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What are you listening to today?

Guest LizMarie

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I love this poco song - I've played it live several times - needs wonderful singers to pull off and give shivers.



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I am currently listening to Riot by Hollywood Undead 


I can't stop replaying it, I just love Hollywood Undead, :DD I love a lot of their songs. 

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The band is picking up this one being our drummer loves the live drumming version - guitarist is still working on sitar sound.



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Still my favorite Zep and they recorded it like 3 weeks after getting together - Cyndee you'd know if I'm right on that one. The New Yardbirds and thankfully Terry Reid didn't join.

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ah...finished zep 1 and now II - I bought this the first night it was out. I worked at a store called Ontario (like a K Mart) and I punched out at 9:25 (store closed a 9:30) and it was Halloween and it was raining as I ran the 2 blocks to my house - even falling once - I remember it like yesterday. I opened the folding cover - pulled out the album and placed the needle and heard the reverse voice (turns out it was an analog problem in early multi-track studios) and WHOLE LOTTA LOVE came out. I remember those were the days of early progressive/freeform/underground music stations and I was living in Toledo and a Detroit station WABX played full side of Zep II. Ah memories.....


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Love the song - the words  and mood fit so well together - Tom Waits voice even sounds good... no that isn't me in the background though I wish it was



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"It was 50 years ago today."  Oh wait!  Wrong band!!!


Black Sabbath's Paranoid was released after being recorded in just 6 days.  Here's a good story from NPR that discusses it. 

50 Years Ago, Black Sabbath Found Its Sound And Took Metal Worldwide



My favorite is War Pigs, an anti-war song if there ever was one!  Very cool intro riff by Tony Iommi.




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Ryan is a great singer/songwriter with wholesome tunes. He also happens to be trans. Talented young man. 2 of my faves below. The first one came across one of my random playlists this morning.



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Saw Black Sabbath on their first US tour and it changed my life.

There was no metal at that time and they presented it to the world.

I have been a die hard metal fan ever since.

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4 hours ago, Teri Anne said:

Saw Black Sabbath on their first US tour and it changed my life.

Saw Sabbath in ‘82 in Seattle at the Seattle Center Arena...Absolutely loved it!!❤️


Right now I’m listening to “The Intro” by The xx. What a great tune to relax to after a really busy day.


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Funny story, in the late 70's when we lived in VA we had a period of drought so no watering lawns or washing cars.  One Saturday it started pouring.  Next I see our neighbor out with a bucket of soapy water washing his car (BMW 2002).  We dashed out to help him finish then we all did our cars.  We were soaked but had great fun celebrating the return of the rain god!  


I hope the rain helps the situation out West.

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1 hour ago, Jani said:

We were soaked but had great fun celebrating the return of the rain god!  




🙂 It's a lovely feeling to be all wet and not care 🙂





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    • adriannamb
      Yes and learned bottling it up did not work at all.Learned bottling it up made it worse and put a toll on me
    • Erica Gabriel
      We’ve been around through all of history. DES was just one factor, but being trans is part of being human. 
    • Rachel Susan
      Hi, I'm Rachel. This is my first post to anyone, out side of family, that I am transgender. With that said..   I have spent some time reading over different areas and topics getting to know more about this site and the wonderful people here. So far so mush connection with others for me. And I am so glade I was able to find it    I am 50 and just accepted my being female. Happily so is my family, so far. I have yet to talk to doctors about this, scared really, they may fight me getting the help I need.   Well met and hugs to all that want one,   Rachel
    • KymmieL
      This is so true for me. It is hard. basically living two lives.    Kymmie
    • Nora
      I've only been gendered correctly once while out with my mom, but I'm pretty sure it was an accident lol. We were going througha drive-thru and the cashier told us, "Have a nice day ladies!" I was smoking a cigarette and had my head turned away at the time but turned to look at the cashier when I heard him say "ladies." XD I was waiting for him to correct himself, but he didn't and mom and I giggled about it shortly after lol. ...I'm pretty sure he was either just being polite or completely oblivious, already focusing on the next car in line, running on auto-pilot, eager to get off work lmao.
    • adriannamb
      When I bottled it up before coming out.Made it worse and put a toll on me.Learned it did not work at all.
    • Jamie68
      I was just thinking about the fact that DES may be the reason that i'm trans.  In the long run, it really doesn't matter why I am what I am. It is nice to know though that there really is a reason for it. Turns out I'm not crazy. I'm still a freak of nature, but a happier one now that I know i'm not the cause of it. Another fine example of what happens when we mess around with mother nature.🤨
    • Jackie C.
      Oh hey, I did that last night too. We were in the garden though, so WAY too cold for a dress. Two members wore one anyway and I respect their ability to sit in the cold like that, but I bundled my butt up like a sensible person. I didn't wear anything special, just jeans and a t-shirt (under a sweatshirt, under my pleather jacket), but I still had a blast.   Love what you're wearing @Bri2020! That dress really compliments your new curves!   Hugs!
    • Jamie68
      I like the hat also, it would cover up my sparse hair on top nicely. It's a long process changing your wardrobe. Strains the budget. Winters coming soon and I need all new winter clothes.    I haven't had anyone gender me correctly yet when i'm out. The closest i've gotten is one guy who is a walmart greeter stopped saying, "have a nice day SIR". He just gives me a puzzled look and says, "have a nice day" now. It's a start.
    • Jackie C.
      Oh yeah. Still introverted, but I'm much more likely to do the outgoing, social thing until my batteries are down around 20%. I just did a meetup with a bunch of other LGBT+ people last night. I had a room full of strangers , we just talked about stuff for three and a half hours over drinks and shared contact information. I had a blast.     Well, mathematically, there should be about 60, though we tend to congregate in city enclaves more than small towns. Though thinking about it, an entire trans town would be kind of awesome.   Hugs!
    • Jamie68
      That's the way you've got to do it. Who gives a crap about what other people think. If they don't like the way you are, that's their problem. That's the way I roll. Got enough to worry about in life. I'm not going to add them to the list.
    • Kiera
      Silent movies can be the best! "Hi Allie" says it all (that and the look of worry disappearing from her face)!  Both parents were Marines (during "Korea") with "dad" rarely at home . . . yet he was the one, after divorce, who eventually took sister and I in and said "love you regardless"! 
    • Jamie68
      I guess I should say, Exuberent for finally being myself, and sad when I see the pain i'm causing my wife, and angry that I didn't figure out who I was until such a late age.
    • Jamie68
      It takes time with wives. Mine is slowly getting better all the time. It's been about 9 months since I came out to mine.   I love hearing the good stuff like this. Congrats. We went to a family function yesterday. I gave my neice a hug goodby and she wispered in my ear, "You look pretty today". It was a good feeling.   I thought there was only one other trans woman besides me in my town of about 12,000 people. I found out there is at least three others here. One is a nurse. I suspected I wasn't alone. Every once in a while I see someone when i'm out, and my brain says "something is different with that person". I don't ask. It would be pretty awkward if they weren't, like asking an overweight woman when the baby is due when she's not pregnant.
    • RhondaS
      What prompted this latest big discussion with Mrs was her invite to accompany her to a friend's party...she always lets me decline such invites due to my established introverted personality.  At least she now knows that the message that "there'll be guys there he can hang out with" isn't a good selling point with me.    Went in guy mode but since starting on the happy pills I am not as closed up as I used to be, and she's the one who wanted to leave first for once.   If this happens a few more times, to @Jackie C.'s point, she'll realize that I really am happier and nicer to be around if I'm not hiding away defending a fortress of solitude and it will end up helping her deal with all the angst she has over 'losing'  her husband. 
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