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Guest JessAnn

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Guest babyboy

OMG I can't believe what I had done today. I came home and did all my stuff put on my makeup and clothes, sat around then I went out to check the mail. I got a few glances and I was so embarresed I was in full girl mode and I ran really fast into the house.

Has anyone else done anyhting embarresing? If so please dont be scared to share.

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Guest shimmeringkristal

I gave up on being embarased. Even though I live in the bible belt I have come to the conclusion that I really just don't care what anyone else thinks about me. All I think anymore is that I am who I want to be. I went to a club one night and was stared at for about an hour by these two guys. It was a glbt club but I knew that these two were straight though. I finally got so tired of the stares that I just stood up, walked over to them, and said "parden me but I couldn't help but notice that you two were staring. Now I don't know where you come from but where I come from it is considered rude to just batantly stare at someone. If you would like I can get you both a picture and you may stare at that till your hearts content. Till then do me the favor of stop staring at me." About five minutes they got up and left right after they glanced in my direction.

It is normal to be a bit embarased at first but that feeling fades with time.

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Guest Mr. Fox

Have I done anything embarassing? I can't even answer that question without delving further into the subtle nuances of it. Embarassing is all a matter of perspective. I have done things that embarass me that would not embarass you. I have also done many, many things that would probably embarasss most people in the world, but alas, I have no shame. Related to this, however, would be the beginning of eight grade, when I had just figured out my problem to some degree, but not the stigma behind it. The teacher asked all females to raise their hands (it was relevant to the activity) and I didn't. She told me to raise my hand, and I refused to and told her to put me as neither or male. I, fortunately, do not have to worry about being seen in clothes of the opposite sex, as societal rules permit those with the female habitus to crossdress.


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Guest Alice4016

I have just recently started living as myself, so I know what you mean about the looks etc. I wouldn't say I'm embarassed, I'm just still adjusting to people seeing me as a woman/referring to me as a woman (it's great though!). I'm sure over time it'll all start to feel normal, and I'm sure it'll be the same with you hun. All this takes time (for you to adjust, and for others). Don't sweat it dear, it's who you are no reason to be ashamed of being yourself.

Peace, love, and health,


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Guest CharTo

just recently, i took off my jacket and leaned over onto a table with my hands crossed where my friend was waiting at a restaurant. I was too tired to noticed that I can create...cleavage if that's done...not to mention bra straps peeking out...

haha, I had an awkward coming out session with a friend soon afterwords. Now that he's not phased by it and all ended well, it was a funny experience.

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