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Removing Hair...down There...

Guest x--Felica

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  • 1 month later...

I used my NoNo with the small head and then buff the area. The NoNo is working out pretty well on my under arm hair. The hair is getting lighter and is now about 30 % less in about 45 days. It never hurts and when you used a buff pad afterwards and I get a pretty smooth result. I figure it's going to take three to six months and I'll see how my results are. It pretty much takes me 20 to 30 minutes to go all over. My beard hair is getting much lighter in color. It was pretty dark and I figured that laser would do a good job on my face. I'll hsve lsser on my fsce when I get through this divorce.


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Guest Kelly-087

I shave. Uh.. Everywhere. We can leave it there. Might be weird, but mentally it helps me a lot with complete removal. I've tried waxing it. I probably did it wrong, but the attempt would have been amusing for anyone watching. Like something out of a modern comedy. So naturally to say, that didn't go well. I'll probably try an epilator next. Tried it once, found it really painful. However, not really a fan of razor burn/bumps. If you're cutting yourself, I suggest you go slower, get a new razor, work on your technique.. It could be one or all of those things that's making the experience more difficult than it needs to be.

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  • 3 months later...
Guest HeatherAnne

So I had my laser consult, and paid a bit extra to get the EVERYTHING package. I just started HRT, so am hoping to get all of Down There by the time I do SRS. Anyway, the lady mentioned using baby powder and so I looked it up... apparently it is lots easier to shave down there DRY using baby powder as your "lubricant" and it gives you a much closer shave (rather than in or after shower, because the water causes the skin to swell a bit?). I have not tried it yet (haven't had my first appointment yet) but was wondering if anyone else has tried this yet?

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  • 2 months later...
Guest Prettypolly1389

I have shaved down there for years and I don't seem to have any problems. It's baby soft and feels great. I buy the best razor I can afford and change the blades regularly. I also use shaving foam and finish with baby oil. It looks great and helps tucking. :-)

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  • 2 years later...
Guest juanita614

Hi everyone,love the advise of everyone,i shave with a razor and go very careful down there,thank you Chaos Everafter for that hair conditioner idea i try that,from what i cane see,the only way to get rid of most of your hair is hormoans and have look that up to find out how to do that!!! :)

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I use a blade razor everywhere on my body except 'down there'. I use a ladies foil shaver. In that general thigh area I can't use a razor as I break out something fierce! I still haven't figured out how to deal with the razor 'break out'...

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Guest Astrosmurf

I use a blade razor everywhere on my body except 'down there'. I use a ladies foil shaver. In that general thigh area I can't use a razor as I break out something fierce! I still haven't figured out how to deal with the razor 'break out'...

me too with the inner thighs. I don't shave there anymore, just look gross. Couldn't bear prickly re growth. Might try Veet which worked well on chest etc.

So I had my laser consult, and paid a bit extra to get the EVERYTHING package. I just started HRT, so am hoping to get all of Down There by the time I do SRS. Anyway, the lady mentioned using baby powder and so I looked it up... apparently it is lots easier to shave down there DRY using baby powder as your "lubricant" and it gives you a much closer shave (rather than in or after shower, because the water causes the skin to swell a bit?). I have not tried it yet (haven't had my first appointment yet) but was wondering if anyone else has tried this yet?

Thanks, never heard of that even among cis women, but will give it a try ☺️

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Asgtrosmurf, I've read some true horror stories about Veet. It's been in the back of my mind and I may eventually try it, but that is indeed some very sensitive skin!



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Guest G-A-L-E

Hello everyone, found the Tria home laser tool very effective at hair removal. I have not used it way down there...yet. Finishing electrolysis as SRS is around the corner. I have used it everywhere else and has worked well. It does hurt but pain diminishes substantially with continued use until area is complete. The device is not intended for a man's face but if you had very little facial hair to start with like me It works! Be prepared for extreme pain, rash and blistering if you use on face. YMMV

Tip: I found using the highest setting to be the best choice. Yes it hurts but gets the job done without creating other issues such as white hair regrowth. I own the 4X model they have a website TriaBeauty

Appears to be a permanent solution. My prominent hair removal expert does not appreciate the effectiveness of the device.

Good Luck


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I looked into that Tria, and learned that it really wouldn't work well for me because those LASERs expect there to be a lot of contrast between the skin color and hair color. I was very disappointed......


