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I Had My First Laser Session Today


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OK, I had that first session today and while I must say that it hurts a but less than electrolysis painless it ain't!

Someone told me that it would feel like getting snapped with a rubber band - if that is the case they were using a rubber band that could launch a Space Shuttle.

I had really not worked on a Tuesday since I started on this job the two exceptions both brought me in at 2 PM or after so a 10:30 appointment didn't make me need to fill out a schedule request and i would still be able to go in as myself and then come home before going to work, right?

Not a chance - start at noon so I had to go in male work mode but the ladies were very nice and when my technician, Lisa came over to introduce herself she asked me what I would like to be called, I replied that I would prefer to be called Sally, her response was, "OK, Sally would you follow me please."

We walked down the hall and into a rather spacious room with nothing in it but a table, a chair for the technician and the laser - I laid down on the table and we discussed my fair skin and Lisa gave me a little time as she wanted me to relax a bit more and assured me that she would be able to get me to work on time even with the additional time for the numbing cream to work.

I mentioned to Lisa that I had a couple of tiny scars from my electrolysis attempt and while noting that anyone who could burn you with electrolysis was not very good she did lower the power on the first unnumbed test because of my fair skin - YIKES!

She then applied the cream and turned the lights down low, turned on some soft music and told me to just relax while the cream was taking effect as she left the room she told me that the room could get a bit warm at times so she was going to leave the door open.

When she came back we started for real, she looked at the test spot and it was a bit too red for her liking so she turned the power down just a bit more - the first zap showed that the cream was working - this snap would have been from a rubber band that could barely move a freight train, the next was on the heaviest concentration of dark hairs that I have - WOW!

She decreased the power another setting and said that we would start with a much lower power for a couple of sessions and slowly work it up in each session as my skin becomes more accustomed to the laser - she wants to remove the hair but does not want to leave any burns or scarring.

It wasn't really too bad but it isn't anything that I would want to do as a hobby or to relax.

I scheduled my next appointment, went to work and filled out a time off request for that day - I am not going in as male again!

Love ya,


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Guest chngnwnd

If it makes you feel any better, I cried through my entire session the last time I had a laser treatment - and I go again Friday (most likely with higher power).

Hang in there, it is worth the pain.



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Guest Donna Jean


Wonderful, Sally....

You are finally getting it all done. Good for you....

Well, as a girl of many hours of electrolysis, I know the pain for gain equation...

You're not very much in need of massive amounts of Laser...it'll go fast, Honey...

Hang in there, girlfriend...


Donna Jean

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Guest sarah f

Sally I am so happy that you have started. The pain is definately there during each session. I tried the cream but after a few sessions it just wasn't helping that much.

I am now over 10 sessions in and let me tell you it really hurts because of the intensity level they have it set at. I always have tears come to my eyes.

I just can't tell though wich hurts more between Laser and Electrolysis. I think it is a toss up.

I hope your skin starts to get used to the laser so they can turn it up and get rid of those nasty little hairs.

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They actually hurt about the same but with laser it is only about 20 bursts for the entire chin where elctro is - how many thousands?

Love ya,


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  • Admin

Good for you, Sally! Well, you know the saying, no pain, no... well, like I said, you know the saying.

Did they give you chemical ice packs to use afterwards? Those help me, along with the gel lotion skin care product.

But everyplace is different.

It does work, girl. Slowly, yes, but it does work.


Carolyn Marie

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They didn't give me nothin' but then I didn't have any redness or any pain afterward, just when the laser fired.

Lizzy dragged me out into the Sun today - all over the French Quarter - I stayed in the shade but we even ate on a balcony by the statue of Joan of Ark and in the court yard of Pat O'Brien's where Lizzy learned that one Hurricane is beyond her limit now.

I did stay in the shade and had a wonderful day.

Love ya,


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Guest Miss_Construe

OK, I had that first session today and while I must say that it hurts a but less than electrolysis painless it ain't!

Someone told me that it would feel like getting snapped with a rubber band - if that is the case they were using a rubber band that could launch a Space Shuttle.

... sorry ... :blush:

I am afraid that I have perpetuated that here at some point. I agree that it doesn't feel great. Not a friendly snap, but more like you trashed your older brother's room and now he is sitting on top of you, pulling a fresh rubber band back as far as it will go and snapping while repeatedly asking "why are you hitting yourself?"

