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How Do You Feel About Laser. Experience Anyone?

Guest oogie292

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I started with laser to get rid of the dark hair, i had 10 sessions last year, i just completed a year of electrolysis to remove the white/gray hairs and any dark ones that came back, i still have at least another year to finish off the neck hairs, i barely have to shave my face, my neck i still do.

If you have a dark beard shadow, laser will remove the shadow faster so you do not have to worry about it, but laser is not listed as permanent, electrolysis is.


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Guest Lady.Violette

If you have a dark beard shadow, laser will remove the shadow faster so you do not have to worry about it, but laser is not listed as permanent, electrolysis is.


Very weird Paula, the site Im reading from says the opposite. That Laser is permanent and electro isn't.

So whats the deal?


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  • Admin

The jury is still out for me and laser. I've gone through 7 sessions, and feel like the density of hair has been reduced at least 50

per cent, but not sure if it will get to 100 per cent, 80, 70, or what. I'm sure I'll have some white hairs to get rid of through

electro, but I think its been a good investment to start with LHR.

Carolyn Marie

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  • Admin

Very weird Paula, the site Im reading from says the opposite. That Laser is permanent and electro isn't.

So whats the deal?


My understanding of the treatments is the same as Paula's. In general, electrolysis is supposed to be more permanent.

Don't forget, Violette, that the source for your info is an LHR company. They are not exactly unbiased on the subject.

Carolyn Marie

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Guest Lady.Violette

My understanding of the treatments is the same as Paula's. In general, electrolysis is supposed to be more permanent.

Don't forget, Violette, that the source for your info is an LHR company. They are not exactly unbiased on the subject.

Carolyn Marie

Well, yes. :P

That is true hihi

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Guest JackieP

I constantly check on this as I hate electro - having to let hair grow prior, pain and swelling etc.,

but so far, info from non biased sites still show electro as the only permanent solution.

I should add, that even requires going over the same area more than once to get rid of growth permanently !

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Guest miss kindheart

I went and did two laser sessions on my face, and it removed quite a bit of my facial hair.

There is only one place where I live that does it, and their machine broke down :( and after a long time they told me they didn't think they were gonna get it fixed.

I did lots of research and found that IPL (Intense pulsed light) Is now considered better than laser.

They also have a machine called Elight now, it is IPL+RF (radio frequency)

I ended up buying one, and am not sorry I did.

I have used it on my whole Body except mt head hair, and forearms.

It will do so many things ^_^

I do still have a few gray hair that I need to get removed by electrolysis though.

:wub: vanna

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Guest Kayliegh

I have had four sessions of laser and a year of electro. The laser did get rid of 70% of the dark hairs - unfortunalty, I have many platinum blond hairs as well!

The electro takes a while and is painful. My electrologist started on the sides of my face before HRT and that went smoothly (no pun intended, but now she is doing the upper lip, chin and neck and it is not easy to bare!

If your facial hair is all dark, go with laser. The stragglers you can get with electro.

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Guest Miss_Construe

The place I went here in Colorado (North-West suburb or Denver to be precise) was really great.

They explained that the FDA has only approved Laser hair removal for 'reduction' and not 'removal'. They pretty much explained everything I have read about laser hair removal, and a few tidbits to make the most of the experience. The sensation isn't exactly a york peppermint patty, but so far I am satisfied. Can tell you more in a few more sessions.

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Guest StaceyC

I had really thick facial hair, i'd get a 1 o'clock shadow and have to shave twice a day sometimes. Anyway I've finished my 6th session of laser on my face and neck. A bit painful but a HUGE improvement. My beard is not a 100% gone yet. Probably about 90%. I'm guessing I'll need another 2 or 3 treatments. I'm not sure about it being permanent. I've heard the same as the other posts. But I my intention is to use the laser to get most of it as quickly as possible. It Then follow up with electro later as needed later. Your hair grows in cycles and it only kills the hair that is actively growing which is why it takes so many treatments regardless of you method.

