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What are you listening to today?

Guest LizMarie

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Here is a fave band of mine that has such solid licks and guitar hooks for days.

The drummers is outstanding as well. Did a few shows on the same bill with them several years ago.

These guys are real talented and I dig their music.

Eclipse have been around a while and have a huge European following.Pretty sure they are from Sweden so that makes sense.




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Lots of energy reminds me of several groups like they took the best parts of those bands

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Eclipse have worked under the band name W.E.T as well check their stuff out as well.

They had Jeff Scott Soto on vocals around that time.


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The Eclipse is really good, thunder drums. Interesting messages in the songs....

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18 hours ago, Shay said:

as promised - here are photos of Steely Dan at the University of Toledo 1972 (I think)



steely dan.jpg

steely dan 2.jpg


@Shay - Those are wonderful pictures Heather, thanks for sharing.



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My first barre chords came by learning this song - lifting me up at this moment...........Locomotive Breath............








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Carolyn Marie

Just listened to Rhapsody In Blue.  Gives me chills listening to a master play that song.


Carolyn Marie

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One of my favorite bands - I first hear panning in their 2nd album called just Traffic and my favorite started as a Steve Winwood solo album and ended up as a full fledged traffic album - RIP Jim Calardi and Chris Wood.......


My favorite cuts are GLAD and John Barletcorn (I still play JB as often as I can0



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28 minutes ago, Shay said:

One of my favorite bands

Me too!   There are bands where their coming together is a confluence of talent and genius.  


This is a wonderful album and JB is an all time favorite.  I really like Welcome to the Canteen.  Its a short live album with only six numbers but they are all keepers! 

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Great album ! my favorite "empty pages", nice pick this morning



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@Abi I am not as fmiliar but so happy you can get me back to speed as are many of the other ladies her. I try not to be a musical snob and I respect ANY music done well - no matter the genre. I being human have my go to's and comfort zone but am always stopping at the library and picking up new performers - usually from NPR all music considered - and try to keep up - I feel sad for those who stick to one genre or era and say that is the only good music out there. I am always looking for new talent and influences....


Thank You for your help.


Heather Shay

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PS @Abi listened to RUNN - Misery - nice arrangement love her voice


@Cyndee and @Jani I loved Traffic from the first moment I heard them and have all of their recorded output along with Jim and Steve's solo work. Welcome to the Canteen was excellent and many of their later tours with the Mussle Shoals rhythm section in support of Low Spark of High Healed Boys and Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory.

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@Shay I enjoy going back in the library of musicians once in a great while. The reason I listen to newer online artists is that they have such great singers. I like a light techno background with powerful vocals. Here is one of my favorites.


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I agree - this is a beautiful song and beautifully sung and draws out emotions - not necessarily my cup of tea of some of the techno sounds but over all I like the performance and writing very much.

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Jenny Lewis is spinning on the CD player this morning, yesterday it was Brandi Carlile with some Anna Nalick. 

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Again - I may be less than conventional for a trans person - but then is a trans person ever conventional? I love dancing - particularly with my wife (when I'm in male mode), but if I'm out somewhere - I'll dance with whoever is dancing. I love all sorts of dancing and one of my favourites is Salsa - just found this playlist today - 


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2 hours ago, Abi said:

@Shay I enjoy going back in the library of musicians once in a great while. The reason I listen to newer online artists is that they have such great singers. I like a light techno background with powerful vocals. Here is one of my favorites.