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  • 1 month later...
Guest JaneShannon

I shaved down there for years, and I too found after a few times I had no problems with in grown hairs or rash. I find the body hair is part of my dysphoria, so I work hard to rid myself of it. Looks yucky, feels yucky!!! I shaved my legs several times, and tried shaving my chest and arms, but I was very dissatisfied with the results. The looked good, but after about 48 hours I felt prickly all over. Back to yuck.

I recently found a salon which will do male Brazilians, so I switched to that. The first time I did wax, but all my appointments after have been sugar not wax. The sugar is a candy based gel which the esthetician smears on the sugar, then rips it off like the wax. A few advantages to sugar. It only removes the dead skin, and not the top layer of skin like wax. After waxing my legs felt tingly for about a day. It is also applied at room temperature, so no possibility of burns like with wax. It is also supposed to damage the hair follicle, and reduce the amount of hair over time. I am not sure about that, but I have noticed it really does not hurt to have my legs done now. So far I have done my legs, Brazilian, tummy, chest, and arms. I have not done my arm pits yet.

Here is the bad with both waxing or sugar. The wait. The esthetician needs at least .25 inches for the wax or sugar to grip the hair. In either a GG or a TS on HRT, there is not a lot of hair there, so I would wager the returning hair is not that unsightly. I am not a GG (genetic error--thanks Dad), and (unfortunately) I am not on HRT (yet). So the hair grows back, and I feel like there is TONS of it, and I feel yucky again. It was a lot to take on in terms of getting something done so I took it in stages. Legs, to Brazilian and tummy, than I added chest, and than arms. My next appointment will be the first were I get everything done at once. The other bad is the cost. It is expensive. Getting it all done cost about $300!!! I recently noticed a laser hair center while driving around, I think I need to check them out.

I did/do have some problems with in grown hairs. Mostly they were not painful, but they are definitely unsightly. I read about treatment. The big thing NOT to do is pick at them with a needle. You can cause infection and damage your skin. What I have been doing is exfoliating with a sugar mixture. I use 1/3 cup of regular table sugar (like you put in chocolate chip cookies!) and an Aveeno bath oil. Any bath oil will work. What I do is wash normally with body soap. While still in the shower, I then mix the oil and sugar together. I use a small bowl my kids used to eat cereal in the mornings. I apply the mixture to my skin rubbing it in small circles. I get the ingrown hairs pretty badly on my lower tummy and thighs so I focus on those areas first. The esthetician recommended every other day, and that might work for GG-like body hair. I started with that, and noticed some improvement, but I wanted more. So I now do it daily, and I have for about two weeks or so. I am very pleased with the result. I had the bumps pretty bad, they are mostly gone and the remains are now healing nicely.

My next appointment is in exactly three weeks. If this thread is still active I will post an update. If anyone in the North Seattle area wants the name of the place drop me a private message.

Take Care,


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  • 1 month later...
Guest Tanner

I just had to add to this, I use nair down there, and nowhere else and it works awesome for me. Armpits though? I burned myself so badly I couldn't use deodorant (that said my skin there is pretty sensitive and I use homemade baking soda and shea/coconut butter slime for deodorant)

I just hated shaving down there. It takes forever and looks good and is comfortable for like 1 day. Nair will leave everything sorta red for the rest of the day, makes it really sensitive, if its bad theres vitamin d ointment. When the hair does come back I can stand to have it much longer because the hair thats still inside the folicle is damaged too, and it isn't so sharp. I've also been doing this for years so I got really good at not getting the stuff directly on the bits without hair much.

Its really just not that scary.You can't cut yourself, ingrown hairs are a problem but less so than shaving. The bottle says 3 minutes to try it, that has never worked on anything for me but its prolly a good idea. 10 minutes and it'll start burning the skin and thats bad. But after being on t, 15 minutes to melt the bushy mess and I'm okay. Seriously its not scary. It was like, the only control I had over that part of my body when I was a teenager and it helped a lot. There are white, pink, and blue bottles of the stuff for those conscious of that, though I've never seen blue. You have to be careful not to get it on bath towels, wipe it off with a handtowel you'll wash soon or even some dirty underwear. The scent clings something terrible and even if it smells okay at first, it won't after it soaks into your stuff.

If you're thinking of trying it then you should try it its like 8$ a bottle and I love it to bits.

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  • 5 months later...

