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Which is more painful laser or electrolysis?

Guest Krisina

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Guest Krisina

A question regarding pain

electrolysis vs. laser

Which one is more painful? Laser treatment on the face or electrolysis on the face. I was curious what people's experiences has been. 


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Guest Donna_Marie

Very true I would have to agree with you Autumn, I tried Electrolysis before and decided to go with laser treatments. the treatment was over pretty quick

so no long torture session


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Guest Krisina

I'm having what I think is my seventh laser treatment soon. So I am getting closer to the end of treatments. Then onto light hairs with electrolysis. I kind of think, do I really need electrolysis. Do I really want to torture myself an hour a week. Is it really a bad feeling? Or maybe the thought of it is worse than in my mind.

I do live the way my face is so far. No beard shadow. A good shave and I'm good for hours. I love it. It's a real confidence booster!


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As far as pain, laser feels like a rubber band snapping against your skin, afterwords your face looks like you have been in the sun too long, using ice packs right after helped allot, electrolysis feels like a bee sting with a short burning sensation, that is if your tech uses blend, the most painful areas for me regardless if i had laser or electrolysis was the mustache area, especially close to my nostrils and in the center, right below my mouth was second, one advantage with laser is you can continue shaving, electrolysis you have to have visible hair showing in order for the tech to remove them after treatment.

Having had both, a laser session does not take as long do the whole facial and neck area, it also might not be permanent, i had some dark hairs return several years after laser treatments were finished, electrolysis took care of them.

I did a year of laser first, it got rid of the dark hairs and made it easier when i went full time, i had lots of white/gray hair and started electrolysis 18 months ago to finish what laser could not and any dark hairs that came back.


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Guest Michaele

If the laser hurts as much as the one for tattoo removal, yikes. I'm dong 4 hours a week electrolysis, my facial hair is too light for anything else. BTW I feel asleep during my session today. LOL

Big Hugs


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Guest Sanjiyan

I have been doing both also. I find laser to be far more painful. Though it has been getting easier after each trip. As there is less and less hair there is less for the laser to heat up. However they keep turning the power up to take out the more stubborn ones. I then wait a few weeks for electrolysis. Being an American mutt I have a mix of blond, brown, black and red hair. So, I need to have electrolysis to get rest out. I can handle the electrolysis far better. Though every once in a while I twitch when its done close to the eyes and the upper lip.

I almost forgot. Where I go for laser offers a numbing cream if you ask for it. I haven't used it, but it may be an option to look into.



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Guest OutOfSorts180

...laser...afterwords your face looks like you have been in the sun too long,



Hi Paula: How long does the "redness" last? Is there the same effect with electrolysis? I guess bottom line question I'm asking is...after a session of laser or electrolysis, is it "obvious" you had something done to your face?


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Guest chibi_usa

Ahaha. Pick laser. Def laser. I did it like... 3 days ago. It stings a bit. ;D That's it. <3. However be careful about hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation. That's all I would worry about.

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