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What are you listening to today?

Guest LizMarie

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Love the Everly Brothers. The Nelsons ( Ricky Nelson's sons) were a great group too in the late 80s

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Today? Babymetal!


Gimmie' Chocolate


Ironically, there is no chocolate in the house.



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Oh! Pretty Woman.... the song and you

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I noticed my first HRT effects today...yay




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Well it is Saturday late afternoon here - we used to do this one and I loved singing it......One Way Out by the Allman's with Duane....and Whipping Post





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Was outside washing my Jeep at a friends farm way out in the country so we had lots of good music playing.

Motorhead, Dio and some Bryan Adams.

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Speaking of Bryan Adams, here we go, love the chord voicing used @ 2:05 - 2:35 iconic, so 1984 takes me back to the early days of my relationship with my sweetie....it's time travel for sure.....



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how cool...i once put together a band together of co-workers for a company picnic and we played this one. I really enjoyed singing. This and Cuts Like a Knife are my favorite Bryan Adams songs.

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For those of us who like their rock a bit heavier, I found this song on Spotify and It's been stuck In my head for the last couple days. Dunno why. It doesn't really have much relevance to what's going on in my own life but I found it rather humorous and it does make me think of other people I know and have known. The artist had this to say about it:


"It's about what you want to fill the blank with. I decided to throw rocks at those people who blindly give their lives away to religion or other weird organizations like cults. They really give away their freedom of thoughts and go the wrong direction. I had one friend in time who was that way. It pissed me off, it's a waste of good human. It's unfortunate."


Quoted from Wikipedia


The Song:

X Marks the Spot

Sonata Arctica

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how timely...thanks. i have a philosophy that when you go through something difficult in your life you getter better or bitter or surrender. i think my niece at this point has surrendered and fits the quote you mentioned.

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Whoa, sorry Shay! I didn't really mean that post in response to anything in particular. I was just following the theme of the thread!

If it did strike a chord with you tho, that's great!


The song reminded me at first of:

1: A friend I had back in 2016. He was a bona fide Satanist and the craziest guy I've ever met to this day 

2: On the opposite extreme, my sister who is about as fanatical christian you can get!


Obviously I fit somewhere in the middle but still unwilling to "surrender" to either.

My satanist friend has since vanished from my life but my sister... Is a topic for another thread.

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I guess playing music my whole life I view a song as nothing more than a group of words like a poem.

Never had one "reach" into my soul and change my perception of life.

Bryan Adams songs are pretty simple to play like any solid rock song.

Its only love is a fun one to play live crowds live it. One night love affair is my fave to play.

I was in a music store in Albany New York in 2005 looking at guitars and met Keith Scott Bryan's lead guitar player. I was playing the intro to its only love and he walked over and said hey you are playing that the right way and in the right key awesome most people mess that up.

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25 minutes ago, Teri Anne said:

I was in a music store in Albany New York in 2005 looking at guitars and met Keith Scott Bryan's lead guitar player. I was playing the intro to its only love and he walked over and said hey you are playing that the right way and in the right key awesome most people mess that up.


What a neat encounter, how fun....

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I did see them live when I was a teen but I never got to meet her. Enjoy.



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23 minutes ago, Teri Anne said:

Evanescence is a great band.

Have you heard Amy's collaboration with Lindsey Stirling?




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@QuoraQ sorry...didn't mean it the way you thought i took it. The song you mentioned touched on another sapect of life and that is a good thing. i plan to listen to listen the when i can really hear it.

i am a songwriter and i love how music touches people and you hear a song when you,are supposed to and that is as it is supposed to be. I write and i hope each of my children (ie songs) go into the world and hopefully doing good deeds to others. The songwriter you pointed out would love to know the song affected you at this moment.


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this music is absolutely gorgeous................


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The other beauty song that touchs my soul  I first heard when I watched Donnie Darko - here is a beauty stripped down version



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Thanks for posting that Amy and Lindsey collab I had never heard that piece.

They both are awesome talents.


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My all time fave singer is Johnny Gioeli . He played in a band called Hardline in the early 90s.

He sings for guitarist Axel Rudi Pell's band a lot and tours with them.

Axel really influenced my playing overall and got me to play cleaner and not rely on lots of gain in an amp.

Here is a good piece they did a few years back.


