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I Had My First Laser Session Today


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OK, I had that first session today and while I must say that it hurts a but less than electrolysis painless it ain't!

Someone told me that it would feel like getting snapped with a rubber band - if that is the case they were using a rubber band that could launch a Space Shuttle.

I had really not worked on a Tuesday since I started on this job the two exceptions both brought me in at 2 PM or after so a 10:30 appointment didn't make me need to fill out a schedule request and i would still be able to go in as myself and then come home before going to work, right?

Not a chance - start at noon so I had to go in male work mode but the ladies were very nice and when my technician, Lisa came over to introduce herself she asked me what I would like to be called, I replied that I would prefer to be called Sally, her response was, "OK, Sally would you follow me please."

We walked down the hall and into a rather spacious room with nothing in it but a table, a chair for the technician and the laser - I laid down on the table and we discussed my fair skin and Lisa gave me a little time as she wanted me to relax a bit more and assured me that she would be able to get me to work on time even with the additional time for the numbing cream to work.

I mentioned to Lisa that I had a couple of tiny scars from my electrolysis attempt and while noting that anyone who could burn you with electrolysis was not very good she did lower the power on the first unnumbed test because of my fair skin - YIKES!

She then applied the cream and turned the lights down low, turned on some soft music and told me to just relax while the cream was taking effect as she left the room she told me that the room could get a bit warm at times so she was going to leave the door open.

When she came back we started for real, she looked at the test spot and it was a bit too red for her liking so she turned the power down just a bit more - the first zap showed that the cream was working - this snap would have been from a rubber band that could barely move a freight train, the next was on the heaviest concentration of dark hairs that I have - WOW!

She decreased the power another setting and said that we would start with a much lower power for a couple of sessions and slowly work it up in each session as my skin becomes more accustomed to the laser - she wants to remove the hair but does not want to leave any burns or scarring.

It wasn't really too bad but it isn't anything that I would want to do as a hobby or to relax.

I scheduled my next appointment, went to work and filled out a time off request for that day - I am not going in as male again!

Love ya,


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Guest chngnwnd

If it makes you feel any better, I cried through my entire session the last time I had a laser treatment - and I go again Friday (most likely with higher power).

Hang in there, it is worth the pain.



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Guest Donna Jean


Wonderful, Sally....

You are finally getting it all done. Good for you....

Well, as a girl of many hours of electrolysis, I know the pain for gain equation...

You're not very much in need of massive amounts of Laser...it'll go fast, Honey...

Hang in there, girlfriend...


Donna Jean

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Guest sarah f

Sally I am so happy that you have started. The pain is definately there during each session. I tried the cream but after a few sessions it just wasn't helping that much.

I am now over 10 sessions in and let me tell you it really hurts because of the intensity level they have it set at. I always have tears come to my eyes.

I just can't tell though wich hurts more between Laser and Electrolysis. I think it is a toss up.

I hope your skin starts to get used to the laser so they can turn it up and get rid of those nasty little hairs.

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They actually hurt about the same but with laser it is only about 20 bursts for the entire chin where elctro is - how many thousands?

Love ya,


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  • Admin

Good for you, Sally! Well, you know the saying, no pain, no... well, like I said, you know the saying.

Did they give you chemical ice packs to use afterwards? Those help me, along with the gel lotion skin care product.

But everyplace is different.

It does work, girl. Slowly, yes, but it does work.


Carolyn Marie

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They didn't give me nothin' but then I didn't have any redness or any pain afterward, just when the laser fired.

Lizzy dragged me out into the Sun today - all over the French Quarter - I stayed in the shade but we even ate on a balcony by the statue of Joan of Ark and in the court yard of Pat O'Brien's where Lizzy learned that one Hurricane is beyond her limit now.

I did stay in the shade and had a wonderful day.

Love ya,


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Guest Miss_Construe

OK, I had that first session today and while I must say that it hurts a but less than electrolysis painless it ain't!

Someone told me that it would feel like getting snapped with a rubber band - if that is the case they were using a rubber band that could launch a Space Shuttle.

... sorry ... :blush:

I am afraid that I have perpetuated that here at some point. I agree that it doesn't feel great. Not a friendly snap, but more like you trashed your older brother's room and now he is sitting on top of you, pulling a fresh rubber band back as far as it will go and snapping while repeatedly asking "why are you hitting yourself?"

I have only had one session, but now my 9am shadow doesn't look like someone else's two day growth. I have been letting my beard grow wild since it is actually some pretty good sun protection and it is a half-hour walk to work, and 2 weeks post session my beard was falling out in handfuls. Now it doesn't really grow, and I can say that I am really happy about that :D <'SQUEEE'>.


