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What are you listening to today?

Guest LizMarie

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Really liked this band and album - especially the song called "Movies"...


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Nice one Heather!  That's a very good version of Bluebird.  Thanks for sharing. 

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I enjoy listening to...ME!


Before you call the authorities, let me explain.


I’ve played at guitar since the age of 15. I say “played at” because I never took lessons, learned to read music, or did much in the way of practicing. To make matters worse, I was never around anyone with more talent from whom I could learn. That’s not a recipe for improvement, but it is conducive to boredom. Eventually, guitar wasn’t part of my life anymore. I’d just keep a cheap one around, and I’d pick it up on very rare occasions and play the same old stuff.

Having had experience producing commercials in radio, I found it easy to teach myself digital recording and editing. But it wasn't until I was about to turn 80 in 2021 that I thought of combining that skill with my limited musical abilities. Buying a decent instrument was very much out of character for this penny-pincher, but I did it. I'd never even had a hobby as an adult.

Now, some 60 recordings later, I'm still amazed by what I've been able to put together. I was never a “lead” player, so taking that role is entirely new to me. I still have a hard time considering myself a musician, but I do get a lot of satisfaction from finally bringing to the surface a latent talent I wasn't aware of and knowing that others enjoy the results.

I'm delighted that I actually have fans, although the music is online under an assumed name. My web site's had nearly 700 unique visitors.

I guess it's an ego trip in a way, but my reaction when I listen is still, “I did that?!”

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Beautiful concert in Denmark with full orchestra and choir - chilling....


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These guys were always good - never heard album till today love - "In the Blink of an Eye" - beautiful song



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God - to write such a beautiful song as this....


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Loved the Monkees, and now we learn, so did the FBI, as they compiled lots of data on the group and their contacts from back when. Now Micky is asking them to release all known info on the group under the freedom of information act. 



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I'm not into the 9/11 concept - but it's just a beautifully crafted song.


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Another beautifully crafter song - I feel it.... deeply....


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Yes, wonderful song by Bonnie Raitt.

9 hours ago, Heather Shay said:

I feel this way...


Yes, I love this one. Great enough to be recorded by George Michael, Boyz II Men, Bon Iver, and Adele. Good company, that. Thanks for posting this, @Heather Shay. I needed to hear this today. It was my breakup song with my ex—also a great singer. 💜  

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