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Laser For Srs Prep?

Guest NatashaJade

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Guest NatashaJade

Not that I'm anywhere close to needing this yet, but I was reading on my laser tech's site that they claim success in the genital area and was curious if anyone has gone this route rather than electrolysis. The reason I ask is that I am getting an electrolysis consultation next week for the stubborn white hairs the laser isn't cleaning up on my face and I'm going to ask them about taking care of me down below as well (when the time comes). I'm fairly certain I'd prefer laser all things considered.

If y'all have any insight, I'd love to hear it.



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Guest Donna Jean


Dang good question, Gin...

I've never heard of that before, although I wouldn't doubt that it exists...

I have to cringe when ever it's mentioned in any context, though....

I'll wait with you to see what's posted....OK?


Donna Jean

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Guest AmyB

I'm a fan of laser, but the risks are too great to use it for SRS/GCS prep. It is possible that there may be regrowth from laser, and regrowth of hair on skin which is now inside a vagina (or anywhere it shouldn't be on the vulva) is a pretty awful prospect. :o I think SRS prep is one situation where even if the hair is suitable for laser it would be daft not to use electrolysis.

The only sensible alternative to electrolysis for GCS prep, that I'm aware of, is to use a surgeon who will remove the hair follicles as part of the operation (e.g. Suporn).

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Guest NatashaJade
I'm a fan of laser, but the risks are too great to use it for SRS/GCS prep. It is possible that there may be regrowth from laser, and regrowth of hair on skin which is now inside a vagina (or anywhere it shouldn't be on the vulva) is a pretty awful prospect. :o I think SRS prep is one situation where even if the hair is suitable for laser it would be daft not to use electrolysis.

The only sensible alternative to electrolysis for GCS prep, that I'm aware of, is to use a surgeon who will remove the hair follicles as part of the operation (e.g. Suporn).

Agreed!!! I guess there are just some pains that we must accept as part of the process...



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It is harder than you think to find someone to do electrolysis or laser on the genital area, Kristin who has done electrolysis on my face to remove the white/gray hairs for a year said she was not comfortable doing it, even woman's genital area, she checked with several others and they too would not do it either, so i contacted the woman who did my laser facial hair removal, and she said she would like to do a consult first to see if she could do it.

I am not very hairy down there, so after shaving and putting Solarcaine on to deaden the pain i went to her office, she had me remove my capri's and panties and put this terrycloth skirt on then and sit in her dentist llke chair, then the big moment, she put some gel on, this was more than a one person job and i had to assist moving things around down there and stretching the skin, she did an area and asked if it hurt much, i said it was tolerable, she was fine doing it and asked if i wanted to do a session today, i said yes the sooner it is done the better, there was smoke and that burning hair smell which ment it was working.

Overall you do need something to deaden the pain of the laser, there were areas that i wanted to jump out of the chair then the next section i hardly felt anything.

I have a consult in 2 weeks with Dr. Christine Mcginn my choice for srs, i will explain my situation and hope laser will be ok with her.


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Guest Chayraine

I have recently talked with a PA that does my laser.

Like any other laser treatment you need to be prepared for 4 to 6 sessions to remove the hair. That makes about 8 months + time for regrowth to show up if there is any which should be 8 to 12 weeks.

So realistically you really need to start laser a full year before you plan for your surgery. With in the last month or so before surgery you can have a quick session of electrolysis to remove the last bit of hair you have. Assuming you have some hair left and can find an electrolysis to do it.

