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What are you listening to today?

Guest LizMarie

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Love the Everly Brothers. The Nelsons ( Ricky Nelson's sons) were a great group too in the late 80s

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Today? Babymetal!


Gimmie' Chocolate


Ironically, there is no chocolate in the house.



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Oh! Pretty Woman.... the song and you

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I noticed my first HRT effects today...yay




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Well it is Saturday late afternoon here - we used to do this one and I loved singing it......One Way Out by the Allman's with Duane....and Whipping Post





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Was outside washing my Jeep at a friends farm way out in the country so we had lots of good music playing.

Motorhead, Dio and some Bryan Adams.

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Speaking of Bryan Adams, here we go, love the chord voicing used @ 2:05 - 2:35 iconic, so 1984 takes me back to the early days of my relationship with my sweetie....it's time travel for sure.....



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how cool...i once put together a band together of co-workers for a company picnic and we played this one. I really enjoyed singing. This and Cuts Like a Knife are my favorite Bryan Adams songs.

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For those of us who like their rock a bit heavier, I found this song on Spotify and It's been stuck In my head for the last couple days. Dunno why. It doesn't really have much relevance to what's going on in my own life but I found it rather humorous and it does make me think of other people I know and have known. The artist had this to say about it:


"It's about what you want to fill the blank with. I decided to throw rocks at those people who blindly give their lives away to religion or other weird organizations like cults. They really give away their freedom of thoughts and go the wrong direction. I had one friend in time who was that way. It pissed me off, it's a waste of good human. It's unfortunate."


Quoted from Wikipedia


The Song:

X Marks the Spot

Sonata Arctica

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how timely...thanks. i have a philosophy that when you go through something difficult in your life you getter better or bitter or surrender. i think my niece at this point has surrendered and fits the quote you mentioned.

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Whoa, sorry Shay! I didn't really mean that post in response to anything in particular. I was just following the theme of the thread!

If it did strike a chord with you tho, that's great!


The song reminded me at first of:

1: A friend I had back in 2016. He was a bona fide Satanist and the craziest guy I've ever met to this day 

2: On the opposite extreme, my sister who is about as fanatical christian you can get!


Obviously I fit somewhere in the middle but still unwilling to "surrender" to either.

My satanist friend has since vanished from my life but my sister... Is a topic for another thread.

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I guess playing music my whole life I view a song as nothing more than a group of words like a poem.

Never had one "reach" into my soul and change my perception of life.

Bryan Adams songs are pretty simple to play like any solid rock song.

Its only love is a fun one to play live crowds live it. One night love affair is my fave to play.

I was in a music store in Albany New York in 2005 looking at guitars and met Keith Scott Bryan's lead guitar player. I was playing the intro to its only love and he walked over and said hey you are playing that the right way and in the right key awesome most people mess that up.

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25 minutes ago, Teri Anne said:

I was in a music store in Albany New York in 2005 looking at guitars and met Keith Scott Bryan's lead guitar player. I was playing the intro to its only love and he walked over and said hey you are playing that the right way and in the right key awesome most people mess that up.


What a neat encounter, how fun....

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I did see them live when I was a teen but I never got to meet her. Enjoy.



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23 minutes ago, Teri Anne said:

Evanescence is a great band.

Have you heard Amy's collaboration with Lindsey Stirling?




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@QuoraQ sorry...didn't mean it the way you thought i took it. The song you mentioned touched on another sapect of life and that is a good thing. i plan to listen to listen the when i can really hear it.

i am a songwriter and i love how music touches people and you hear a song when you,are supposed to and that is as it is supposed to be. I write and i hope each of my children (ie songs) go into the world and hopefully doing good deeds to others. The songwriter you pointed out would love to know the song affected you at this moment.


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this music is absolutely gorgeous................


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The other beauty song that touchs my soul  I first heard when I watched Donnie Darko - here is a beauty stripped down version



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Thanks for posting that Amy and Lindsey collab I had never heard that piece.

They both are awesome talents.


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My all time fave singer is Johnny Gioeli . He played in a band called Hardline in the early 90s.

He sings for guitarist Axel Rudi Pell's band a lot and tours with them.

Axel really influenced my playing overall and got me to play cleaner and not rely on lots of gain in an amp.

Here is a good piece they did a few years back.


