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My Plan For Facial Hair Elimination

Guest NotClaire

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Guest NotClaire

3 Lasers (for insta-gone) + 5 Electro Hours (for leftovers)


Week 1 - Laser Hour - $100

Week 2 - Laser Hour - $100

Week 3 - Laser Hour - $100

Week 4 - 2hr Electro - $200

Week 5 - 2hr Electro - $200

Total: $700

The question is... will it work? :lol: I called a high-end cosmetic surgery place that does both for a consult. I've been pretty gifted with very sparse dark hair growth on my pale face, but I've heard laser horror stories about leaving scars or the hairs coming back. Definitely going to be taking some questions in!

If this works I'll be SUPER excited because my face could be totally hairless within a monthish :) no more shaving every single night & perfectly smooth face for touching would be amazing and I definitely don't have the time or money for years of electrolysis

On the brightest side is that even in the worst case scenario I will still have less hair on my face :lol: so excited that things are moving forward to the next phase of my transition.

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Guest sarah f

Don't want to burst your bubble but it is not recommended to have laser that fast after the last treatment.

It usually takes a week or two for the hair to fall out then another couple of weeks to find out what hair is gone and not growing back. The place I go won't re-schedule you until at least 8 weeks in between treatments. The reason is they want to make sure what hair is going to grow back is treated the next time.

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Claire, the reason the laser part of your plan will not work is that hair grows in 3 stages, see the link and read about all three. 5 hours electrolysis i doubt will do much.


I have spent in excess of 10k on facial and neck hair removal over the last 2 years and even though my face is pretty clear she still has to touch up hairs she sees once in awhile, my neck still has a ways to go, i expect to end up paying around 16k-17k, almost the price i am paying for my GCS next year, depending how hairy you are will determine cost and number of sessions, i wish it only cost only $700.

My laser tech told me i would see the biggest difference after 4 sessions, it was around 5 months, and she was correct, i stopped after 10 sessions, laser got rid of most of my dark hairs but did nothing for the grey/white ones so i started electrolysis, so far i have had over 90 hours @ $80 an hour, that is the going rate where i live, you said you have very sparse dark hair growth on your pale face and have dark hair, you should get pretty good results with laser.


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The time table is off - I have a place that I work with here and they will not schedule any closer together than 4 weeks, you never have every hair at the same growth stage and removal only works during one of them so you have to allow time for the cycle to shift as well as having enough time for the hairs to fall out after laser, the next week they will be lasering dead hairs left over from the last session.

Even sparse facial hair consists of thousands of hairs and electrolysis removes them one at a time - about 10 seconds each plus the time to insert the probe again so a maximum of about 5 hairs a minute for 1000 hairs = 200 minutes, almost your entire allotment so even if you only had 1000 hairs to remove and a quick technician - you would still have to have a minimum of three sessions to hit every hair at the right stage of growth.

I had very little facial hair and was hoping for fast removal - guess what - that didn't happen - still working on it.

You can still do it but it won't be in a month, closer to a year if you have virtually no hair.

Sorry but that is just the way it is - you cannot make hair grow on your timetable. so be patient and just enjoy how the shaving time is getting shorter as you progress.

Love ya,


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