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    • TTheta
      This is really disheartening, may he find peace :((
    • TTheta
      Sorry I didn't see this sooner, OF COURSE WE CAN :DD
    • Vanessa Michelle
      @RachelSB I am here too unfortunately. I am turning 46 next week and have the George Costanza style, only much less and thinner hair Lol. It sucks. It actually was emotionally painful for me when I first started accepting myself as trans because I felt like a fraud and that I was not nor ever would be a real woman. I have since agreed with a message I received from @Jackie C. that it is fun trying new wigs and I have decided when the time comes I will choose to find the joy in my circumstances and I'm gonna rock whatever wig I get. You will too girl! ❤️
    • Vanessa Michelle
      I really like this feature. As soon as I figured this out, I have been following the Introductions Forum for a while so I see each time a new person introduces themself because I think it is important to welcome them and I love seeing new members and reading their stores. Thx mods for having this feature available to us! ❤️
    • Vanessa Michelle
      @Samantha2020thank you so much for joining the group and for being so open about your struggles and your journey ❤️ I can identify with much of it as well. I really felt for you as I read it and I am so proud of you for taking the steps you have and for joining TP. Please feel free to reach out to us and to post as you need to as it does help to chat with others in this process. We also have a Christian channel on here if you are interested in chatting with others in our faith community there. Many of us grew up in the Church and have, just like you found out through trial and error, that God doesn't change our orientation and loves us exactly as we are. I'm so glad you have joined us and I look forward to talking with you more. ❤️
    • Vanessa Michelle
      Awesome! @MisterJaxI love seeing new members get involved and connecting with others like this. Again, welcome! ❤️
    • VickySGV
      Puerto Rico has not been treated well by the rest of the U.S. and struggling people who have been kicked around by those who should help them start looking for others to blame for their struggles, we know the blame is on the U.S. agencies who withheld economic and direct aid, but they can't kick mainland Federal agencies around, so it is the weakest who are the whipping boys and girls.
    • Vanessa Michelle
      @CD RachelHi! It's https://community.qchristian.org/ QCF is an affirming Christian organization of LGBTQ+ people and has its own forums site. I was told about it by a friend of mine who has volunteered for them before and also Kathy Baldock's and Matthew Vines's work (both Christians). If you join, I am on there by the same user name as here. I would love to connect to more believers here or there. I think it helps us in the process to see and hear others who love Jesus and are not straight and who also know he loves us so ridiculously much too! ❤️
    • Heather Nicole
      (I know I'm nerding myself out with this answer, and most won't get the reference, but...) Major Kusonagi has a way via advanced prosthetic shell, but you have to live in a futuristic cyberpunk fiction. Upside though, is you also get invisibility. I'm on the waiting list.   In other news...I've now joined the trans-ranks and decided that face masks are seriously awesome ...I was just at the grocery store earlier this evening, I wasn't even trying to pass, but I still got accidentally correctly-gendered!!! I guess my long wavy hair (definitely my favorite feature right now by far...heeehee), zircon earrings, overweight "moobs", and face mask covering up most of my beard must've been enough to tip the scales. Considering I've been feeling rather self-doubty/impostor syndrome this week, that surprise just absolutely made my day!   I was in the checkout line, nobody behind me, just one guy ahead of me but he had already paid and was putting his bags in his cart. As the cashier (a really adorable college-aged young gal) was scanning my items, another employee came by to start bagging my items. I guess the bagger must've gotten confused and started trying to hand my bags to the previous customer because as I was going through my wallet, I heard the cashier girl say "Oh, those are his"...but then she quickly stopped and corrected herself..."Er, I mean hers".   "Hers"??!?!?   There was nobody else around she could've been talking about except me. My heart just about leapt out of my chest and I was just on cloud nine all the way out to the car, like I'd just won the lottery or something. Of course, all of a sudden I couldn't bring myself to use my voice any more than absolutely necessary. Instant voice dysphoria, but you know what, in this case, I'll take it!   @ElizabethStar OMG, congrats so much on all that validation!!! 🎉  And also on your birthday, too! 🍰   I may be technically "out" to my mom, but I still haven't felt like I'm at a point yet where I'd feel right asking her to switch pronouns for me. So I can imagine just how special getting a card like must be. So happy for you!!!  
    • ElizabethStar
      It's too late for coffee but.......   For some reason I was compelled to check the mail today. Not surprising there was a birthday card from my mother. I just figured it was the normal everyday card but it wasn't. The first word I read, in a big scripted font was "Daughter". Right there in front of me, a card from my mother, to her daughter. Honestly I didn't really know if my mother would ever truly accept me. Now...I do. I really wanted to cry (not in front of the wife) but I will cherish that card forever.   Before dinner I found myself out getting lottery tickets. The jackpot is somewhere around 6-700mil. The ATM is broken at the first store I went to (closest to my house) and won't let you pay for 'em with a debt card. A random customer piped-up and suggested where I could go. I headed out. The cashier there was extremely friendly, very helpful and kind of cute. When I was checking out he looked at me, in a sweet little voice, said "I know *****'s no your name, what is it? I just replied "Elizabeth". He then tells me what beautiful name I have. After he said that I did hear anything else. Holy crap! Did I just get hit on? or was he just flirting with me? When I told my wife she used what is becoming her standard reply, "This is what you asked for". What I asked for? Yeah...well, we'll talk about that at a later time. If it's what she has to do to settle with my transition so be it.   After dinner I got another happy surprise. For kicks I checked my work email. There was a message from HR. He asked me if I wanted my new insurance and benefits cards to have Elizabeth on them. We can do that? I'd love that. There have been a few things getting to me lately and I needed some love.
    • JustineM
      Well I’m sitting here trying not to ugly cry. The calls to my Dad and brother went amazingly well. My brother said it didn’t bother him and he was glad I was taking steps to be happy. Dad almost immediately offered to help cover therapy and HRT med costs. Said he loved me and that would never change. He did say that he wouldn’t stop calling me his son, though given his age and the way he was raised I didn’t really expect him too. 
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/transgender-man-fatally-shot-puerto-rico-n1254313   There have been seven killings of trans people just in Puerto Rico in the last 12 months.  May Samuel rest in peace and justice found for his killers.   Carolyn Marie
    • ElizabethStar
      T  I think Audrey might have a magic wand.
    • Cyndee
      Congratulations on your 2nd BD this month Vicky 🙂 8 years now, wow.   Hugs   Cyndi 
    • KymmieL
      Well my Endo got my message and was going to see about getting a hold of my Pharmacist. NO word yet. Hurry up and wait is the thing.   Still no word on the job front. No call back on the evidence specialist and no call for an interview for the analyst position. I am starting to get disheartened. I know I can't. I guess I will keep plugging along. On day at a time.   I am dreading going back to work tomorrow. I know half way though my shift my back will be killing me. Anyone know a way I can have  my brain put in the body of a 23yr old female but she has to be hot.   Kymmie
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