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    • Gabriel
      Hi @Harlyqynn and welcome It's beautiful to read the self acceptance and the relief that comes out of your words. Congratulations for your journey, I know it is even harder when things are not black and white. I'm the same in thinking that labels actually don't matter, and yet they are so powerful and bring such a relief when you can name your truth. It was the same for me, it took me a while to find the words "gendernonconforming trans man" (pretty much a conundrum, but here we are), but the freedom I felt when I found them was profoundly liberating.   Looking forward to "seeing" you around
    • Susan R
      Hello @IseulK, This statement is a bit of a concern. I can certainly understand how important getting the surgery is to your wellbeing. But it in itself shouldn’t be the glue that is holding you all together. Life has a way of introducing mayhem when we least expect. You need a way to be able to cope with these difficulties without the prospect of losing all the gains you previously made.   You mentioned having been in recovery for these eating disorders. Have you by chance seen a therapist specializing in eating disorders, gender issues or perhaps both? If not, you might look into this as an option. I do hope you are able to get this upcoming surgery completed and these potential issues will not impact your life. I would just try to be as prepared as you can if things don’t go quite as you had hoped and planned. I wish you the best.   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷
    • IseulK
      Good evening everyone,   I am in a bit of a spot.  I had engaged with bulimia and later anorexia over a year ago, very deeply.  As I became more underweight, my gender dysphoria eased up some.  Not like I could enjoy it of course.  I was very excited when my family scheduled a date for top surgery.  However, my family has since then discovered my eating disorder.  I have been in recovery for two months and am now a healthy weight.  My thoughts around food and my body have significantly improved but my mom is still concerned about the surgery.  I still want to lose weight, but the surgery is more important to me.  I can't explain that to her.  I can't explain gender dysphoria.  She says that I just need to learn to love myself.  As I am.  As you all know, for some trans folks, that just isn't quite possible. If the surgery is cancelled, I know I'll relapse.  There would be no other way I could cope.  I have already tasted what it's like to have body that fits.  I can't explain all that.  I can, however, try to explain the benefits of a surgery.  Have any of you had any experiences regarding surgery and eating disorders?  Any comments would be most helpful.   Thank you!
    • Susan R
      Welcome @Harlyqynn. It’s nice to have you with us. Most of us here have asked ourselves one or more of these questions of identity and/or sexual orientation since puberty and even earlier. It can take years to finally trust your own diagnosis enough to actively do anything about it. This describes me all too well.   I had two labels to work with (TS or TV) early in my youth (35 years ago). There just weren’t many back then so the labels didn’t do well to describe those within our community at all.  Even though labels have changed and many have been added over the years...it takes time to process and understand just who we are as individuals.   Labels aren’t as important to me as they once were but it does give me a sense that there are others out there like myself and that’s comforting. It may even help us to accept ourselves knowing that our identity is real and valid. If you were like me growing up, you may have thought you were alone in your identity especially without that label describing youself. Understanding that this isn’t the case any longer, helps us bridge that gap between knowing we are different from most but similar to some others out there.   You’ve come to a safe place to talk and share with others about these kind of topics and many of your upcoming adventures. I hope to read more about what you and your journey as you march forward on your path. I wish you the very best. Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷  
    • HollyNoel
      Thank you @Shay and @Willow Farmer.   I've been looking at groupons for electrologists, nothing even close. So Chicago it is. lol Oh well! It's been a while since I've been to Chicago. I want ti get my face cleared, I hate shaving.
    • Red_Lauren.
      Me too. Even though I can't make them look super girly now. Hopefully by the Christmas holidays I will be able to. I was planning on transitioning about this time next year, but that was also because I didn't plan on going to nail school till at least the fall this year, or March next year. That has been bumped up. As ill be done with school by the end of November.    If I finish school on time, and everything works out right. I'll be celebrating with my friends. I was going to do it in July for my birthday, but my birthday is in the middle of the week, and it feels weird celebrating a birthday days before or after, and December will have more meaning for many reasons. Hopefully I'll be doing nails for a living, I'll be living full time by then, and In December marks one year of hormones. So many more reasons to celebrate. 
    • Confused1
      Sorry Willow, It was all over the place for me for awhile as well. Praying it improves!   Hugs, Mike
    • Confused1
      Have not experienced HRT, but I am on ADT for prostate cancer. I have heard many prostate cancer survivors complain about it, but when the T was gone, I realized I never want it flowing in my veins again! Looking forward to having E in a few months! I am feminizing without added estrogen and will be getting surgery in a little over a month.   Mike
    • Astrid
      That would of course be a positive step.  Is it also a possibility to locate an experienced gender therapist (for example, before, during, after, or in place of your family counseling sessions)?  My spouse and I made it a point to jointly attend sessions with our gender therapist, and it was very helpful for both of us to learn from her long experience of working with couples working through gender issues.  It wasn't just about my spouse becoming better informed from an expert about gender concepts -- it also allowed me to better understand the dynamics of what my cisgender spouse was/is dealing with.  Family counselors often don't have direct experience with gender issues, which is why I'm mentioning this.   Astrid
    • Astrid
      Well said, @ValerieRun I remember having the exact same thoughts after getting underway with HRT.  Now I'm in my 16th month and still feel it's absolutely the right decision.  There's no way I would want to go back to how I felt before (there's nothing fun about being depressed and angry).     Astrid
    • KymmieL
      Well had a knock down drag out again. With my son. My wife finally talked to someone a little more liberal than her Christian friend.  Still had a go. I actually left work.  The wife is talking family  counseling.  I am all for it. And told her so.   I am back at work now.  Doing as well as can be expected.    I will post some more later.   Kymmie 
    • ElizabethStar
      if it's any consultation my wife has forbidden me to change in front her. I have a feeling she will never bend on that.
    • ValerieRun
      A few weeks into HRT and I just knew what I experienced and felt was a much MUCH better outcome than alternative. There is absolutely no way I would want or even consider going back of my own free will. Whatever future holds it will be another journey forward 🙂
    • AwesomeClaire
      Although I have an MSW and was once an LGSW on track for LICSW, I abandoned that path. I still work at the same agency, just in a different role. I was placed at a community mental health clinic for my internship and they hired me after.
    • Drayse
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