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How often do you dress?

Guest LindaKay_LV

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Guest LindaKay_LV

I'm sitting here tonight in a skirt, stockings and heels with a nice top that my wife bought for me. I only dress when my female side shows itself. Sometimes that's often and sometimes it's not so often. I know from reading a lot of post here on the playground that a lot of you dress on a regular basis and some of you are living enfemme almost full time. Now that I've been liberated and my wife is comfortable with Linda Kay, when I do dress it is in full female mode with a wig ang some makeup. I guess what I am curious about is if there are others here that are comfortable in male mode most of the time but occasionaly need to become the lady that occupies part of their personality?

Linda Kay

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i guess i dress very day lol.. i don't put makeup on all the time but 90% of my clothes are Women's so i guess i dress everyday lol i am a good year or so away from being full time.

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  • Admin

Well, when you are doing your Real Life Experience, quite a bit of each day, I don't like what the shower does to my clothes, so I don't do it there!!


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Good Morning Linda Kay

So nice that you have your wife onboard with your "liberation", and that's healthy and a good way of looking at it. She most likely has a much happier partner !

Myself - I am a married and transitioning MTF transsexual that is not full time out of a complicated neccessity. Male mode for me is not very comfortable, and I find dysphoria creeps in pretty quickly these days. Male mode for me is a flannel shirt to cover up, pony tail out the back of my ball cap, I don't really care for it, but that is reality somedays. I am still working up to full time, I won't get there until I at least have this facial hair mostly removed (work currently in prog). I have lot's of great clothes that really love my figure, I work hard on maintaining fitness. People smile at me a lot cuz they apparently see my shape on somedays and I just don't want to hide it, I love my body.


Cindy -

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Guest heather47

I pretty much dress up a few times a week cuz I'm ztill in the closet. I am still comcortable in male mode but believe my female side wants to come out more

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Guest Sarah1967

Every morning after a shower I will put on a girls tank top girls jeans an panties an womans socks and shoes an I will go out for the day and when I return home for the day I will put on my jean mini skirt an flip flops an watch tv or get on the computer, the jean mini is very comfortable to relax in, When I get ready for bed I will put on a night shirt an panties or a tank top an sleep shorts and go to bed. All of my jeans are girls jeans and I don't even have a pair of mens jeans anymore an for mens underwear I have one pair that I never wear, I wear panties all the time ie thongs, bikinis, boyshorts, hipsters is what I like.

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I dress everyday - they will arrest you for going out naked! :o

Seriously before my transition I would dress every chance that I had, except during those periods when I was trying so hard to deny my true self - they never lasted that long.

Now, of course I am living full time as female so I never have to hide my clothing from anyone.

Love ya,


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Guest Amber90

Hello Linda,

When at university I find myself dressing up more or less every evening. Four or five hours of dress-up a night is more than enough to satisfy my crossdressing cravings, helping me to continue my day to day activities in the boring yet bearable guy mode.

Recently though, I’ve been unable to dress up, as I am back at home for the three week Easter break. Dressing up is impossible here. There are no locks on the doors, plus my dad has never heard of the concept that is known as knocking. To attempt an evening of dress-up would end in me having to explain my crossdressing to the folks.

Being away from my dress-up sessions has actually been pretty tough. I’m finding difficult to function in guy mode without my fair share of girl mode. My time away from crossdressing has actually been more frustrating than it was when I quit smoking a year ago. I never thought I’d see the day when the craving for a cigarette would be out done by the yearning to wear a dress! But then again, dressing up is far healthier than smoking, so it’s a pretty wonderful alternative :)



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Guest Eve Caillard

Hi Linda Kay

Thanks to kids and other circumstances I manage only once a week. I don't work Mondays, so that's my dress up day. I am very nervous on that day but love every moment I can snatch as Eve!

I wear pantyhose most days under my work trousers, so a little of me is still en femme. My wife knows about all of this but does not seem to take much interest, so I don't dress up in her face, so to speak. I snatch a few minutes as Eve when I can - particularly when acquiring and trying on new clothes. But I keep nothing secret from my wife. You should have seen her facce when I told her about the problems I had hemming my new leather skirt!

It is frustrating when I really want more peace and time as Eve, but I have to be pragmatic. At least I can store my clothes in our drawers and wardrobes freely because my wife knows all about this. It's a good feeling to have this freedom!



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Guest *Charlotte P*

Underdress everyday, however with teenagers in the house, it's hard to catch a lot of time for Charlotte. When they are not here, I dress in whatever feels right, usually pretty casual, tank top, jeans, bra, breastforms and such, partial makeup as I still can't seem to get foundation down right... Recently the kids were out of the house, and my wife walk in the bedroom to see me sitting there in the new pink tank top she just bought me, with lite makeup and a matching bra and jeans, she was excited that the new tank top she bought me was a cute on me as she said it was...happy night..

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Guest kimberly c

Hi, my day always starts by wearing breast forms and a long nightgown. Then I change into a nice top and girls jeans.

Away from home always underdressed in panties. More and more feminine clothes in my closet and drawers.

Love Kim

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Guest ~Phoebe~

Linda Kay,

I wear female clothing most days, at least panties 24/7 and a bra every day. Today is apartment cleaning chore day so wearing grubs over panties and bra ;)

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Guest tera1976

I don't get much chance to dress these days, wife still doesn't know. I usually find that underdressing helps when I can't get a chance to go femme.