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Guest NatashaJade

They didn't give me nothin' but then I didn't have any redness or any pain afterward, just when the laser fired.

Lizzy dragged me out into the Sun today - all over the French Quarter - I stayed in the shade but we even ate on a balcony by the statue of Joan of Ark and in the court yard of Pat O'Brien's where Lizzy learned that one Hurricane is beyond her limit now.

I did stay in the shade and had a wonderful day.

Love ya,


Awesome, Sally. Y'all know it is a dream of mine to share a rum beverage with the two of you down in the French Quarter someday (or at least a chickory coffee). Be sure to wear a good sunblock. I use Olay Complete. It has an SPF 15. As far as the pain, don't worry. It gets much much worse. I didn't cry when we started but now, whenever she gets to my upper lip, well, as Dee Jay says, DANG!!! The tears do flow.

But it's worth it!!!



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Guest NatashaJade

Just had my second session and it was a lot less intense pain wise.

Well, my dear, I just had my 10th and while she only worked on the area around my mouth, I was crying. But I had some extra time on the clock, so I had her clean up my hands a little where the epilator was failing to kill off some hairs and then she zapped my eyebrows a bit to start my slow process of taming that area for good. But the longer you go, the more stubborn the hairs left are and the higher the settings are. Fun!



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For me the 1st was the most painful, and then the 7th one. I have had 7 up to now. The last one was solely the mustache. To me it felt like someone poured boiling water over my face. I can't see where that rubber-band idea comes from, the feeling was far from it. Yeah, maybe on your chest it might feel like a rubber band, but try the mustache and it 'l be another story.

