumper" to signing up to be his VP displays a type of moral bankruptcy I cannot really fathom.
    • KathyLauren
      When he launched that Tesla into space, he should have been the one sitting in the driver's seat.
    • Birdie
      Strange enough my Facebook account was permanently closed due to "inciting hate and violence" when I used to post President Reagan video speeches a lot. 🤔
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      I knew that I had a female side of me that likes to come out at at times
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