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Lucky Break..finding A Therapist

Guest Kayrah

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Guest Kayrah

After finding that one of the first therapists we contacted from the list here had closed their practice, and desperate to find someone local, I found a great resource at http://www.psychologytoday.com/

There, a therapist right here in our own town was listed, but her name hadn't come up in my search through my health insurance, because she doesn't accept it through her private practice. When I saw her list of specialties, I took a chance and emailed, hoping she could refer us to someone local. Turns out she works a few days a week here for a group that does accept our insurance, and I'm making the appointment for my son tomorrow.

Distance was a big issue for us, and we will be able to see this therapist only a few miles from home. What a big relief that was!

I just wanted to put in my two cents here, since it was a lucky accident that I found the site and I was surprised to find they had updated listings, including my own therapist...!

We're very excited for our first meeting, hopefully soon. :)

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Carolyn Marie

Kayrah, this is a really excellent resource. It's probably updated more often that the one here on Laura's, and seems to be more detailed. I've taken the liberty of moving it to the Therapy and Therapists Forum, and pinning the post, so that someone looking through the Forum will see it up top.


Carolyn Marie

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for the link, Kayrah.

I hope that you have an instant connection with your therapist as I have with mine, it makes things so much easier.

Looking forward to hearing about your session.

Love ya,


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  • 1 month later...
Guest Oasis

A fair warning, a few of them have trans listed under clientele but YOU MUST contact them and make sure they actually know the SoC and have had trans clients before if that is what you're looking for. Just because they have it listed doesn't mean they actually have the experience. If you're willing to go to one without the experience and is willing to learn (due to various circumstances), make sure you ask them if they will actually put for the effort along side you.

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  • 2 months later...
Guest Ariel Patterson

A fair warning, a few of them have trans listed under clientele but YOU MUST contact them and make sure they actually know the SoC and have had trans clients before if that is what you're looking for. Just because they have it listed doesn't mean they actually have the experience. If you're willing to go to one without the experience and is willing to learn (due to various circumstances), make sure you ask them if they will actually put for the effort along side you.

I'm glad I continued to read the other posts! Good to know, Oasis.

I was just looking at a few therapists on that list and noticing that one doesn't list it on their website.

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  • 11 months later...
Guest carolynn2fem

I have recently discovered that site. I like that You search by zipcode and lists the insurance they except. it seems to be the most complete list I have found. I emailed a few on the list and recived a reply from 2 of them. one prefers to be contacted by phone so I am going to call her today.

if this list does not work You. I had found a couple others by searching gender therapy your state.

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  • 3 weeks later...
Guest Gerilynn

That was how I found mine. I also tried the local GLBT center resources but it came down to that site and a few phone calls. I am lucky I am living part time in the Seattle area though.

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Guest carolynn2fem

Just a update. when You select gender issues. on the results you get look at each doctor seporatly. look at what they treat. some dr, will treat gay and bi but not neccarily transgendered, this list does not address there level of experiance but it does list there years in practice. the one I selected was listed as treating trans but as it turned out I was her first. She is very nice and very willing to rise to the challange. I am looking forward to this journey

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  • 4 months later...
Guest Jennifer Sophia

Very good find. Would have helped me a ton, when I was looking for a therapist. Took me about a year before I found one that had the knowledge and that I clicked with.

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  • 8 years later...
Kacey Lee

I will be in need of a new therapist after switching to a new health insurer this year, this link is just what I need, thank you Kayrah!

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This was also where I found my therapist; Psychology Today. Him and I hit it off right away; his specialties are transgender issues, child and adolescent therapy, and depression counseling. He's like, perfect for me in every way lol. When I had my mom call him due to my social anxiety after a year of studying him from afar over the internet, (yeah, that sounded less creepy in my head, lmao), he instantly said, "Ah, I'm the guy." when mom told her it was about my gender identity issues. That made her and I both feel a lot more confident lol.