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Guest Krisina

So what do folks normally do then get the lase for a year, say 6 sessions, then switch over to electrolysis?

Laser being permanent hair reduction, and thinning of the beard. Is that to imply the hair won't grow back? That what ever hair has responded to the treatment is considered the hair reduction.

Trying to plan how I should go about this. Going to the laser treatments every 5 or 6 weeks I guess to get the next growth cycles of hair.

My preference if I could afford it would be electrolysis e3000 b

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Krisina, i had 10 laser sessions, afrer the 7th laser session my dark hairs were just about gone, however being older i had allot of gray/white hairs that laser does not eliminate, so in addition to laser i started electrolysis, in the 17 months i have been doing electrolysis some dark hairs have returned and are being taken care of.

In my opinion if you have dark facial hair do laser first, it gave me a huge boost in confidence as far as passing, then finish the rest off with electrolysis.


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I have had very little electrolysis because of extremely delicate skin I require a lower power than most want to use but I have a couple of small scars from those early treatments so when I need the clean up I am going to research the place I am going to use very carefully.

As to laser not being permanent I would look to the sources - Electro is 'old school' and accepted as being permanent while laser is the 'new kid on the block' so it has to fight for acceptance in a field where the 'old guard' is not really looking for new ideas.

An example of this sort of thing is the fact that after Dr.McGinn had opened her Papillon Center near Philadelphia the American Medical Association recognized Dr. Bowers as being the only Transsexual performing the SRS, why is that - Dr. Bowers is an MD (their schools) and Dr.McGinn is an OD (Osteopathic - the enemy camp) - rather petty and actually misinformation from a trusted orginazation.

I am having 5 laser sessions - number 3 is today, I am having good results and the operator is increasing the intensity on each session as the hairs are getting lighter in color and I have been exposed to the laser more - it is working well for me but the only reason that I decided to try was I had a coupon for 5 treatments on one area (my chin) for $99 - I had to try it!

We will see what happens to the lighter hairs, my technician says that it varies by individual but for some with pretty light skin (like me) a lot of the hairs with any color at all will be removed.

Love ya,


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Guest Arielle

I love this idea

As to laser not being permanent I would look to the sources - Electro is 'old school' and accepted as being permanent while laser is the 'new kid on the block' so it has to fight for acceptance in a field where the 'old guard' is not really looking for new ideas.

Laser so far is working fine for me after 7 sessions. No it doesn't work for everyone, and the laser I'm having used on me is Alexandrite (currently the most advanced by FDA standards), and uses FM to make sure that the follicles die. The FDA won't say laser is permanent until some standard is met that I don't have knowledge of.

Sort of makes me wonder why laser (besides the above quote) is looked at so poorly when many many women have parts of their bodies done everyday and most of the time have no complaints if they follow the rather simple guidelines. No I can't go in the sun like I used to (not that I really used to anyway), but it doesn't bother me either. I wear more sunblock (all of us should), and keep hydrated. Right now with how hair is removed, you give up speed to keep the ability to tan. Or you do the opposite.

Laser destroys the melanin in the skin which is how you tan. I also know a woman in the same city as me whose had laser done 5 years ago when it was much newer and more expensive and not quite as good as it is now, and she has no complaints about the results.

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Guest Krisina

Thanks for your posting posting oogie292 and everyone that responded too explaining stuff for me too.

Arielle postings are interesting. I didn't realize That the laser destroys the Melinin innthe skin that is what tans the skin. I wonder how long after laser treatments are done you can begin to tan again?

Paula ult's posting was interesting in that she said some dark hairs had returned, and that they were being treated with electrolysis.

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I thought I would look to see if there was anything new in the discussion of laser hair removal. It appears that there is nothing new which is sad to say. Always I see:

1) Plenty of testimonials by people undergoing laser treatments or to recently have finished them where they claim great results.

2) Claims that new technology has resolved the problems of the past.

3) No testimonials from people who completed laser treatements many years earler.