This is wonderful - I'm into EDM, Trance and pretty much anything that can be danced to (despite my age - 62)


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    • ValerieRun
      A few weeks into HRT and I just knew what I experienced and felt was a much MUCH better outcome than alternative. There is absolutely no way I would want or even consider going back of my own free will. Whatever future holds it will be another journey forward 🙂
    • AwesomeClaire
      Although I have an MSW and was once an LGSW on track for LICSW, I abandoned that path. I still work at the same agency, just in a different role. I was placed at a community mental health clinic for my internship and they hired me after.
    • Drayse
    • Willow
      @ElizabethStar @KymmieL @Lexa83   Liz I think that is great the progress made at your wife’s birthday.  I thought my wife and I were moving in that direction too.  Signs and conversations were seeming to go in that direction.  Then this weekend hit.  First, she got upset because I changed for bed in front of her.  Then Saturday more SHTF.  I’ll never be ok, I’ve told you that!  I can’t look at you anymore.  And more.  This continued Sunday when I told her I wasn’t going to church.  We talked a lot on Sunday and today.  Things are better but this was my worst weekend in a long time.  Depression. Crying, fighting...  the whole gambit.   She did apologize.  I said it would be better for me if she didn’t suggest she was doing better about me and then explode.  She said sometimes she thought it be easier if I was full time but I pointed out I wasn’t because she didn’t want me out full time.   very difficult time.   Willow
    • Willow Farmer
      I have to drive 5hrs for everything trans---but I have found this gal locally who does fantastic electrolysis and she is fast!  She knows all the trans people, which she is quite protective of and that means I am also safe.   I have this grey-white beard hair too.   She is just a local gal that got a degree and understands how the world turns here.   She also is serving as my therapist, ha ha! My real one is 5+ hrs away and doesn't understand rural people that well.     Maybe you can talk the laser person into getting certified for electrolysis.   It is good money.      ---WILLOW---
    • Pumela
      Hi Susan,    thank you so much for you kind words. My older daughter recently helped Shannon do her makeup and dressed her up in some of her cloths and they took pictures. She tried to get her to come show me but maybe in time and with her support.  I will take your advise and see if Chloe will talk with a councillor with me and try and give her some support.  Shannon has always been.... I don’t know how to describe it.... down and out? Chloe showed me a pic of her with her makeup and she was just beaming. I have never seen him like.  Thanks  Pumela
    • BillieB
      @Shay no I have the Years of T damage 😂 that is a FaceApp feminized picture of me, I am 61 years old and have had the nickname of Lurch for years. I am just happy to be on the correct path now.
    • Shay
      Even one step better than none.
    • Shay
      And luckily you are young enough to not have to years of T damage. You are going to be lovely - mark my words.  
    • VickySGV
      Even though not an MSW, I have many friends in the Trans community who are MSW and MFT counselors.  To some degree it depends on where your are and where you are applying.  Places like California  have requirements that they must consider you if you are Trans. Thus I do know people getting the jobs.  Call your local LGBTQ Center and see if they know of Trans Accepting places you can get a job, some have clinics that do take on interns, who are snapped up by other places.  it may not be the highest paid, but it will take care of licensing requirements. Location Location Location!!  Planned Parenthood who has family counseling services and is now having clinics for Trans people, and other Service Organizations would also be possibilities where I know people are getting jobs, especially as this pandemic thing is rolling. 
    • Shay
      @HollyNoel hang in there - I have been doing electrolysis for about 7 months locally (thank god) but I understand that laser doesn't work (I'm gray as well) and I really am horrible at shaving and it is driving me crazy - BUT - you will find someway, somehow to get it done - I have faith - GROUPON (to get deals) and if you have to drive - you can practice Voice Feminization exercises during the trip or emotion expansion or podcasts about LGBTQ+ topics.
    • BillieB
      Thank you @Shay I am feeling so happy right now! Virtual hugs until real ones can be given.      
    • Shay
      Congratulations - it's a big step and I am proud of you. HUGS
    • Shay
      Have you tried therapists in your area to see if there is available space with them? My therapist has had to turn away patients. I figure Psychology Today listings might also help and networking via LinkedIn perhaps? You've probably tried those routes but it's the best I can come up with for you to try.
    • Shay
      @Willow Farmer - hurray Christians who actually are living by the example of Jesus. 
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