I have only had one session, but now my 9am shadow doesn't look like someone else's two day growth. I have been letting my beard grow wild since it is actually some pretty good sun protection and it is a half-hour walk to work, and 2 weeks post session my beard was falling out in handfuls. Now it doesn't really grow, and I can say that I am really happy about that :D <'SQUEEE'>.


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Guest NatashaJade

They didn't give me nothin' but then I didn't have any redness or any pain afterward, just when the laser fired.

Lizzy dragged me out into the Sun today - all over the French Quarter - I stayed in the shade but we even ate on a balcony by the statue of Joan of Ark and in the court yard of Pat O'Brien's where Lizzy learned that one Hurricane is beyond her limit now.

I did stay in the shade and had a wonderful day.

Love ya,


Awesome, Sally. Y'all know it is a dream of mine to share a rum beverage with the two of you down in the French Quarter someday (or at least a chickory coffee). Be sure to wear a good sunblock. I use Olay Complete. It has an SPF 15. As far as the pain, don't worry. It gets much much worse. I didn't cry when we started but now, whenever she gets to my upper lip, well, as Dee Jay says, DANG!!! The tears do flow.

But it's worth it!!!



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Guest NatashaJade

Just had my second session and it was a lot less intense pain wise.

Well, my dear, I just had my 10th and while she only worked on the area around my mouth, I was crying. But I had some extra time on the clock, so I had her clean up my hands a little where the epilator was failing to kill off some hairs and then she zapped my eyebrows a bit to start my slow process of taming that area for good. But the longer you go, the more stubborn the hairs left are and the higher the settings are. Fun!



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For me the 1st was the most painful, and then the 7th one. I have had 7 up to now. The last one was solely the mustache. To me it felt like someone poured boiling water over my face. I can't see where that rubber-band idea comes from, the feeling was far from it. Yeah, maybe on your chest it might feel like a rubber band, but try the mustache and it 'l be another story.