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      https://www.foxnews.com/politics/minnesota-bill-would-make-state-trans-refuge-kids-seeking-transgender-medical-treatment     Carolyn Marie
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      https://www.pbs.org/newshour/nation/how-utahs-new-ban-on-gender-affirming-care-for-minors-is-affecting-trans-teens-in-the-state     Carolyn Marie
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      https://www.nbcnews.com/nbc-out/out-news/trans-physician-uses-life-savings-keep-clinic-open-insurers-deny-reimb-rcna67415     What a nightmare!  Of course, it IS Louisiana, so there's that.  If it weren't for the oft-maligned mainstream media, she would likely have had to close here clinic and declare bankruptcy.  If they don't soon cut her some checks, she still might.  Good for her and her community that she kept fighting.   Carolyn Marie
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      The way I understand it, the reason medical insurance companies are denying surgeries and gender-affirming stuff is because it is not medically necessary.  "You can live a long and healthy life in your original body" is how they see it.  Of course, they don't take into account the mental health aspects or the self-harm-prevention aspects.  But then, they don't want to pay to prevent cancer or diabetes, so that shouldn't be a surprise.   For the foreseeable future, transgender surgical procedures and gender-affirming treatments will remain in the realm of cosmetic surgery.  Check if your plan covers nose jobs, breast enhancement, or liposuction to find out how it will go for other procedures.  We may not like it, but that's the world we live in right now.      "THE" church is kind of a myth at this point.  Too many different flavors.  You've got Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, Presbyterians...and the list goes on.  I've seen a couple of places in the city flying rainbow flags, which seems a bit odd.  And there's folks on this forum who are clergy, not to mention others like me who are part of a faith community.  I don't believe that churches are a problem.  And even if they were, who has the right to "dismantle" them?  Regulating faith and establishing censorship might help one cause for a while, to the long-term detriment of liberty in general.     I agree that it would be lovely to eliminate most of the methods people use to finance campaigns.  You could shut down nearly all sponsorship, rather than attempting to target individual sponsors.  It would be nice to have political office within reach of common people, not just those who can amass billions for advertising and dinners.  We'd get rid of both Democrats and Republicans that way.  And term limits to get rid of perpetual office-holders in the House and Senate.  Nobody should be making politics into a profitable career.  Do a few years of sacrificial public service, then go away and live a quiet life.           
    • Mx.Drago
      Thanks Canada, I think... not sure cuz it's a petition. Hope it works out, but not holding my breath. If Canada went "yes" without the petition, then I'd might be a bit more hopeful. Feels like it's another trap, cuz there's no solid evidence my situation will improve moving there. Still have to get there and hope the people will be civil. Feels it's just going to be another marketing ploy, cuz the money must flow, like the Great American Dream...limited with no guarantees and no refunds. I have 0 rainbows, just Jupiter levels of storm clouds. Deleted so much cuz I'm trying not to go further off topic and there's too much... it's all too much. Federal and state laws are just guidelines subject to change and aren't stone, all are enforced case by case and only if there's money. 🤷🤦So depressed.
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      I was reminded of the WW2 balloon bombs the Japanese sent our way.  I wonder how long it will be before somebody straps a nuke to a weather balloon to produce an EMP over us.  🙄  
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      @VickySGV Yep.  I imagine 22% might be a bit high outside of urban areas, but it is becoming more common.  In my rural area, only a small number outside my family know exactly who/what I am.  To the rest... they mostly see my attachment to my family and faith community.  Boy/girl doesn't matter as much.  My friend is a bit more obviously trans.  But hanging out with me and my family, she's accepted too.  Part of being seen as nonthreatening is being seen as "normal," which means being linked to a mainstream, positive, or "in" group.   
    • VickySGV
      We are now up to 22% of the U.S. population who know they know a Trans person as a neighbor per the Williams Institute  here in CA.  This is one of the reasons I urge Trans/Enby to go out and volunteer for community service projects.  Do the work as a helpful person and maybe somewhere down the line, let them know you are Trans after they have seen the wonderful person hard at work or better yet have a friend of a friend let the others know that they know, and respect a Trans person.   It is one way I do it. 
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      I couldn't give a rat's rump about the UN or its definitions.  Perhaps the legal definition in the USA matters...I prefer to just look at the meaning of the word.  Genocide = the killing of a type of people.  Usually organized killing.  We don't have that in the USA yet, and we can prevent it.  One of the easiest ways to avoid it is for people to stop being "trans" as their primary form of identity.  I'm a lot of things before I'm intersex/trans...and those things matter more to me than my gender and sexuality.    I see a future and a hope for everyone in the concept of local independence and our identity as each other's neighbors.  It was that "neighbor" identity that supported me after being assaulted.  In general, who we vote for in November may vary, but our goals are the same.  We want peace.  We want prosperity.  We want friendship, family, and contentment.  We might disagree about the policies that protect these things, but we have the same goals because we're humans.    I think the USA is probably too big to secure what we want, but having an identity as local neighbors can produce the cooperation we need.  Yes, diversity is strength...but it can only be strength if we have on overriding unity.  We don't have that as Americans, but we can have that locally as neighbors with a sense of "We Live HERE."  Locality can override race, gender, sexuality, and other factors.  At least, it seems to work where I live.   I want to work for a life in which Trump and Biden don't matter anymore...where the Supreme Court and both parties are relics of the past.   
    • Mx.Drago
      Been screaming internally and externally........how?
    • Mx.Drago
      If only it wasn't freezing, frozen.
    • Mx.Drago
      Life gives lemons, you've got lemons.😕
    • Marcie Jensen
      @MiraF Regarding Joe Biden, I wasn't referring to antisemitic remarks., (those belong to Ihlan Omar and some others) I was referring to blatant racism in a speech he made on the Senate floor in 1974. In this speech he came out against bussing to end segregation in the public schools stating that he was against school integration because, in his own words he didn't want his children "growing up in a jungle." That's but one example that's largely forgotten as are his political mentors included such people as James O. Eastland, Cory Booker and Strom Thurmond who was a member of the KKK for decades. Also, keep in mind that thee democratic party brought us, and supported, such friendly folks as George Wallace and perpetuated most of the Jim Crow legislation in the South that lasted from the reconstruction period to the 1980s. There isn't a dime's worth of difference between the two parties in any significant way on any issue.    As for US legal definitions not mattering, we're going to have to disagree. They do matter in the United States regardless of what any of us like or dislike.  That's just a fact, and facts are neither true nor false; they simply are. And it's a fact that UN definitions do not apply to the USA, just as US definitions of law do not apply in Canada or any other country. And rightly so.    And as for Roe, as early as the original decision was made, numerous legal scholars have argued that it was poor legal precedent as early as the 1970s including Leon Derschowitz who is pretty liberal. And, in the recent Roe decision, as I understand it, what SCOTUS to a rigid constittutionalist view and returned the decision to the states as there was no federal jurisdiction. My personal beliefs on this don't come into play here. The practical solution is for congress to enact legislation on the abortion issue, but they won't because it's a potential political firestorm and a really good wedge issue. As to how SCOTUS is going to vote on any anti-trans legislation that comes before, it might be a good idea to wait and see before casting judgement. The record of this court has been all over the place; particularly the votes of Roberts and Kavanaugh.  
    • Mx.Drago
      I miss my cat, best hugger.😞
    • Ticket For Epic
      OMG girl!  I've been of site for a while and almost didn't recognize you, you look incredible!  Whatever your doing, keep doing it cause it's working!  Hashtag transition goals!
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