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Oh, and best of all, he's only 1.1 miles away from my house! A twenty-two minute walk. I think I'm going to start walking there every Monday, then running on the way back an hour later after our session to help improve my cardiovascular conditioning to help further mitigate the risks of HRT lol; I'm probably starting hormones on February 21st; I have my appointment on the 28th of January. 😶

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    • breee
      i am wondering if anyone has had different experiences with placing the patch in certain areas of your body? does it really matter? 
    • breee
      hi. from my person experience and the many things ive read here and there when you are transitioning soo many people want to look like a woman, like how you feel. my change came easy to me on account of something i read that sunk in. it went something like this.. its not how you present on the outside but more of how you feel on the inside, because the outside will come as you grow into your new self. i found this very insightful for myself as i was trying to do all things at once, dress, look, walk, talk...yeesh too much lol. start slow..baby steps. change clothing style and wear out in public..people dont notice but you will. wear some low heels with long pants things like that. after a couple of years i was presenting as a full time woman..myself. then i went on hrt. it fit perfectly. tip: make very subtle changes and people wont even notice. trust me it took my sister a year to figure out i had been changing because i did things soo slow...eyebrows, light makeup just a little at atime and before long it felt natural for me to present this way and made me soo confident that i began to not even care what people thought if i did get clocked. ps kids are the most observant of all! i can go on and on with tips i used. look me up if you like..chow.. 
    • Motormouth95
      I switched from boxers to boxer briefs for packing purposes several months ago. I found that i prefer the fit of the latter, and I now pack on a somewhat regular basis, but I've had some "slippage." It's been more annoying than I huge issue, but I want to avoid it if possible when my college starts back next week (Jan. 26th) . (I tried trunks, but I don't like the short legs). I know that getting an actual harness is the best option, but I don't have the time to wait on one to arrive in the mail. That's why I'm thinking of trying a jock strap under my boxer briefs because I can buy them locally. I was wondering if anyone has used them for this purpose before, and if y'all think this might be a possible solution.
    • Carolyn Marie
      That's really a wonderful story to read; not the attack, of course, but the community response.  Hopefully the victim will take heart knowing that she has friends in the community.  The attackers need to be punished, for sure.   Carolyn Marie
    • Heather Nicole
      My favorite part is the line "Channeling Chris Knight?"
    • Heather Nicole
      Oh, you are sooo not alone on this...Can relate sooo much...
    • Erica Gabriel
      Sqweeeee 😊❤️😊
    • ElizabethStar
      I always just call but sometime I have to call a couple of times to get through. My last few appointments have been done tele-health and I was able to get blood work done out by me. They're over an hour from me so I do understand the drive to get there. When I made my first appointment they did ask if I had a preferred name, that's when the name Elizabeth chose me. They're good people there. No one has ever questioned or looked at me strange. Just made me feel normal.
    • JustineM
      A bad situation that has a hopeful end.   https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/vehicle-parade-in-mission-draws-strong-support-for-student-attacked-and-beaten-by-peers-1.5877139?fbclid=IwAR0ys3klQAqGXIYfpoRbfniW3wJ7RLvgrFpZKAZsx9u9TswL-BFLkUQ1cDk
    • Abi
      I really wish I wasn't so lonely all the time but, I am to scared to leave this darkness that hides my shadow from me. 😭
    • Jamie68
      I'm guessing Howard Brown is about 1-1/2 hrs. away. I sent them a message once to get an appointment, they didn't respond. It's worth another try. I live about an hour south of the intersection of I-80 and I-55. Thanks
    • VickySGV
    • Red_Lauren.
      I wish I could do my own nails. I live with some one right now. That dosn't like my woman side. On top of me working all the time. I just don't have the freedom, and time to do it. So the queen likes to get pampered.   The ladies were loving it this weekend. I was getting a pedicure, and my nails done at the same time, and I must have just had that look. Like I was just super relaxed. As they were doing their work.    Once I'm out on my own. I'll probably pick some stuff up, and figure out how to do them. As I'll have more free time then to. I'm also going to school for nails in the fall or next spring. So I would like to know somewhat how to do them before I start. 
    • Chloe Cozee
      I guess that I am hopelessly romantic. I keep listening to Christina Perri A Thousand Years.    
    • ElizabethStar
      @AudreyCan't wait to see it, assuming all goes well.   My dumb ass (can I say that here?) inadvertently maybe outed myself to a customer today. We were talking about the service history on his account when I just had to say "Yeah, I remember from the last time I was there". Grant it, it was a few years ago but pre-HRT. I did manage kept moving through the conversation without missing a beat and side-stepped it when he mentioned me by my dead name as being his favorite tech. He's probably scratching his head right now trying to figure out when a woman came out and serviced his account.    
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