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    • Davie
      Ah, @MmindyI admire your courage. No matter how it goes, we'll always have your back, as will your goddess—she's a tough M-F-er! — Davie
    • helena
      Good <timeOfDay>   So the vacation is over and time for work. Back to ye ole closet 8hrs a day. Starts feeling like being inside of an iron maiden. But it's also a payday so maybe some shopping therapy is also in order...
    • Davie
      Yes,@awkward-yet-sweetyou're right. I've got a whole other "face" of me emerging these days . . . and I'd better not be scared of her too much. I need to learn to love her (me, her faces). "Facets" I like that word for it—and panim. They can help me to accept those facets a little at a time. The other day I spoke to a room full of trans folks and felt euphoria as I listened to a whole new voice of mine speak. The things she says! And she's wild with hand gestures, too. Gotta love it. Thanks, Davie
    • Mmindy
      Good evening Davie,    I feel this same thing when I go back to my hometown. Everyone there thinks of me as the hyper male, I use the project as a mechanic, firefighter, and biker. Even my siblings think of me as the patriarch of the family. I’ve never tolerated hate or disrespectful comments referencing the LGBTQA or special needs community. That being said very few from my hometown would understand my transgender feelings. I will be back there this weekend for a retirement party, and again for the Labor Day Weekend with family. Like you said, It will be fun, we’ll tell stories about the good old days, but my wife and I will feel as though we’re wearing masks. Since I’m not out to anyone but her & her sister. I’ll be wearing nice colorful clothes, my hair will be down in curly locks, held back with a multi colored cloth headband or sun glasses. My nails will be manicured, slightly longer than the end of my fingers with a mat finish. I won’t wear makeup, however my eyebrows will be neatly trimmed. I will also be wearing my favorite silver and turquoise jewelry. I’m not sure how I’ll handle or answer questions about my androgynous presentation. I do expect some will notice, and talk will take place once I leave. Maybe these questions will lead to some making the connection to my pro LGBTQA Facebook postings. If I’m questioned directly, I won’t deny my changing feelings. To say I don’t have anxiety building up in anticipation would be a lie.    Hugs,    Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋💖
    • Fly2188
      As a relatively new parent some of your questions about how parents and childhood affect us have been interesting to watch.    When we announced that we were having a boy to family. My dad immediately got excited that he could dust off his model trains. It was like he didn’t realize he could do the same if we had a girl?   At only two months old I found my mother-in-law holding our son at our front window pointing to trucks going down our street. Would she have done the same if we had a girl? Maybe, but I doubt it.    At 4-6 months my father-in-law was playing with a football with our son. Now he probably would have done the same with a daughter, but who knows.    When shopping for clothes for out little one we look at both the boys and girls sections. A big proportion of girls clothing is pink and the vast majority has frilly/lacy/flowery accents on it. Why is there no pink in the boys section? Why does all the girls clothing have hyper-feminine accents?   All that to say that gender norms start influencing us before we’re even aware of it, to some extent they influence us before we’re even born. 
    • Justsam
      Haha yep, I use humour to hide my anxiety as well. Yeah, maybe just having someone waiting outside for you might be all the help you need. I do remember one time when I had to go to the gyno, it was just before I started transitioning. My girlfriend came in with me and she saw how scared/embarrassed I was so while the doc was doing his thing, she flashed her boobs at me 😂 that's definitely helped to relieve the tension. You just have to do whatever is right for you at the end of the day 
    • Sol
      I do have one friend but I wouldn't feel comfortable with her being in the room beyond prerequisites and going over everything at the end. Hell, I'm not even comfortable with my MOTHER being in the room during any physical exams. The thought makes me cringe, but I can always just ask her to wait outside if that's what I decide is best for me in that case. I guess you could argue that I'm not very shy about my genitals, I would just prefer nobody see them. And I can kind of relate to Cambodians, @Justsam, because when I get nervous I start rambling and making jokes 😅
    • Sol
      I bought some men's exercise shorts and I actually didn't notice is had a hole in the front until over two months after I bought it 😅 Still my absolutely favorite thing to wear during periods cause it's not tight on the crotch at all.
    • Sol
      My sister is one of my biggest supporters, and I strive to be that way for her too. And I think I'm succeeding, cause we get along way better than we did when we were younger (we have a bigger age difference and I was going through a lot emotionally all the time).
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.thedailybeast.com/david-bogdanov-guilty-of-hate-crime-for-strangling-transgender-teen-nikki-kuhnhausen     Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      Wow, Samuel, I think you've covered this really well.  I honestly can't think of too much you've left out.  One thing you could work on is male voice.  I'm not talking about pitch and tone, as those will change naturally with HRT.  I'm talking more about rhythm, pace, volume, word choices and mannerisms.  There is a huge difference in how men and women speak.  Along with that are how one stands, alone and in relation to others, the use of arms and hands, etc.  I'm sure there are many Youtube videos on it.   I wish you luck!   Carolyn marie
    • CD Rachel
      @Bobbi-BIMy "compulsion" to write has sky rocketed. I feel like I am much more in touch with my feelings. I am writing poetry and have even written a short story. I often feel as like if I do not start writing what I am feeling that I will explode. I am also feeling much differently about reaching out to others. Before I wanted to but it was a weak desire, but the urge to go out and be seen as Rachel and wanting to be where the people are has greatly increased. I feel that I am willing to put myself out there now and meet new people and make new friends. Oh and I almost never danced before. I was very self conscious and felt like a total idiot out on the dance floor. BUT Rachel dances!! She loves to dance. Dancing is better than $3x!!! Do not stand between me and the dance floor, someone may get hurt. LOL   Oh also when I write it is an emotional thing. I can only seem to write when I have tears pouring down my cheeks. I look up from my tear soaked keyboard and something beautiful has appeared on the page.  Something that has been purchased with my pain.    ~Rachel  
    • Carolyn Marie
      People often talk about us being brave.  I think the word is overused, but when it comes to "getting out of our comfort zone," as you put it, Colleen, it really does take a bit of courage.  It's especially apt in the early stages of transition, when we don't look our best yet, or our voices aren't just right, or we're just nervous.   What you said rings very true, and should give others here some courage of their own, that people are generally more kind and tolerant than we thought they would be.  I felt those doubts and fears too, but it didn't take long to learn to relax and enjoy the journey.  Thanks for contributing your thoughts.  They will help others.   Carolyn Marie
    • CD Rachel
      @Heather Nicole I am glad you went and enjoyed it. The more you venture forth as Heather the more confident you will get.   ~Rachel
    • Maddee
      Walk the high wire on tiptoes
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