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Irish Girl

Guest Irish girl

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Guest Irish girl

Hi Everyone:

I'm Irish Girl. I am a crossdresser/transsexual? I'm not sure which. I love to dress up, but I know there is more to it than that. I started at a very young age. My mother used to dress me up in my older sister's clothes in order to alter them. Sometimes I would wear cute little shoes to break them in for her. At forst I objected and then I couldn't wait to dress up. I went through the usual stuff...wearing my sisters clothes, my mother's clothes, just about anything pretty I could find. This continued into adolescence and then I slowed down. I got interested in girls. I wore a few items of some of my girlfriends but always in secret. I am considered quite masculine actually. But believe me, there was (and still is) much internal conflict. I met my future wife in my mid 20's. Our relationship was good and still is but whenever possible I wore her clothes withiut her knowledge. After we married, I went to a Halloween Parety with her. I dressed as a cheerleader, she was the basketball player. It was the first time I ever wore make-up, a total underwear package, skirt, etc. I was ecstatic to say the least and very excited. I kept it inside but it was not easy. Shortly thereafter, I bought my first bra, panties, high heels, and a really pretty party dress. I wore it to another Haloween Party. I told my wife. She helped me with the make-up, wig, and generally putting the outfit together. She wasn't happy but she helped me out. Today I have a pretty nice wardrobe. My wife is reluctantly on board with it all. I have a lot of fantasies about men and women. All in all I'm quite confused but I love to be a woman. Any comments?

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Guest ChloëC

Hi Irish girl,

Welcome to Laura's. Your story has a lot of similarities to others here. The trying on and enjoyment at a young age, dressing in secret, and coming out to your spouse. Which I'm sure was hard to do, but probably worth it. Just keep showing her that you can meet her needs as long as they don't conflict with yours and your marriage may last, because she is trying to meet yours.

Anyway, as part of the welcome, you're encouraged to read our Terms and Conditions link (above), understand that this is a PG-13 site which means posts are moderated, and their is a word filter, all so that we can meet the needs of teens who are facing gender issues.

We're happy you're here



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Guest Donna Jean


Hell, Irish Girl...

Welcome to the Playground

I'm American Girl (but, you can call me Donna Jean....hint...hint...)

Have a seat, Hon and I'll get you a cuppa hot coco and a plate of Sally's cookies..

Then you can relax...ok?

It's really nice to have you here!


Donna Jean

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Guest JaniceW

Welcome fellow Irish girl. I too am of Irish descent, but I was born American.

I think you will find a large number of kindred spirits here. I look forward to reading your messages and getting to know you better.

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