Not having regrowth for a few months or even 6 months after treament doesn't mean much as far as permanent. There is no question that short term time frames laser can be effective plus or minue the light hairs. The question is about the long term. The permanence issue is about what happens years after. The complaint about laser has been the signficant regrowth that occurs a few years after the laser treatments are stopped.

I been hearing the new technology cliam resolving the past issues for over 10 years now. Where are the people who made the claim 5 years ago now to tell us that yes they didn't have significant regrowth?

The lack of testimonials by people who had their last laser treatment 3 years ago who are agreeing that it is permanent is, well interesting.

I know many who had laser (including myself). We all are essentially of the same opinion, yes it helped, but much of it came back after a few years.

A friend finished getting laser treatmetns in the past year. In 5 years either she will be able to say, yes it was permanent for her, or maybe her experience will be more typical. She is a near perfect candidate with pale skin and black hair so if anyone will have good results it will be her.

The best I come up with on laser is:

a.) Great for some quick results. So definitely good for a start even if long term all the hairs need to be eventually done with electro.

b.) Electro needed for lighter hairs and to deal with the regrowth over time.

c.) It probably knocks out a third of the hairs long term so may even be worthwhile from a absolute cost standpoint.

I am hoping things will change and technology will solve the problems. It is certainly much easier.

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Guest Miss_Construe

The FDA is reported (by my laser tech) to have approved LHR for ~80% hair reduction. Their website may have some information. FDA Laser Facts

I also checked Consumer Reports

This site seems to compare some things Comparison from Vendor

I think suppliers would have information about FDA approval publicly available. According to the wording from the FDA they sites who manufacture the lasers (and the practitioners) can not claim hair reduction or removal unless the device is approved. However, the regrowth watch period is only 'longer than the treatment period.' That would indicate after treatment has ceased (which is what the FDA would stipulate, and require clear documentation of). Theoretically hair wouldn't grow back unless a hormonal change disrupted the steady state growth cycle.

While looking through the libraries online database I noticed that there is studies for laser hair reduction/ removal that nuance the wavelengths and do histological studies to determine the actual impacts on the follicle and the remaining tissue of the skin. Should be interesting. I don't really feel like doing it right now, but Google Scholar should have some of those articles (including at least abstracts) or even the manufacturers (Lots of places try to be sciencie about their products).

Hope that gives you some new information/ things to look into/ help deciding.



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Laser is fast and cheaper... BUT there are a lot of yahoo's running around performing it. Make sure whoever you go to actually knows what they are doing. They can easily cause problems by zapping you with too high of settings or doing the same spot too much (and the results can actually cause scars!).

There are also things like intense light pulse treatments for body hair. Not really lasers, but they do a pretty good job of killing hair (at first you do it once every 2 weeks...and then down to months between treatments...and finally only needing it like once a year as upkeep). Again, you can end up burning the skin if you don't do it right or the machine malfunctions (this happened to me, the machine broke and little red crazy itchy bumps popped up all over... which left scarring on my legs, looks like tons of permanent bug bites o.O).

But, as long as you are careful or are getting it done by someone who knows their job... you should be ok. Take precautions and do the test patches first and all that other stuff.

For the face, laser tends to get rid of the darker hairs easier and faster, but you still need electrolysis for the white ones.

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Guest Elizabeth K

Sadly, neither LASER nor Electrolysis are 100% successful.

Sally is using a 5 session LASER session and although she says she has results, her blond beard looks about the same to me after three sessions, but I cannot tell. The process is more complicated than most people think. Yet it seems quick. Her having electrolysis in the same area would be about $250, and may have had about the same results. She would have been paying about $750 - but she had a coupon.

Her beard is about average,

My beard is near non-existent (heritage) so I opted for electrolysis. I did my eyebrows and my mustache area - about 12 sessions at $55 each. It took about 80% off permanently. I would have been going back for about at least 20 more sessions (remember, not much beard) to get all my face done. I ran out of $$$... So that would have been about $1700. I think most spend at least $3000 or more - electrolysis. And it is not 100% - as the hair on the face tends to cycle every 7 years or so.

