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How do I make my hair grow faster?

Guest RainbowGoth98

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Hi Rebekah,

HRT made my hair more healthy, though it didn't grow any faster. I've been growing it out for about 18 months and it's barely down to the middle of my neck.

In addition to the standard HRT meds, other drugs that help are Propecia (Finasteride); and Rogaine (Minoxidil). These drugs can be used to grow hair where it was balding; can make hair thicker, but not grow faster, to my knowledge.

Beyond that, eat a good diet with emphasis on proteins,

My apologies for being vague about this - I've relatively thin and slow-growing hair, but haven't tried to do anything to improve it either.

Best of luck!


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  • Admin

Its expensive, ($300 to $3K) but it works, they are called fused in extensions! It will depend on the stylist who does them for you and the fiber used.

Otherwise, best way is to not take shortcuts near the barber shop for a year, and it will be about 6 inches longer this time next year. Not what you want to hear, but thats the best that mama nature will do for head hair, although beards seem to grow much faster.

I have a number of nice hair pieces that go well with my own hair and fill it out, but again, my cheapest was a set of bangs for about $40, and most recent was a twelve inch clip in extension for $80. I am wearing the extension in three of my more recent gallery posts. For $180 or a bit more, you can get a 32" wig that does not look too bad, but which will blow your passability in one fast wearing if you do not get used to the instant hair. During winter months, long synthetic hair has a problem with room heaters too, so you have to be careful.

I have been using wigs for many years, and learn something new every time I wear one. It has been two and a half years to get my hair to where I do not have to wear wigs unless I want to, which I still do.

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Guest wildwolf94

this is gana sound weird bu geting you hair CUT can make it grow faster. my mom made me get hair cut the oteher day and the hair dresser saw i clearly was not happy about that, so she shared some information with me, the more offten you have your hair trimmed (dead/split ends removed) the more it will grow, it also helps to keep your hair healthy and hold moisture (the way it should) longer. right away after hearing that i had to hide my smile but i was definaly happy, ill be trimming my split ends every month or so now :) hope this helped

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Guest Robin Winter

You can't. Hair growth rates are coded in our genes. The only way you might see a change in growth is by changing your hormones, but even that isn't going to give you a rate two or three times faster than what it is now. Keeping healthy will keep your hair growing normally and healthy, but nothing you do will make it grow faster. Keeping it clear of split ends will allow you to grow it longer (not faster) by reducing breakage.

If you absolutely must have long hair fast, I suggest you take Vicky's advice and get some quality extensions.

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Guest Valerie


When I retired from the Navy, I let my hair grow. I had it cut once between Dec, 2004 and Nov, 2007. My hair was very curly and halfway down my back.

Since I started my Transition, 25 months ago, I have been letting my hair grow out again. I have not had it cut in a little over a year, other then every couple of months to trim it to remove split ends. My hair still has not reached my collar in length since I started growing it out again.

I use Finestride and Rogain, I also take a Hair, Skin and Nail supplement to try and get my hair to grow.

It has only been filling back in and slowly thickening, but not growing longer. :hairpull:

So, I am interested in this topic as well and looking for any advice.



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Guest Lani

this is gana sound weird bu geting you hair CUT can make it grow faster. my mom made me get hair cut the oteher day and the hair dresser saw i clearly was not happy about that, so she shared some information with me, the more offten you have your hair trimmed (dead/split ends removed) the more it will grow, it also helps to keep your hair healthy and hold moisture (the way it should) longer. right away after hearing that i had to hide my smile but i was definaly happy, ill be trimming my split ends every month or so now :) hope this helped

Isabella is on to something here...

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Guest Lizzie McTrucker

There really isn't a magic cure for making hair grow faster. It takes time and some regular upkeep to keep it looking healthy. Like already stated, having a balanced diet helps, as does monthly trims (not cuts, trims) to remove split ends. I had short spiky hair before I started all this and to get where I am now took about 3 years.

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Guest Maria_B

I'm in the same boat as Lizzie.

Not entirely sure whose hair looks better ;)

Not what you want to hear, but 3 years in the making and my hair only reaches halfway where I want it. No magic potion for instant hair. :(.