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Guest rita63

Since deciding to explore my dressing and being seperated I dress most of the time I am at home. I usually underdress when going out except at work where my uniform might display my secret. The only time I dress going out is to my support group meetings and then just jeans and a T, hair down and earings, a little makeup, have yet to get a descent pair of shoes to wear on the bus. I do enjoy going out but as a recovering alchoalic I avoid the bar scene and the social life. I am a bit afraid of the social side and being out in a group but am working up to it. I know enough prople in the GLBT community that I will run into someone I know and be out at large. But buying femme clothes, makeup, piercing my ears and my long hair are all now a part of my regular life. I find I enjoy myself more and relax when dressed and feel more at peace. I suppose I have come a long way in the last 6 months, still want to get a dress and some better fitting jeans. I am getting more comfortable buying femme clothes and finding my size and colours. The personal growth in liberating myself is very joyous and exciting and drives me on to ?

hugs rita

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Guest rachael131

Hi Everyone,

I am almost always in some form of "dress" every day. If it to just be panties and nylons, or fully dressed. Since my SO knew of my dressing before we even met it's easy for me to be the girl I want to be. I've even had my daughter tell me about an outfit she felt I would like. It's sooo nice to have family support.

Love Rachael 131

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Guest Marlane

I try and always have something on me or with me that keeps me in touch with my feminine side. Because of my job, it is a real challenge, sometimes. I am the age where I am trying to be as true to myself as possible. It's amazing how little people notice when going about their day to day


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Guest Kendra K

It probably averages to one night per month, (sadly) if that.  My SO doesn't want it to affect her and our child, so I have to basically do it on off days and when they're both gone, which is rare.  Currently I do have my toenails painted and I think I'll try keeping it that way, socks can cover them up.

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Guest Robin Winter

It probably averages to one night per month, (sadly) if that. My SO doesn't want it to affect her and our child, so I have to basically do it on off days and when they're both gone, which is rare. Currently I do have my toenails painted and I think I'll try keeping it that way, socks can cover them up.

I almost always have my toenails painted, and it's almost always white. I dunno why, but I just love white nail polish. I think the stuff I have was actually meant for french manicures, but I don't care ^_^

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Guest Elizabeth K

When I was assuming I was a crossdresser - every single minute I was alone - and I would always have on my panties and have my toes painted.

Now that I have transitioned - every single minute I am alone - and I always have on my panties and have my toes painted.


Oh oh oh - I dress when I am not alone now. THAT is the difference - sigh - NO STRESS!


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Guest Tina8251957

I dress as a woman every day. I do still like my male side, but only sleep in a nightgown or at least a slip. My wife and I have only gone out as 2 girls once. But thats going to change soon. Our best friend Marie ( I met her though my wive) knows my secret, and she wants to fem me all out, go shopping with my wife and I(as Tina). So I think I'll be out as a girl alot more in the future.

I love my wife for helping me deal with my Male to Female CD.

I'm a very lucky CD.


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Guest alexishayzee

I dress on a daily basis; it is very comforting for me to wear women's clothing. When i have had a hard day or I just need to relax, I wear my femme persona...it works every time. I feel more alive as a woman, I definitely feel more sexy, and I love just knowing that the standardized gender roles of our society are being bent at my discretion :) LOL Anyway, I do dress every day, but I only go out as a woman to a very few select places about 3-4 times per month. Hope this helps. :)

~ Lexi

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Guest Tina8251957

I dress EVERY night in a nightgown. I'll be in a dress that my wife and I picked up at the store for at least a few hours a day. Going out on the town I've only done once so far. But that well change now that our best friend now knows I cross. She wants to go and really fem me up and go out on the town. Woo Hoo!


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Guest debbie s

For the past 10 years I have been dressing every weekend and most evenings when I come home from work. Most of all my friends outside of work know me only as debbie. I was lucky to have a job for six months in which I worked as a girl and loved it so. If only had the money now to transition with hormones like most of my friends here in the tg community have done.

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      The trans people I was stating were the commonly quoted. In effect I am in one of those other categories but my thoughts still stand.   In my view it's not really a case of blending in though. I tend to think about things. One of my thoughts has been to look throught the eyes of a woman. Getting up every morning. Putting my clothes on (female) and going out. Am I seen as trans? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I don't really know. I just dress in the morning and live out my day. Yes I can be nervous. I'm that sort of person. When I think about it may cis women are self conscious too. Maybe not the same things but to the same effect. If I had been born female would it really have changed my world as regards being accepted as a person or would it have just brought other worries of equal magnitude?   There will always be  haters and agressive activism will only be fuel to their fire. In my experience the key is not to just blend in but to be yourself and chat to others as youself. Yes, that probably means you blend into your position in society but the only other option is to be outside.   Locally I look around me and hear what people say about different minorities. They are upset and even, at times, afraid of even speaking anything negative at times for fear of ending up in court. It is possible to get a prison sentence for anti trans speech and there are those who would attempt to achieve this end in the name of activism. The same is true with other minority groups. I suppose a worry I see, which luckily or otherwise I don't really have the option of locally, is that trans groups banding together in activism will be seen as a dangerous faction whereas an individual getting along (openly) with their life will not.   In my view many of the comments being made actually almost admit defeat as soon as they are made. Legeslation does not change the people. Only the people will do that. A big stick will only prompt an even bigger one.   Tracy        
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