Either way - hair removal goes on for a long time.

I won't use LASER, a personal choice, unless they get it perfected. Electrolysis is primarily designed for lighter work on natal women, but I have a tolerance for pain and needles, so I will probably go back.

My option


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Not having a tolerance for pain and needles and having scared from my first electrolysis session, I am going with the laser on this 5 visit coupon - it has pretty much removed the dark hairs in the first three sessions, each time she is raising the power level to get a bit more as my skin is developing a resistance to the laser - the first time she did a test and thought it was a bit more red than she liked so she backed it down - she has told me that for some extremely pale individuals like myself that a lot of lighter hairs will also be effected (but she has started widening the area covered so that I will not just be throwing away these last two sessions.

My next session is in one hour - got to go get ready.

Love ya,


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Guest little_sephy

I've recently gotten a laser treatment, and I'm due for another 3 so far. Managed to get a great deal, I ended up only paying $585 up front for 4 laser sessions on all areas of my face and neck, including sideburns. It was kinda painful at first, but honestly it wasn't too rough. The WORST pain comes from the lip region...that can be kind of unbearable i did cry a little bit lol but it was sooooo worth it, even after just 1 laser session about 90% of my shadow just dissapeared after all the dead hairs started to shed off. I think laser is pretty effective for anyone looking for really quick results, and any hairs left over you can always get electrolysis for! Anyway, that's just my 2 cents :P