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    • Erica Gabriel
      I understand how you feel. We had good luck with our hens but our ducks and turkeys didn’t make it through the summer. This was when we live in the country a few years back. Those little dinosaurs were fun.
    • Bri2020
      You look comfy Shyla! I went thrifting last night with my wife, looking for "summer evening wear" to wear out to music in the park and happy hour kinda of things. I found three dresses. 1 is a maxi with spaghetti straps and slit side. It barely fits my chest so once I get my BA it will have to go but it looks great now. I also got a bodycon maxi in almost sheer black with a racer back strap set up.  Last but not least is the pre-sewn sarong pictured below.  I absolutely love it and it will accommodate my BA just fine ( I think I will look fab in it at that point although I'm feeling pretty fabulous in it right now!)  
    • Shay
      @KymmieL thank you for that. I just failed in being open with my wife and couldn't get away from a life of hiding/lying and she called me on it. Your wife is right and I'm glad you were up to the challenge. I hope I am able to overcome my weakness before losing someone extremely important to me.
    • Bri2020
      Liz I'm sorry about the chickens. Predators are highly motivated and can be pretty impressive in their efforts.  You might need a corgi lol   They are poultry herding dogs so get along with chickens just fine.   Kimmy, people can def be pretty good at denial. You may have to choose whether to confront the issue head on or let her live in that denial state. I'm all for just being upfront and clear but you know your situation better so.....  good luck either way.   Not much to report in my life other that a great shopping trip at the thrift stores. Pics will be posted in "What are you wearing" thread.  I was specifically looking for summer evening dresses and found three.  
    • Jackie C.
      Well to be fair, if I didn't already KNOW what those patches were for, I'd be confused too. Kudos on finding a fun pride event! It looks like I'm going to be sitting it out again, nothing pride-based around here to DO this year. Le sigh.   Hugs!
    • KymmieL
      I am going to a pride event tonight, a story telling called tales from the taphouse. Being open with the wife I told her last night that I was going to this event. Just now my wife says, thank you for not hiding it but I still don't understand. It gave me strange dreams last night. I guess that she is living with blinders on as well. While I haven't came out an told her I am on HRT I am not hiding it either. There are three packages of the patches in the cabinet I have my medication in. right there in plain sight. I think she is just in denial.   Hugs to all, Kymmie
    • Jackie C.
      Sorry about the chickens @Elizabeth Star. I know when something happens to one of my babies, I'm pretty wrecked. I mean I cried for two days because I was getting rid of my CAR. I'm useless if I lose a cat and it would be even worse if I felt that I'd failed them somehow. My deepest condolences. I know exactly how hard that is and how much harder it is on E.   Hugs!
    • Charlize
      Thanks for the review.  I will definitely look for it.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Shay
      @Willow so sad about VA. I have friends in same situation. My wife was military and gets practically nothing from VA because she wasn't in war zone. At least she gets Lowe's discount and primo parking place.hang in there and devotionals do help. Hugs Heather
    • Charlize
      That was a positive experience for certain. Unfortunately my experiences were different.    My first trip out was to a gay bar that i somehow heard had a "ladies night".  I dressed to the nines with a long blond wig, short skirt and 3" heels.  A few shots got me headed out the door.  When i arrived it turned out i had to navigate a rough gravel driveway and i'd arrived hours early.  A guy tried to pick me up after buying me a drink.  When other girls arrived i was well loosened up and think i danced.  I really can't remember much but making it home i knew wanted to go back!.  I was drinking heavily at the time so gay bars seemed to be perfect.  Unfortunately i never confronted my issues even if i had "come out".   Keep enjoying your support group!     Hugs,   Charlize
    • Shay
      @Elizabeth Star I am so sorry to hear about your kids and I'm glad you got medical aid to help you through and it is so encouraging to see one still with you and your new babies. I know you did everything you could to protect them but you can't protect against everything. I'm glad you have your wife one of your original group and the new young ones who need your help and want to share their love with you. Hugs, Heather
    • Willow
      Good morning    guess I reset the alarm the wrong way.  She came in at 4am today.  We’re up and she’s asleep.  Something wrong with this picture.   Sorry about your chickens Liz.  And sorry that got you so worked up you needed medication.     Rainy day here.  But not stormy like it was as it went through Chicago.  I used to work with people that lived in the Naperville area.  Well time for morning devotions.  They definitely help us with our differences.   Hugs   Willow
    • Shay
      @Aurora congrats. Keep it up. I'm proud of your accomplishments.
    • Torrence Kieran
      Hey, it sounds like your in a really bad dysphoria place and that's okay. I don't know how old you are or your home life, but it might be good (if you're safe) to see if you can go see a gender specific or lgbt+ friendly therapist.   Hurting yourself isn't a solution. Yes, the process may be slow, but it'll be worth the wait. It is achievable. You can make it. If you need to talk about it ever my pms are open (though I will be gone over the summer). I promise you aren't alone and it will get better.   It's also not good to neglect personal hygiene. I find for me this tends to worsen my dysphoria because I become hyper aware of all parts of my body. I find (for me) the best way to battle dysphoria is to dress in really "nice" and more formal men's clothes. (Long sleeved button ups, vests, men's dress shoes, etc.) It makes me feel more masculine and most men's clothing helps keep the chest looking slightly flatter in nature. That works for me, but I understand that won't work for everyone.   If you can, I think getting a therapist and maybe starting hormones might be the best option to help you right now.   *hugs* and all the support to you as you work through this @Claire_or_Clark_idc!
    • Torrence Kieran
      I don't mean for this to sound harsh or anything, but from my own life and opinions here goes:   If you truly respect them you use their name and pronouns. From the sound of it they're fairly early in their transition so of course they're not going to  have a ton of outward changes. There's a decent amount of fear to be had when it comes to changing dressage and stuff like that before you've transitioned too far. Part of helping them come to terms with this part of themself is to let them hear that name and those pronouns. See how they fit. To me this phrase in particular shows that this is more about you than them. If someone had a nickname they preferred to go by most likely you wouldn't be this against it. So ask yourself why this is truly so different for you? What is really underlying all of this? What does it cost you to use their name? So I can't transition because of my home life, but have told some friends what name and pronouns I'd like to go by. Does that make me respectless? They haven't changed a lot yet and that's okay. They don't owe you anything. To me you have put out two different and contradicting statements: You respect them. You find them respectless. Your respect of them is conditional... which it shouldn't be. All people deserve basic respect. And again, what does it cost you to say a different name and pronouns?
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