One word of advice on shaving anywhere is don't skimp on quality razers. I've been using this place https://www.harrys.com/ cause it's one of the best, most comfortable razors I've ever used and the refills arent horribly expensive (you choose how often you shave then they send an appropriate amount of razers every few months). Keeping your razor in good condition is huge too, make sure to thoroughly clean and dry it after using and store it someplace dry, I like to rinse mine with a little rubbing alcohol after using it to get all the little hairs out. Water is the enemy, it will wear down your blades faster than any left over hairs! If you are shaving your...sensitive areas then do yourself a favor and really exfoliate your skin before shaving with some good warm water and something like a lufa, and don't be afraid to use lots of shaving cream! I am still not brave enough to shave everywhere as I haven't come out yet and I'm still stuck in the "need to be masculine or people will think you are weird" mentality so I don't have much experience shaving legs and arms, but as I dont have many relationships I like to make my...other parts... smooth as a baby's bottom ^_^

I have recently ordered the Emjoi Emagine epilator to help make the process less time consuming (my body refuses to stay hair free for more than a few days with shaving) but I'm not looking forward to the pain :( wish me luck!

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    • Jandi
      I have family with those fancy set-the-time-grinds-brews, and is ready when you drag your butt out of bed. But for me, Folgers in my coffee-press works just fine.
    • miz miranda
    • Jackie C.
      My personal solution when I was pre-op was to use the toilets, but that's it. Nobody needs to see my bits. Especially if it might make somebody uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are some private areas where I used to change where I could go to do what I needed to do. The last thing I would ever do is make one of my sisters uncomfortable on purpose.   I legit worry about pre-op trans men in bathrooms and changing rooms though. There's a certain flavor of toxic man... well, fill in the blanks. They tend to get worst in groups and egg each other on.   Hugs!
    • Carolyn Marie
      I agree with you on most of what you said, @Dee Dee.  There is an understandable and rational basis behind the fears and reticence most cis-women have about sharing changing spaces with trans women.  Knowing that, I would never (being non-op) change in an open locker room even if, as in California, it is perfectly legal.  I have no desire to make anyone uncomfortable or fearful, whether or not I personally consider it rational.  Why force an issue you don't have to force?   Restrooms are another matter, because you're exposing nothing and threatening no one, and I would fight tooth and nail if anyone threatened my restroom access.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts.   Carolyn Marie
    • VickySGV
      The Boarding House had one hell of an explosion to get all those 👿 roomers 👿 flying.  Some of it is satire on the Texas leadership I have heard from elsewhere.  It is indeed gruesome satire if it is, but with time spent on the subject of Trans to get their voter bases eager to support them, ----------
    • MomTGDaughter
      Ny m2f daughter's hair is thick, she needs to have it pulled back because it will get in her eyes. I do it for her every morning, I clip it with a barrett, the upper part of her hair is clipped back, the bottom part just flows down her back. It looks cute and it's just keeps her hair from being very messy. It also pulls her hair from her ears so her earings can be seen. 
    • DeeDee
      I had a rather depressing, but very understandable discussion with my sister last night that revolved around transphobia.  We were talking about access to toilets and that evolved into communal changing areas at a local private gym. My sister admitted that she would be uncomfortable if she knew I, or some other pre-op transwoman was changing in the same place. She is a survivor of very physical and emotional abuse and attacks by men and she said that her reaction to seeing a male body part would be abject horror. She likened it to the reaction she would have if she saw a spider.   She also feels uncomfrotable with male children being herded into the changing areas with their mums, so admitted that a lot of this was her personal comfort levels.   Intellectually she knows that trans women are not a threat, and in fact, (because I told her) are just as worried about being attacked, and understood that statistically there is literally no grounds to support trans women as predators, let alone the fact that taking estrogen is tantamount to chemical castration - but she just wants to feel safe. I said, "so do I". The thing is, I also understand her perspective. When I went away with my lady friends I used the disabled loos at a rest stop on the way to the place, I worried about sharing a bed, and getting in and out of the hot tub with them, precisely because I am pre-op and I referred to having an outie rather than an innie, to make light of the very real issue that I did not want to put anyone into an uncomfortable situation.  For my friends it was a non issue and on the way home at the same rest stop I used the ladies room, along with all the other ladies and I did use all of those spaces as just another one of the girls. However, as we were talking about trans women entering womens spaces (and trans men using mens spaces) I also pointed out that legally, in order to become post op here - which is not something every trans woman can or will do, we are legally required to have lived for 2 years, full time and using womens spaces. Even if we did not want to we are legally required to do so.  