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    • Colleen Henderson
      I knew at age six - before there was a name for it. I had no one in whom to confide but somehow learned that what felt perfectly natural to me was something to be kept secret.   After spending many decades vacillating between one identity and two, with all of the attendant guilt, confusion, and unrelenting self-analysis, I decided just this year - upon the advice of my wife - to stop leading my life solely for the benefit of others and in fear of what they might think.   I'm unapologetically, confidently, and happily full-time now, at age 81. 
    • Carolyn Marie
      I'm going to explore James Taylor's new album of American "standards."  I hope its as good as I've heard.   Carolyn Marie
    • Russ Fenrisson
      @SolI can't tell you how many natural remedies and recommendations I've seen that include chocolate. 😆 Yeah, it can be pretty helpful, being a natural mood-elevator, aside from the fact it tastes so good.   I always try to wear comfortable clothing during that time and since I get cold easier during that time, I often wear loose soft fabric pants with perhaps a nice jacket or hoodie. As long as my clothing is soft and feels good, I'll generally feel better.   And I'll try to do that more. I usually remind myself that other men are suffering like me and one day I won't have to deal with these anymore, but for me, I'll try to remind myself I'm a cool, tough guy for enduring this terrible malady. Thank you.
    • Russ Fenrisson
      @SolYou're welcome. A lot of studies I've seen and anecdotes by trans individuals include this remark about the junk food because of how it can affect the body, especially it's health in those organs I listed. But then again, some of those individuals were really into fitness and if you really can't help it, you shouldn't feel bad if you decide to snack on something or have something a little bit unhealthy sometimes. Don't deprive yourself to the point you start to feel bad. The occasional fruit and veggie once in a while is also fine.   I've heard of WPW before. As long as you're mindful of your condition, you should be fine. Because patches provide gradual transmission rather than an immediate transmission into the blood like actual injection, you should be fine. Just remember to always keep in constant contact with your doctor.
    • Russ Fenrisson
      @helenaOnly you know the answer to that. Whether to transition or not, that's your own decision, and when you do, you can decide how far you want to go. And I hate that prospect too: that it's a phase, you'll only regret it once you transition. That's up to the person themselves, not other people. It'll take time but you'll have the courage to do what you want to do. If you're afraid of the procedures or changes that occur when transitioning, you can always look up what happens during HRT and the things to prepare for while you're on it. Yeah, it can be scary at first, but in time, it might be very rewarding. Then you can decide if it's really for you or not. 9 times out of 10, people will know it's for them.   And @RhondaS is absolutely right. Only do what's comfortable for you. Always be mindful and do what makes you happy, regardless of what others think.
    • Russ Fenrisson
      @awkward-yet-sweetGreat. Sometimes, even hours after I post something I think about whether I might have said the wrong thing to someone or was a bit too strong. It's just a thing regarding self-monitoring.   I used to get that when I was little but I'm glad I'm nowhere near those people anymore. They used to make me question myself and wonder what I did to make them treat me the way they did. Most people are jealous anyway and just hate to see people being themselves when they themselves are in pain.   Always remember though, as long as you're you and you're fine with yourself, you're never a problem. As long as you're happy, that's all that matters.
    • Russ Fenrisson
      @awkward-yet-sweetHmm, I've also been iffy about going to a gym. Since I started exercising, I've been doing it at home. The only reason I would go to a gym is if I wanted to go to get heavier weights- which would be helpful- but the reason I don't go is I get self-conscious when I exercise sometimes. I don't feel like I'm doing the right thing when I get stared at. Also, unless it's a trainer, I don't want to be talked to unless the conversation involves exercise. I don't want to start an awkward conversation. I've been steadily leaving the house more to expose myself to more social situations so I can talk to people normally again. Maybe I can incorporate a gym in the future but as of right now, my home gym- my dojo- is the best. 😂 You don't necessarily need a gym to meet your requirement for activity, but if you do, go to one you feel comfortable at. Regardless, just know people probably don't care that you're there. They will be more concerned about exercising than you exercising. That should help to at least ease any worries about a public gym.   @Spencer PhoenixAwesome. It's always great when you can pass at work. It's also great how you were able to feel euphoric dressing the way you want. All that matters is if you feel happy doing what you do. I bet you have great style. 👍   @Katie23 That was a great story. I imagine it feels really good when a patient remembers you, even if it's been a while. I honestly want to applaud that patient. Just one person who sees you for you is enough to really make your day.
    • Russ Fenrisson
      @awkward-yet-sweet Making your own shoes sounds cool. How do you make the moccassins? I've heard of the process of weaving them before using any straw or tree bark you can find, and I've just been interested in the process in general.
    • Russ Fenrisson
      @awkward-yet-sweetAh, lucky! It's rare when I don't feel pain- those are honestly the best times.
    • Ann W
      I quit cigarettes a long time ago, but I was on tour with my band in Arizona and I bought this lighter at a truck stop.  It was just how I felt at the time, doing my first tour since going full time.  Played country music in Prescott, Mesa, and Tucson, and got nothing but praise and compliments...a great boost to my confidence.
    • Davie
      Girls Rock Better because they have better reasons to. Dave Grohl VS Nandi Bushell EPIC Drum Battle - Dead End Friends 
    • Davie
    • Marcie Jensen
      This is a Great Truth. My children's godparents--both born in the north--make this assertion, as do two of my oldest friends, both of whom are very progressive in their politics believe this. They trust the media implicitly. And for the record this is not an attack on progressives, rather it is an observation based on my experience alone. I'm from the south, and Aay time my accent comes out, people assume that I'm an illiterate bumpkin. They get shocked when I tell them I have both an MDiv and a DMin. THen they assume I'm a Bible thumping right wing fanatic; which I'm not.   Stereotypes are all across the spectrum, and they need to go away. People simply need to take folks for waht they are rather than trying to put them into neat little boxes.   Sorry for the rant. THis hits close to home.
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      Please stay engaged, fight the urge.
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      Good morning/afternoon the coffee is gone. Brunch is hitting the table.   Suzie and I are planning out our camping trips for the rest of the year.   It's a good morning.   Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
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