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      Thank you Carolyn. I really do think I need to see someone about how I have been feeling. I feel depressed at times, powerless, and really anxious. The thought of transitioning also scares me, I don't want to lose my parents, or what I have right now and I don't want to make a mistake I will regret. Do you have any recommendations on people I could talk to? Thank you again ❤️
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      Stars and stripes and everything nice 🇺🇸 😊
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      (Disclaimer: I am a foreigner!)   I enjoy the freedom to be myself.  I present as a woman and am accepted as such.  Lots of people have never known me as anyone but Kathy.   I no longer have to pretend to be a man.  I did that for six decades, and the freedom from that is delicious.  I savour it every day.   Still, as you all know only too well, that freedom is precarious.  Our country follows trends in yours a few years later.  If your country descends into fascism, ours will follow.    I served my country for eight years, and I would be willing to do so again if that is what it took to defend our freedom.  But I am too old for that now.  So I will fight that descent in any way I can, and hope that the younger generations can keep this country sane.
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      This thread has made me think, question, wonder and return multiple times. My story is long and not for here, but I will try and add to the posts read so far.    I knew I was different from a very young age, I was curious and never had barriers to things. I danced ballet from a very young age and was the only non-girl for almost every class, until they split the sexes at 12. I lost a lot of interest when forced into separate lessons. I know I wore clothes, up until senior school, that came from the 'other side' of the shop. I really enjoyed that and wore those clothes out before I grew out of them. My mum said it was because I liked them and finding my size was tough as I was so small then. Coats was a key item as the only colours I liked always came from the 'better side'. As I got older and social pressures and bullies, or fear of them impacted I became more hidden and subtle. Being in a single sex school really impacted me and still does to this day. It was a brutal place in tough times when teachers could doing anything and did. I was lucky as there always seemed to be a bag of second hand clothes in the house that I could look through. Strange really as I had a brother, so why girls clothes would be there I don't know, I have wondered. I learnt how to memorise the order and folding so I could wear and return without anyone knowing. So I kept dressing and I had the house to myself a lot more than was probably good for me, not that I saw it that way. So many stories and memories.   Why mention these early experiences? Well I have always known I was different. Then I understood that what I liked was probably 'bad' or 'dangerous' and certainly different. I kept it hidden as was the way in those days and had no name for it. I have always known and lived with 'it'. Taking joy in fashion, art and any opportunity to be me. In recent years I have read, learnt and understood more. I have a name for it now and see so many amazingly brave and proud people who are able to do what I can't, yet. So although I have known, and lived my life in transition, I have never started in the sense of modern understanding of transition, but live each day in my mind transitioning my thoughts, ideas and beliefs from the social norm to my norm. As I reach an age where I am getting more outspoken and honest I feel the pressure kettle will explode and I will transform to the butterfly I have always longed to be.
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      True.  2020 really made me aware of it with all the unrest.    The one freedom I wish I had was the ability to be legally married.  I'm not my husband's only partner, and his female partners are also my partners.  We're recognized by God and community, but without the automatic protections of the law regarding insurance, inheritance, healthcare, etc...  I get that it might be complex to pass legislation (especially since we're a tiny minority), but it would be nice.  As society expands its understanding of partnership and family, maybe we'll get there someday.   
    • Emma De
      So diet, clothes, mindset, attitude and openness are my focus currently.   Openness is the hardest for me. I am becoming more determined than ever. I am happiest when I am my true self. Just life has been tough recently and surviving has been the main aim. Living as myself is a mater of small steps and minor gains. When I walk through the shops I love everything feminine and would love to be locked in the shop overnight to try things on, that must be a thing that others have felt?  I have made the excuse that until I have shoes I can't go out dressed, but won't buy or order shoes. Partly my size 10 feet make this a challenge, but I have looked at several sites that cover my size. My depression and circumstances have limited opportunities recently and I really feel it when I haven't had a chance to be me. Summer and fashions dazzle me and I dream of a summer dress with sandles. I have grown my hair, mentioned elsewhere but with no style applied. Oh I have so far to go, but each tiny step and effort makes me smile, which is a miracle at this stage.
    • Red_Lauren.
      Depends on where you live, seuxal choices, and whats in your pants. I live in a small red town, I'm bi sexual, and still have my oem parts. So not a lot of choices for me.    What lesbians i meet. Want me to have a vagina. The bi woman are typically married, and the guys are a waste of time, or interested woman are hours away.    Honestly dating today sucks. Its full of scammers, and politics play a big part also. I'm talking to a woman who's a few hours away. I can't tell if she's a scam yet, but she's a lesbian. She wishes I had a vagina, but she understands i might have one down the road. 
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      Oh! Someone else from AZ! Unfortunately I can’t visit those universities. My parents wouldn’t let me. Once I get my drivers license I can, but I just got my permit a few weeks ago so thats still a while away.  I’m not too worried about a name change right now. I have my priorities in other places.  Thank you!
    • WillowA113
      Thanks for the ideas 
    • Jaycie
      The way things are heading for the LGBTQ+ community in general and trans people in specifically, the freedom to exist without the fear of being forced to de-transition because of the hateful viewpoints of others!!! 
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      Here in AZ it's a specialty field, too. Or so my PCP has told me. Fortunately, @WillowA113you're in the Phoenix metro area That means there are a number of universities here that are affiliated with entities such as the Banner Health Care system, which does have gender therapy. As does the Mayo clinic. The state even accepts a number of telemedicine gender care specialist clinics, and obtaining things like a name change and gender change on your DL are pretty straightforward. But on the expensive side. For example, a name change in Maricopa County costs around $320 and you don't have to physically appear in court. The same holds true for a gender change, but you DO have to appear in court for that one.   Best wishes on your journey.
    • Marcie Jensen
      I think you're speaking for all of us, Heather.
    • DeeDee
      There are always lots of little things you can do. In the UK the NHS system is free but involves long waiting lists. As Jackie & others have said, work on the things that you can, voice, hair removal/skin care routine, if you can find somewhere to practice going out as yourself to build confidence even better. My first couple of trips outside the house, I had a "go bag" I changed into, and it was just to walk in a secluded spot for 30mins or so where I could see how I felt being outside. Waiting is a huge part of transitioning, but the time will soon pass.
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