I also know that the bulk of this safe space conversation centred around trans women and not trans men - though the issues for pre-op are still the same. At the end of our discussion I said that for me she was still transphobic. It boils down to the fact that while I see myself as a woman with too much testosterone, she still sees me as a man, using my male privelege to access the medical drugs and services I need (electrolysis and E patches) while women with hormone defficiencies and PCOS cant access the same services I am and have to fight for treatment. I never wanted, never felt like I earned, nor have I tried to take advantage of my male privielge, but I recognise I have had it, I have not dealt with the same levels of gendered abuse that she has suffered through. Even though she messages me as Dee most of the time, and has no issue going out with me dressed as Dee; it was hurtful, and eventually I fled through to my study after confirming that we still loved each other, just to not show how upset I had become.    We both know that realistically, even in a shared changing area no one would be likely to flash their bits and any predator would not go to the effort and pain of transitioning in order to abuse others. We both have fears about being attacked and just want to be safe when we are out, we both want to simply live our lives, and we both think that realistically non gendered facilities are the best compromise, but most importantly we both also agreed that the problem is not women, but men, and the freedom society has given them to act inappropriately without consequence, and that culture is what needs to change.   I am glad we had the conversation. I had already picked up on her reticence sometimes, while she does talk to me about things she would not have dreamed of doing before I announced I was trans. I do see my sister as someone with a genuine phobia, and not just someone who is bigotted and thinks I shouldn't exist. Hopefully over time she will find these things easier, but the whole point of phobias is that they are irrational and do not make logical sense, so part of me wonders if I will ever be woman enough for her or if I will always be her brother. I know it hurt because it's taken me almost a full day to get to the point of being able to try and write about it. I guess I want to know how do we get to a point where everyone feels safe?
    • Jackie C.
      I absolutely feel that. I've donated every thread of my boy clothes. Never liked them anyway.   Also hey mom! Nice to see that you're still with us!   Hugs!
    • MomTGDaughter
      I donate the last of my daughter's male clothes 9 months ago, she wanted to part with every piece of it and i don't blame her.  It just seems like once she transitioned, she did not want to go back. 
    • Jamie73
      They did a wonderful job making the doll actually look like Laverne Cox. 
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://pagesix.com/2022/05/25/laverne-cox-honored-as-first-transgender-barbie-doll/     Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.nbcnews.com/nbc-out/out-news/trans-womans-photo-used-spread-baseless-online-theory-texas-shooter-rcna30511   I'm not the least surprised by this.  This is what conspiracy theorists do.  They're also spreading rumors that the shooter was an undocumented alien, which even the Texas governor said is false.    An issue that came to me after I first posted this is that these rumors add even more to our shared anxiety over violence.  There will certainly be at least a few deranged folks who hear these rumors, believe them, and may seek us out for collective "punishment" for the school shooting.  It is not a wild fantasy I'm spinning; the danger is real.  Watch your "six," folks.   Carolyn Marie
    • Vidanjali
      I saw "Theydies & Gentlethem" on a tee-shirt and just found it so delightful.   That's all. That's the whole post, lol.   P.S. Now if only there were a gender neutral version of "ma'am". OMG, I feel I've been ma'am'ed about a hundred fifty million times this week on the phone as I've been attending to a variety of medical appointments and issues...
    • Vidanjali
      That makes complete sense to me, @Cary . I usually don't tell people that I'm trans/nonbinary/possibly-trans-masc/asexual/panromantic/etc., but I have experienced personal affirmation exploring and identifying with microlabels because doing so has helped me to put more of the puzzle pieces of my past together so that I can increase my potential to experience life as a more integrated human now. For instance, understanding myself as panromantic has helped me to understand certain past behaviors, inclinations, and interactions which seemed most irregular, confusing, and distressing in the past - when I recall a thing that used to seem confounding, and am able to say, ooooohh, that's what that was, then I feel like I make more sense to myself. Moreover, through understanding identification with some microlabels I've experienced healing as I am able to construe certain past stressful experiences in the context of performance, overcompensation, or internalized phobia.    I can't say whether there's a general consensus about microlabels within this community, but I dare say that there is a consensus that each of us should do whatever we feel in our hearts is right for us in order to be safe, healthy, and whole. 
    • KymmieL
      Good morning all.  0820hrs and already 60 on the fenceometer. Glad it's going to be a nice day. I need to get some stuff finished on the wagon for our trip tomorrow. We are heading to Lincoln for the weekend. As the 31st is my oldest grandsons birthday. Taking him and my granddaughter to Cars and Coffee Sat at Speedway Motors.   I still don't get my wife. yesterday, we go and look at a house. She is OK with me wearing a ladies Harley t with a padded bra. obviously, showing that I have breasts. Go figure. I guess even women don't understand women.   We put in an offer for this home. Should hear something later today.   Well off to the salt mines in a bit, but first coffee. As always brought to you today by Folgers.   Hugs,   Kymmie
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